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Sweet Fern Studio

120 Brindley St. #1
Ithaca NY

megan is well versed in massage therapy

"Wonderful massage! Meghan listened to what I had to say and what to work on. Just the right pressure and very relaxing"

A Beautiful Oasis

"Sweet Fern Studio is tucked away near the old "Octopus" and provides a gentle respite from hectic small-city life. The space is clean, bright, pretty and calm. Sadie has a wonderful healing presence, and getting acupuncture from her has helped me with a couple of different health issues. Definitely give it a try! "


"I find the atmosphere of Sweet Fern immediately calming, from the physical and intangible aesthetics of the environment to Dyian's courteous, client-focused approach. Being new to massage, I approached it as a one-time indulgence. This studio and Dyian's expertise have turned my first gift visit into an inexpensive, monthly health investment."

very pleasant experience

" Nice setting for a massage. The waiting area was very comfortable and relaxing. The use of screen dividers to subdivide the larger therapy room into private individual areas was nicely done. Temperature of heated massage tableand drapings added to my comfort and enjoyment of the session. I have recommended to others."

Sweet Fern Studio

"I have had acupuncture and medical massage (Sadie and Rose) and have found both practitioners very helpful, caring, and empathetic. I really appreciate the physical/mental check-ins pre- and post-session, the attention and focus on my areas of need, and the advice!"

Good Experience

"Thorough visit, good experience. I have some hope that my problem, which has been difficult to solve by other disciplines, will be resolved. Keeping my fingers crossed!"

Calming and Supportive

"Sadie does a great job with acupuncture, treating anxiety, sleep disturbance and overall health well being"


"Sadie truly has a gift with children. I brought my 14 month old in (plus her very hungry, very sleepy, very fussy 3 year old brother), and she was so kind and gentle in the midst of sick and fussy little ones. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. The studio itself was a beautiful and welcoming space. I definitely look forward to going back soon!"


"Sadie is an amazing acupuncturist. She can adapt to anything with warmth, humor, and grace, and her treatments have long lasting effects. I recommend her often!"

Sadie was knowledgable and helpful

"I was very impressed by Sadie, and after only one treatment I can see some differences in my condition. Encouraging! "

supportive and encouraging

"Sadie has been such a great support to me as a new mom. In addition to preventative care for children, she offers helpful insights with diet and sleep. Sessions with Sadie always give me greater confidence about how to optimize my baby's health. Thank you, Sadie!"

Not as scary as he thought!

"I think that giving the gift of acupuncture may have been one of the best investments I've made in a very long time. The recipient of my gift, while a bit unsure and shaky the night before his first appointment, tells me that it wasn't scary and he barely felt a thing. He says that his pain level has decreased with the initial visit, and that he enjoyed his time at Sweet Fern. Sadie's skillful techniques and caring manner are already improving his quality of life. Thank you, Sadie!"

so great with kids

"I have seen Sadie for acupuncture for years and was excited to have her start working with my kids a few months ago. She is so great at engaging with both of them during their treatments! They are comfortable 100% of the time they are at Sweet Fern. I am so thankful to have her as a support for my family's health. "

A Healing Place

"I took my 3 year old to Sweet Fern for the first time yesterday. He isn't always comfortable in a new environment, but Sadie got down on his level and made him feel right at home. He referred to her studio as "a healing place" and seemed relaxed through the whole appointment. Sadie gave us some tips to help with his very dry skin that I look forward to trying more at home."

We Love Sadie! And Shonishin!

"We started seeing Sadie for Acupuncture for my toddler's asthma and it has helped immensely. We go bi-weekly and look forward to our visits. The space is warm and inviting, with a great play area for kids. Sadie makes my son feel comfortable and makes me feel he is in the best care possible. She has helped make his asthma more manageable and has helped make me feel more at ease with the whole asthma situation. "

I feel great!

"I have been seeing Sadie for a few months now and have been getting bi-weekly treatments. This past week I was having some digestive problems and my ankles and feet had been getting swollen. I felt so fantastic after the treatment, my stomach has been much better and the swelling in my ankles has been greatly improved. Acupuncture is part of my regular care to stay feeling great. Thank you so much Sadie!!"

no title

"Being a professional massage therapist myself, I am quite familiar with the power of bodywork and other alternative therapies. My visit to Sweet Fern Studio was my first as the recipient of acupuncture. After suffering with a pain in my right leg for approximately 6 weeks (being treated by other alt methods) I thought I'd give acupuncture a try. Boy am I glad I did!! Today is day #4 post-treatment and I have been PAIN FREE ever since I left their office. Sadie was excellent and kind! Well done!"


The atmosphere is coming, inviting and bright. They were able to get me and quickly & focus on my needs"