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Thank you for the experience of reiki and reflexology. This was my very first session with Julie. I loved these treatments! She was very knowledgeable in both of the practices. Looking forward to booking more services in the near future.

Testimonial #5

I had my first reiki session today. Julie was very professional and explained everything that would happen during the session. I felt very relaxed after the session and will definitely be booking another session. Thanks Julie for such a great experience!

Reiki Session

I had my first session with Julie today.  It was great I felt very relaxed afterwards and less stressed.  I feel like my sense of well-being has just improved. Thanks, Julie

Reiki Sessions

I've had three sessions with Julie and am really happy. I've felt different elements each time and love how relaxed I feel afterwards. I would highly recommend trying it, but doing at least three sessions. I'm excited to see what my next visit will be like.

3 Sessions

I had 3 sessions. On my first i did not know what to expect, I felt relaxed afterwards, my second was even better but on my 3rd one i felt so relaxed i felt as if i was floating and was so energized for the rest of the day.

Thank you Julie.