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Hope For Families Recovery Center

136 Milestone Way
Greenville SC
United States

Grateful Recovering Alcoholic

I thought I had it "all together" for most of my life.  I had my husband, my awesome children, a house, cars, and money in the bank.  And then, a life crisis happened, and my nightly drinking became more secretive and more "necessary."  I sought treatment, but there was still more to deal with once I began living my life at home without alcohol.  It was those day to day encounters, mostly with family members, that were challenging.  Amber helped me sort out what was truly important today.  She helped me see where I was right(!) and needed to set boundaries.  She helped me learn skills and what to say to my family members.  Amber took the time necessary to listen, and then to guide me.  The ultimate result was, honestly, a set of more loving relationships than I think we had in my family before my addiction.  I am so grateful today that I am healthy, that I can help my own family members live in a more healthy way, and perhaps help another family too.

Mom in Recovery

I knew my life and my family life was out of control.  I didn't fully understand why.  I knew my son was in a lot of trouble with drugs and alcohol and that my husband passed out every night drinking, but I still didn't know about "addiction".  I thought they would both just stop, soon, because they'd see how bad things were.  If I just kept going and kept my public persona "Normal", this would all get better.  Well it didn't and things got worse and I was forced to see a counselor for my own sanity.  I got involved with Hope for Families through other contacts I had made and I  learned acceptance of myself and the awareness that I couldn't fix my family.  Trying harder and doing better for them wasn't my answer.  Taking care of myself was what I had to focus on.  I came to understand that what I was seeing was "addiction" and that it is a disease. It's a mental illness and living with a mental illness is very difficult for everyone.  Eventually, (after years) both of my family members did get treatment, with varying degrees of success, but today, it is less of "my problem".  I can love them both unconditionally and have great empathy for their disease.  I'd be less than honest to say that everything is all better.  I don't know if it ever will be, but I am healing and getting better, one day at a time.  Thanks for your support at Hope for Families and thanks Amber, for the newsletters. 

Joel Bagley

It is always such a joy to work with Hope For Families. Amber and Campbell are always "spot on" in their ability to cut through the distractions and get to the heart of the problem. I highly recommend them to any family who has a teenager or young adult whose life is spinning out of control due to drug and alcohol use.

Testimonial #4

Hope for Families has been the best life investment our family has ever made!!!  It's brought us closer to GOD and Hope is our life portfolio!   We have learned so many skills that has made our life so much more peaceful and joyful!!!  We needed Hope for Families before we had kids but better late than never!!!!  A family who has been helped and is continuing help from 8/15 to present!   Again....Hope has been one of many blessings bestowed to us by God and to God we thank!


Coming to Hope For Families was one of the BEST decisions I ever made! 

high school student

I really thought I would hate coming to counseling, but once I got to Hope For Families I realized that it wasn't so bad.  They actually got my parents to listen to my side of things.