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I have never taken such a risk in my life but took this just because I see and heard of your client’s testimonials about how they make their monies monthly. I thought it to be an organized scheme to rape innocent of their funds, but little did I know I was overreacting over the past experience I have had. I now pay my mortgage every 30 days hoping to round it up in 11 months with 4 figures. Thanks for helping me out.

Carl J.

Promissory note never came to my mind and I have never given it a second thought. I got wave of your advert online and I put in “a peanut “thinking it will fail and the scheme closed down. But opposite was what I experienced, this makes me to put in more funds. I earn half of my investment every 30 days without lifting a finger. I now live a dream life and enjoying double streams of income. Hope this will continues still as I have referred you to many of my friends.


Ken M.

50% is too good to believe when I was told by a friend that I can make it in 30 days doing next to nothing was what came from mouth. I gave it a try and it worked effectively. Now I can support my aged mother who is sick and need greater attention every month. Thanks for being there. I appreciate your kind gesture!

Amy B.

Good work you are doing! I have been able to increase my monthly take home through this financial instrument and I have not regretted it for once. I owe you has really boosted my Morales. I am now able to pay my bills without waiting for the meager money I earn weekly. Thanks for helping out.

Sam N.

Little did I know that I need to invest my small capital and earns big later. I was in the dark for some time now until a cousin open up how he has been making ends meet with I OWE YOU for many months. Although, everyone thought he was a swindler the way he spends money now and then, but after investing in this business too. I gave up the negative thought. Fantastic is your scheme because none has ever render 50% on ROI. Well done guys!

Ron P.

With the initial capital of 20 pounds, I was able to raise to raise 768.867188 after exactly 9 months of rolling over of my initial capital. I first thought it be one of these HYIPs in town that have turned many folks to a fool. My friend and I decided to give it a second thought and gave it a try. The result was what I posted up there after 9 months of trading. Thanks for holding to your promise.

Edgar F.

I have been hearing about I owe you but not been able to fathom what it really is until I read It through your website. I applied for it with a small amount to test the water and after 30 days, 50% interest was added to my initial capital. Since then I have been trading with bigger amount alongside my colleagues at work. I no longer wait till end of the year before I could buy my desire needs. Thank for the trustworthy!

George H.

Gone are the days when only experts are known differentiating between the bullish and the bearish trends in various types of trading trending. Things have changed and new systems are being developed daily both fake and genuine ones. I was so happy to discover this online training of yours. All my doubts were solved even while making the enquiries. I can now presently says I am an experienced trader with few months on the game but vast knowledge courtesy the advanced and straight forward programs of yours. Thanks for being of help!

Tony B.

Good work you put up in your online trading trainings. It is so smart and simple that anybody can apply and use it without any supervision. I was able to get the system installed and worked on it and within some hours got acquainted and presently earning a living from it. Thanks for good job done .I will surely buy another system from you in future.

Nat A.

This is one of the best systems I have ever seen or worked with as a trader. The system is so good to monitor price movement along with other criteria. Also, I was able to learn how to activate stop loss and when to take profit on siting downward trend. What a good system you created and taught?

Paul S.

Wow! Getting to know about your services was a chance. An Old friend I ran to introduced your services to me. Since then I have had the cause to be the best the trader among my friends and many are even paying me for consultation.

Tosyn M.

Your trading courses are superb and the cheapest so far. I have the chance to run 3 trading courses but what I gained was nothing to write home about. I wasted time and money and worst of all I wasted my trading fund and lost my business. Getting to know yours made me skeptical at first, but after a lots of enquiries and introduction. I enrolled and what I gained was times better than the money I paid.

Kerry O.

What I loved most about your services is the I OWE YOU part. It is the best I have witnessed in recent time. What really baffled my mostly is the 50% on the lent promissory loan. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice enjoying your service.

Ben C.

Getting informed with your service is the best opportunity I have longed for in life. I was able to go through your online trading training and since then my experiences in daily trading, indices, charting and understanding of chart are now simple as ABC. Good work you are doing. Well done.

Ray B.

When starting in finance, I was worried about catching up, after a 4 years of liberal arts education. I didn’t need to be. Twelve20six was a terrific program! With hands on exercises, helpful instructors, and top-tier classroom learning, it established the right foundation from which to start my analyst program. Twelve20six is standard and it’s easy to see why. Can’t stop recommending them to my friends and love ones.

Victor Kelvin

I have found the training more informative and helpful than what I was expecting. This has added value to my existing financial skills. I have recommended them to my company. Thanks Twelve20six!

Sandra N.

Twelve20six never cease to exceed my expectation. From organization, to instructors, to the training materials. It is always World Class. Once you attended the first training course, you start looking for the second. I enjoyed the style of delivering the materials and the interesting method of keeping the course lively. I strongly recommend them for anyone wishing to undergo a financial training program.

John M.

I am thankful that we found Twelve20six as a partner for training. The organization contents and instructors are much better than in any company we had experience with before.  Their financial training was superb.

David Kyle