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Dysart QLD , 4745

Deluxe fridge vent fan

Had cooling issues with my fridge in our 2010 Jayco Flamingo. Fitted the deluxe fridge fan kit I got from 3DprintCQ. The fridge gets so cold now, down to -12 if I turn it up & quickly too. Keeps the beers ice cold,  great product!

Plastic bullbar inserts

Customer service, communication and commitment to customer satisfaction is amazing! Royce's quality of work is A+. Thanks again mate!


Over the past couple of years I’ve been throwing challenges out to our favorite 3Dprinter and he has nailed it each time!  Lids for my 1940s jars, free standing logo, Pokémon pots and my all time fav - baby Groot!  I was so pleased with Groot that I had to show my son over FaceTime ( it’s a birthday pressie) I just won mum of the year award!!!  Highly recommend Royce’s work!  Thank you

Caravan Key Tags

Thank you 3DprintCQ for the fantastic job on our Caravan key tags. With so many keys for so many different compartments on Caravans the simple organisation of the tags have made it so much easier to find which key goes where. All together on one ring. Highly recommend these to anyone  looking for a simple solution with so many keys for the one thing. Thanks again Raelene and Kim :) :) :)

Excellent service!

Requested custom design tag order for my basketball team.Service was professional & efficient.Product was of excellent quality.Can highly recommend 3DprintCQ's products & service.Thank you!