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Accord Sleep Systems

801 Lincoln Ave
Harvey North Dakota , 58341


It's a real verified purchase, not the ones that are reimbursed for reviews! :-)
We had multiple issues with sleeping before, but with this mattress we're sleeping like babies!!! It's so comfortable and cozy! Just love it!
We read tons of information about mattresses and tried dozens of mattresses in stores. The only one that seemed comfortable for us was Tempur-Pedic, but the price was unrealistic! We couldn't find any deals below 3K+tax. The CopperRest is of the same quality (or even better), but it's more than twice cheaper! There was 20% off deal on Amazon, free shipping and no tax! So, our King size Gold mattress cost us only 1,379. I must say, it's worth every penny! It doesn't make you sweat, it takes your forms and you sleep like in a cloud. We're so happy that we found it!
The only con we noticed - it's a little bit too soft for sex... requires some adjustments... :-))))))

5.0 out of 5 stars - Love the double sides!

I personally love the plush side myself! But I love how my temperature is not to hot or too cold! I wake up feeling so refreshed on this mattress. It's like getting two mattresses for the price of one!

Great mattress for the money

I like the nice design on the mattress much less back problems and don’t sweat while sleeping I prefer the firm side

Comfort & Fully Rested

I’ve personally never bought a mattress online because I alway want to feel how soft or hard the mattress would be but I thought I would try it! I received the bed right when it was scheduled to arrive. I unboxed it and it fell right to its form! I needed a new mattress because I would not get the sleep I needed to feel fully rested for the next day. I am now 3 weeks in to using this mattress and I can honestly say I’m sleeping better than ever! My significant other who is a farmer also noticed his back pain was gone since using the mattress. We love our Gentle Night sleep mattress. We would reccommend it to anyone looking for a new mattress!

Sleep longer

Amazing comfort will buy another one

5.0 out of 5 starsComfortable mattress

Very happy with this mattress. Shipped quickly. Setup was easy and wake up without the aches I had with old, outdated conventional mattress. Highly recommend.

5.0 out of 5 starsMaximum comfort at a great price!

We purchased this bed about 2 months ago and absolutely love it!! It is by far the best purchase we've made in a long time. I often find my kids in our room, just hanging out, watching tv, or even taking a nap! It's a great bed, well made, and we are very happy with it! Plus, it's so refreshing to wake up in the morning with ZERO back pain!

CopperRest is definitely “The One” for us!

We have been sleeping on our CopperRest King bed (11” mattress) for about 60 days now. It was very important to us that we had time to really evaluate if this mattress was “the one”. We are very happy with the comfort level of the mattress. We had a different brand memory foam mattress prior to this, but it was not very comfortable at all. We do feel this bed sleeps cooler which is an important factor for us. Now when we are away from home, we cannot wait to get back to our own bed. We would buy this mattress again and have shared our satisfaction with others looking for a new mattress. We feel CopperRest is definitely “the one” for us!

Great mattress

So comfy worth the money

Upon opening no odor

Bought this bed for our son. When Mattress arrived we unwrapped and set it up in his room. My husband and I were surprised as there was almost no smell or odor to it. Just guessing that means no toxins and it’s actually legit! Thinking of getting another for our room as well.

The Best Mattress Money Can Buy!

After using this mattress for a couple of weeks, all I can say is that it's absolutely perfect! It has helped with my bad back, circulation issues, and muscle pain. It contours to your body like memory foam but is more firm like a traditional mattress. I had zero tossing and turning issues as well. Also, I think the coils are different from normal springs as I couldn't feel or hear them which was a major plus. If you want form-fitting comfort without sleeping on a marshmallow, this is the product for you! I can honestly say I would have happily paid double or even triple what I did for this amazing mattress!


Awesome mattress. Bought it for my teenage daughters new room and it is exceptionally comfortable. She loves it Product was delivered quickly and quality is exactly as promised. Would highly recommend !

Love this bed! 5 stars all across the board!

I LOVE THIS BED! I have been looking for a bed that was gently firm to give my back the support I needed, all while being ridiculously comfortable at the same time.. And this bed nailed it in both categories!
I'm so glad I bought this mattress!!

Very comfortable mattress!

For our personal bed. I love that it was made in the USA. Made with low VOC. Very comfortable and waking up feeling well rested. No aches or pains.

Very comfortable mattress

We have had our new CopperRest mattress for a couple months now. Very happy with our purchase! This is our first Memory Foam mattress and we love it.

Enjoying our Sleep Time!!!

We recently purchase a new Copper Rest Gold mattress and wireless power base by Reverie from Tom's Home Furnishings. We are enjoying our Sleep time!!! We purchased two twin mattresses placed side by side now gives us a King Size bed. We went from a Queen to King size. Individual controls for elevation on each bed and a firm mattress are two features we both enjoy for a great night's rest!! We also find because of these features, we are not disturbing each other's rest! Before, we always woke each other up!! Now, we sleep peacefully!!! Thanks Rod & Angie for introducing your new sleep system to us!!!

A Great Mattress

I bought this mattress for my dad who has chronic back pain he wakes up every morning saying he’s never slept so well. Will definitely be buying one for myself in the near future


Very comfortable, just molded around my body