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Actual First Aid

32 Dealtry Road
Putney London , SW15 6NL
United Kingdom

Amazing First Aid Course

I recently attended a first aid Course with Geoff at Bailiffscourt Hotel. On the first day all I was thinking about on the Journey down was OMG I can't be bothered with another Boring First Aid Course where we are going to be staring at Powerpoints and reading text Books all day. But I was completely wrong. We would watch a realistic video for each subject and then Geoff would ask us to demonstrate as a group what we would do. Not only was this more interesting but it was a great way to interact with people that we haven't met before plus for me personally everything sunk in because we were doing practical scenarios and not just reading books.

Me personally I think Geoff was the best First Aid teacher I've ever experienced. He was so relaxed and chilled, Came up with some amazing stories that he had to experience himself plus he cared about every single person in the room. I really do hope we get him again in 3 Years time for our refresher course.

Best First Aid course

I recently attended a three day training course for the Hotel chain I work for. Previously I have worked as cabin crew and so had what I considered to be a wealth of knowledge when it came to first aid - I was wrong! Geoff really was an incredible teacher, gone were the text books and power points that make you wish the day was over and instead he taught us using a mixture of engaging stories and realistic videos. I’ve never been on a course I found this engaging and I’ve honestly stepped away from it not only feeling more confident than I ever have with any previous training, but actually a bit gutted it’s over! Very interesting and incredibly helpful, I highly recommend Actual First Aid to anyone wanting practical and useable knowledge of first aid.

I was invited from my son's nursery to receive Actual First Aid training , and I was amazed by Geoff McKay training , he explained everything with very well and got us to simulate which was so helpful to actually understand and know exactly what to do on an emergency. Most of us take our life for granted and don't know how important it is to have this knowledge mostly when you are a parent . I strongly recommend Geoff training and Actual first aid training.

Usually I dont leave reviews! But this time I had to let people know about amazing instructor Geoff Mckay! He made the course so fun and understandable the time went so fast i wish it was longer! Me my self i hate studying I find it boring lol!! This guy made the session in such a fun and friendly manner! I found out so many things that will help me in life! Thank you so much! I definitely recomend him! This is how instructors have to be to help you learn something!

Great first aid advice , do recommend , thanks a lot to Geoff McKay for the first aid training

I attended first aid training for the first time in my life, It was thought by Geoff McKay for two days (18/5/19 and 25/5/19). It was well worth it, as I have always think is of no use to me.It was an eye opener to me. I really enjoyed the training and I have learnt so much that I now teach every one around me. Well done to the trainer for making every one have a go and making sure we all do it right.Is a knowledge I will cherish for ever, thanks so much.

first aid training

You are the best trainer and thank you very much!!

I have just completed the paediatric first aid course with Geoff and i would have to say this is one of the best first aid courses i have been on. Geoff is super knowledgeable and the way the course is structured means you get the opportunity to practice, ask questions and learn a huge amount of information relatively easily. I would highly recommend this coursed to anyone working in an ofsted regulated establishment there is no comparison. Thanks actual first aid for making me a better child carer and general citizen!

Brilliant first aid training with Geoff today.realy enjoyed the course he makes it a pleasure to be there.makes it easy to learn all the basic skills you'll need.thank you!!!!!

Finished pediatric first aid training with Geoff yesterday and wanted to say a huge thanks for the experience! The workshop was informative and thought provoking as well as a real good group experience where we could share our own experiences of first aid emergencies and ask for advice openly and freely through out the session. Geoff taught us about serious medical emergencies in a professional way always gave us warning before showing us photographs or videos of these situations. Thanks again :)

Geoff is an incredibly informative trainer. He deals with what can be stressful and upsetting in a caring way. I felt enabled to take part and given a lot of confidence to attempt first aid should I ever need to.

Brilliant and practical first aid training, lively and engaging training, which helps you to learn and remember what to do, should there ever be a need.

Outstanding first aid training taught by Geoff today. Geoff came out to our place of work to train my nursery staff team in first aid training. He made the day interactive, professional but also fun! I feel extremely confident that my team and I now have the knowledge to deal with the relevant first aid situations in our environment. This was by far the best first aid training we have received and couldn’t recommend him enough! It also helps that Geoff has a genuine passion and caring nature, such a lovely person. Thank you!

The most useful and informative First Aid course I have been on. It has prepared me for the worst and helped with the confidence to step in and help.

Great work place first aid with friendly and informative instructor Geoff!

This is the best First Aid training I have received. Geoff is an excellent teacher.

Geoff is a great first aid trainer, very informative. Fun, friendly session in which I learned a lot. I would highly recommend Geoff's services to anybody willing to learn first aid.