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Thank you Morris for this wonderful experience of being taught by you. An intense work over five weeks have helped me localize my physical issues. You were so grateful to work out a personalized sequence of asana practice for my recent body constitution. This has helped me to grow stronger and gain trust. Your thoughts to any other personal queries have always put my mind in a state to think things over. Thanks for all your support.

I had reached a lonely, depressing, confusing and overwhelming point in my life where I knew I could no longer keeping running from grief and my life. Through an inkling that yoga could help me in some way, I met Morris on a yoga retreat. Through his patience, compassion, intuition and knowledge he has helped create a safe space, support and guide me through a difficult yet transformative part of my life. For the first time in 9 years I feel a huge weight has been lifted, I finally realised 'I am not my thoughts' and have genuine curiosity and excitement to further discover my 'true' self. I would recommend anyone looking to learn and develop their yoga practice or work on personal issues to reach out to Morris. He is a wondeful soul! I am grateful we crossed paths.

I feel incredibly grateful to Morris for his guidance. The sessions brought me clarity on what I needed to focus on. I left feeling more balanced, more grounded and certainly more energized. Morris is a very talented practitioner and a great listener, I love that he gave me the tools to keep practicing by myself.

My time with Morris was life affirming and transformative. The love , wisdom calm and inner strength he showed me, having overcome a insecure and uncertain start,has inspired me that all is possible if i remain connected with my body and flowing with the universe. I will never forget lying on the ground in the forest, being totally at one with myself and morris the trees sky and earth. Thank you morris you are truely a beautiful human being

Im really grateful I met Ahmose in Sri Lanka, where I randomly won a Reiki-session with him at a Christmas-raffle at Camp Poe :) He absolutely inspired me since then and hit a nerv and started an internal process in me. His yoga and meditation sessions have been a huge contribution to my healing and i think I have never had a more "conscious" yoga-experience than with him. Thank you so much for your energy, your thoughts and inspiration and for teaching me so much about myself! Much love Pia

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel having had the experience working with Morris. When I travelled to Sri Lanka I had never thought I would meet such a remarkable person who has impacted my journey on rediscovering my true self. It always felt like I was missing a piece of a puzzle and together with Morris and the reiki sessions and meditation therapy we did, I have found the missing piece and can now work on putting the pieces together. Morris is such an intuitive, pure and sensitive person. He has the ability to connect on such deep levels, creating a safe environment where there is room to feel and surpass all different kinds of emotions and turn them into positive energy. It is the best gift you can give yourself! To be able to work with him was certainly one the best experiences I have ever had!

For much of my adult life, I have sought to find ways to make peace with difficult childhood experiences that have resurfaced from time to time in my adulthood. I have also struggled with procrastination towards finishing creative projects. Amose’s (Morris) holistic therapeutic blend of psychology, meditation and mental pathways made intuitive sense to me and helped me to rediscover my heart voice. Through the sessions with Amose, I have brought presence of self and wellbeing into a very conscious place. I am able to break down the narratives attached to childhood experiences in a profound way and have recommenced a big creative project that was shelved for 15 years.

I met Morris at a lonely and confusing part of my life, and over the past few months he has guided out of a self-loathing and sadly resigned existence to a place where I can start to build a new relationship with myself. He did it not by following rules or strict treatments, but by connection, listening and giving freely of the wisdom he’s gained. I’ll never forget the relief I felt when he made me understand that I knew everything I needed to know to bring about change, that my anxiety and worry weren’t inevitable cores of my being. So many of the issues were lifelong struggles for me, and through his patient listening and calming meditative and breathing exercises, he helped me to see and feel my own solutions, and find my own way to experience life in a more calm and centered way. It feels now like I’m gradually beginning to see the real wonder in the world. Most importantly, he listens to me as a person, as a man navigating today’s world, and as somebody that can make this journey. That’s really what made me connect with him - he’s traveling the journey himself, and he’s incorporating techniques and practices from practical real-life experience, not from any strict dogma or school, even though he’s deeply knowledgeable about spirituality, yoga, philosophy and psychology. He’s listening and pointing out to me the thoughts and techniques he thinks might be helpful. For the first time I’m excited about the journey, looking forward to finding out more about myself and the people around me, and for the first time consider myself worth consideration. Morris guided me towards a better outlook on my life, one that’s opening up more and more every day.

I did several quantum yoga classes, meditation classes, and reiki sessions with Morris, and he is nothing but amazing in all that he does. Seldom have I met someone with such a calming and grounding energy. He gave me so many new insights, and helped me develop my spirituality in new ways. We did some very intense but healing meditations that have helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend his services, as he is a very creative, wise, and beautiful soul that became a good friend that I very much cherish.

Dear Morris, thank you so much for sharing all your energy, power, experiences and wisdom with us! Honestly, I can’t find the right words to express the effects your yoga teaching, beautiful guided meditations and your Reiki energy had on my body, mind and soul. I feel more grounded, connected to nature and to myself than ever before. Your energy has a real impact on my own self-healing process and my personal development. Thank you for being such an inspiring beautiful soul! Please keep on shining and spreading your inner light to the world!!! I wish you all the best for your ongoing personal journey, wherever it may lead you... Hope to see you again, lots of love from Germany

Morris/Ahmose is an empathetic and knowledgeable teacher/practitioner. His meditations and guidance helped me find an inner calm that had a positive effect on my personal relationships, my approach to challenging situations and my overall well-being. I highly recommend his sessions for anyone who wants to clear old patterns from the past and lead a more connected and stress free life

Morris is an amazing meditation and yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, artist, and all around wonderful human! I love learning from him.