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Sweet Fern Studio

120 Brindley St. #1
Ithaca NY , 14850

Testimonial #43

Sadie has a real knack of listening both to body and heart. I have been seeing Sadie for a couple of years and I believe she and acupuncture have assisted in stabilizing some long term medical conditions, encourage healthier eating in such a fun and caring way, and contributed to my well being.

What a calming place

Sadie Hays does a wonderful job, provides a safe and compassionate place.

Always better afterwards

Sadie is a wonderful, knowledgeable, humble, caring, compassionate professional. I always feel better after an acupuncture session. She helps me get in touch with what’s going on inside my body in several areas: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She can and will suggest herbs, homeopathic remedies and eastern meds that she can sell or can be purchased from local retailers. I highly recommend her!

good results in calming setting

I am halfway through treatment for facial paralysis from Bell's Palsy. Sadie has definitely boosted the rate of recovery. I only wish my doctor had recommended acupuncture earlier. Very calming setting (many patients are asleep!) and helpful advice.

Goddess Warrior of Healing

I remember during one of my first visits with Sadie I was venting to her about what was wrong with my body and what needed to be fixed. I knew I was in a special place when she responded by saying "why don't we take a moment to appreciate everything that is functioning within your body." No one had EVER brought this perspective to me before. It's that shift from wanting to cure the "problems" of the body to creating daily health with compassionate curiosity that has led me to back to Sweet Fern for over 2 years and counting. Sadie's deep care and knowledge for and about the body is incredible. When she is with you, she's present, she's curious, she's attuned, she's light-hearted and always provides the most detail-oriented work. I am so grateful to her in my life. Thank you for creating such a resilient space at Sweet Fern that fosters healing from within.

5 Stars

So well taken care of!

I love working with Sadie. She takes such great care of your needs and truly engages with a thoughtful and tailored approach of healing. She'd be 6 stars if that were a thing.

Tuned up

After an acupuncture session with Sadie, I always leave feeling deeply listened to ... and breathing more freely! As I move into my eighth decade, I've had treatment for a variety of complaints, from swollen knees to sinus infections. Last spring I came in after a fall, and Sadie diagnosed the exact fractured wrist bone, referring me for more treatment. She had deep knowledge, deft technique, and a bedside manner that is grounded, practical and nurturing.

5 Stars

Energy and Relief

Last week visit to Sweet Fern Studio brought me great relief, bringing back much needed energy. I was confident the treatment would have this positive effect as I have had this experience many times under the care of Dr. Hays. I usually see the doctor every two weeks and she keeps me going. She is very attentive to my needs. And the peaceful space at Sweet Fern makes it the perfect setting for healing body and soul.

Acupuncture at Sweet Fern

I highly recommend Sweet Fern for healing and renewal. I have received acupuncture treatments from Sadie for a few years now with wonderful results on both a physical and emotional level. I always look forward to her caring and compassionate presence.

A Beautiful Oasis

"Sweet Fern Studio is tucked away near the old "Octopus" and provides a gentle respite from hectic small-city life. The space is clean, bright, pretty and calm. Sadie has a wonderful healing presence, and getting acupuncture from her has helped me with a couple of different health issues. Definitely give it a try! "

very pleasant experience

" Nice setting for a massage. The waiting area was very comfortable and relaxing. The use of screen dividers to subdivide the larger therapy room into private individual areas was nicely done. Temperature of heated massage tableand drapings added to my comfort and enjoyment of the session. I have recommended to others."

Sweet Fern Studio

"I have had acupuncture and medical massage (Sadie and Rose) and have found both practitioners very helpful, caring, and empathetic. I really appreciate the physical/mental check-ins pre- and post-session, the attention and focus on my areas of need, and the advice!"

Good Experience

"Thorough visit, good experience. I have some hope that my problem, which has been difficult to solve by other disciplines, will be resolved. Keeping my fingers crossed!"

Calming and Supportive

"Sadie does a great job with acupuncture, treating anxiety, sleep disturbance and overall health well being"


"Sadie truly has a gift with children. I brought my 14 month old in (plus her very hungry, very sleepy, very fussy 3 year old brother), and she was so kind and gentle in the midst of sick and fussy little ones. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. The studio itself was a beautiful and welcoming space. I definitely look forward to going back soon!"


"Sadie is an amazing acupuncturist. She can adapt to anything with warmth, humor, and grace, and her treatments have long lasting effects. I recommend her often!"