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Accord Sleep Systems

801 Lincoln Ave
Harvey North Dakota , 58341

Very comfortable mattress

We have had our new CopperRest mattress for a couple months now. Very happy with our purchase! This is our first Memory Foam mattress and we love it.

A Great Mattress

I bought this mattress for my dad who has chronic back pain he wakes up every morning saying he’s never slept so well. Will definitely be buying one for myself in the near future


Very comfortable, just molded around my body

Back and hip and knee pain disappear

Those pains I seem to accrue during the day seem to go away at night. We've had this bed for about two months now and are getting a very restful sleep. I have chronic knee issues and now hip issues, and I do not wake up with pain at all. Most nights I sleep all the way through.
We purchased this product through our local store, not online, but the product is the same and the customer service, as always, is great.

This is my new happy place!

We purchased this mattress for the master bedroom in our new home. It came very well packaged, mattress was protected with heavy plastic wrap inside a heavy duty box and it was delivered as expected. This mattress is the perfect firmness for myself as a side sleeper and my husband who is a side and sometimes tummy sleeper. Not too soft and not too firm. After just ONE night my husband and I both remarked on the good night sleep and woke with less shoulder and hip stiffness. We were skeptical of a solid foam type mattress because of some of our friends past experiences with them being too warm. Not the case with this one. Even with our down duvet, it stayed comfortable temperature wise through the night, no waking up sweaty and throwing the blankets off! After shopping several different brands and even trying them in the stores, we were most impressed with the Copper Rest. And its a fantastic value compared to many others out there. Highly recommend this and we couldn't be more pleased!

You won't regret buying this bed.

We were researching many beds and decided on this one because of the cooling gel. It's been over three months since we got it and it is better than advertised in my opinion. I sleep so well and you don't feel movement when the spouse rolls over. I would buy again, very comfortable.

5.0 out of 5 starsThis mattress is phenomenal!

This mattress is phenomenal! Soft but firm,and that matters to me as I have steel rods and a back issues. I can not stress enough to get a solid base for this mattress as it needs it for the full effect. Best sleep I've had in a long time,way less turning,and overall deep restful sleep.

No more back pain!

We were way overdue for a new mattress. My husband and I were both sleeping terrible, and waking up multiple times a night from back pain. We were worried that it would be too firm, but it turned out to be perfect. We no longer wake up from neck, upper back, lower back or hip pain. My arms and legs no longer fall asleep. And we love that you cannot feel someone else moving in the bed.

Finally a comfortable night

After checking out a ton of beds in stores locally, I finally took advice from a friend a purchased a CopperRest bed (Accord Comfort Sleep Systems), and I am SO happy I took the chance! My mom actually bought one, too. This has been a life changer. I don't wake up with a numb arm anymore, and when my kids hop in bed, I don't even feel them moving around and making the entire bed move. I was concerned about feeling hot or sweaty, as some memory foam bed reviews say they don't breathe, but this one is actually very comfortable and cooling. I can honestly say I've slept an entire night without waking for the first time in months. Well worth every penny.

First Review: Buy With Confidence - Excellent Memory Foam Bed and Value

I took a chance on CopperRest Sleep as there was little to no reviews and it turned out to be the best decision we could have made... Best Bed Ever!!!... And this is why I wanted to write this first review.

Let's face it - it's maddening buying a bed you haven't ever seen or touched in person! Figuring out differences between all the different offerings, what's good or not and whether or not the firmness will be right is overwhelming. It was time for aa new bed as I had slept on a big name brand one of the first memory foam mattresses for the last 17 years, and paid $3500 for it - it was a great bed, so the bar was set high.

Supper mattress!!

Great product, great customer care. Had an issue with initial order contacted seller. Was immediately put in touch with with the owner. He replaced the mattress with no questions or cost to me. Great mattress. Started sleeping better immediately.

Amazing Mattress!

I was a little nervous to order a mattress in a box. I wasn’t sure it would bounce back to it’s shape and keep it. I was pleasantly surprised! My order shipped faster than expected. It came two days early, dropped off right at our door. We unboxed it and watched the mattress take shape right away. There were no chemical or packaging smells. We are very happy with the comfort of this mattress and are looking to purchase another for our son. I would highly recommend this brand of mattress to anyone looking for a great product that ships right to your home.

Finally a Great Night's Sleep

I am so happy I tried the CopperRest bed. After a week, I finally have a regular sleep pattern back, and I wake feeling more rested. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Plus, it was a bonus that I didn't have to worry about how I was going to get it delivered. It came right to my door.

Absolutely Fantastic Mattress!

I can't tell you how much I love my mattress! I received it a few months ago, and at first I was concerned about it being too firm. But after I slept without waking for the first time in months, I was sold. After several months, I don't feel any wear as of yet, and I am SO glad I made the investment in my own health by choosing a CopperRest mattress.


Loved it right away needed one for along time and I am 100% happy with my purchase it is definitely something I look forward to every night is climbing into bed after sleeping on this mattress and than spending a weekend on a different mattress noting compares

My mom has had issues with neck and back pain for a long time now. I bought her a new mattress for her birthday and she loves it! I was worried about a funny smell upon its arrival but it didn't have any chemical order at all. Just a nice clean mattress smell. I even laid on it as well and thought it was very comfortable. Mom has also stated that she has slept better on this mattress than her old one. It shipped promptly and I received it very quickly.

I am sleeping the whole night through again.

We have had our bed for a month now and when my head hits the pillow I am out and sleep the whole night. I no longer wake up with back aches. I like that it's soft and plush, but I don't sink down and get "stuck" in the bed and have a hard time turning over. I would highly recommend. The price is right and the with the warranty I feel like they stand behind their product

Hugs Every Curve

As a side sleeper, I enjoy this bed because it's firm, but also fills in the spaces/curves in your lower back or your sides. VERY comfortable and just feels good!