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Allegiant Spine Institute

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Thank you Dr. Grover

I had an ACDF performed by Dr. Grover, he did a great job. No more pain and no more migraines. Recovery was easy complaints. Thank you Dr. Grover and a big thanks to Kelly N. , P.A. Thank you for always taking the time to listen, you are fabulous.

Testimonial #43

I actually had a cervical fusion by Dr.Grover last year and I love his office and staff , he is very caring, every office you go to there is a wait time, people seem to forget that there is one doctor and hundreds of us (patients), Dr.Grover never turns patients away even if they are 3 hours late, ive seen it my self , people seem to complain so much but are happy as ever after they get their medications leaving the office. I had a great recovery and I feel great as ever. he is the best spine surgeon in Nevada

Testimonial #42

I have been a patient of Dr. Grover's since 1999. I had surgery for a severe broken back. Dr. Grover has always been honest and upfront about what my options would be. He is extremely conservative, and when he is suggesting a surgery he is a very concerned and genuine doctor. My surgery turned out EXCELLENT. I was finally given the ability to take care of my two teenagers and be the hands-on mom I longed to be; instead of them taking care of me. Dr. Grover also respected my wishes in having no blood transfusions. Sometimes there is a wait to see him. He is a very prominent and respected surgeon. It should be understood to be seen by the best, there may be a wait. He gives every patient quality care and takes time with his patients so they can understand their spine condition. I have been so pleased with my back surgery that I also addressed my other spine problems and have since had two other spine surgeries to correct them. I feel great, I work full time, and I experience very little pain. Let me add, that I am 66 years old! I am extremely happy with all the care of Dr. Grover's staff and the overall outcome of my surgeries. I highly recommend Dr. Grover and his clinic!

Testimonial #41

I have been seeing Dr. Grover for 14 years now, for a variety of spinal issues. He has performed 4 procedures on my spine - a microdiskectomy, a lumbar fusion, a cervical fusion, and the most recent, a thoracic-lumbar fusion. It is true that you will wait 2 - 3 hours for your appointment, but I am willing to wait for the best. Dr. Grover and his staff are very caring and compassionate, they answer all my questions. My most recent surgery was just 3 weeks ago, and I was highly pleased by the care I received after the surgery, while still in the hospital. Kelly, Dr. Grover's PA, made sure that I was given all the correct meds (usually a problem in the hospital), and again answered all my questions, even going so far as to get me a pen and paper when I was on the ventilator, so I could communicate with her. My post-op care has been great, and phone calls have been returned promptly. I feel that Nevada Spine Clinic is the best place to go if you are having spine problems. Dr Grover realizes that surgery is not always the answer, and is very conservative in recommending it, but does a tremendous job doing surgery when needed. By the way, in 14 years, I have never seen the bathroom trashed the way some other reviewers have said, so their experience is the exception, not the rule. I highly recommend Dr. Grover and Nevada Spine Clinic.

Testimonial #40

Dr. Grover has been taking care of my back for so many years, (pretty much from cervical to lumbar.) He's the type of doctor who will exhaust all traditional treatments first before suggesting any type of surgery. Dr. Grover took the time to help me understand the whole process of my spine problems. His staff is very professional and very caring and accommodating. I just wish he could clone Kelly and Darshelle! He has the best and most experienced surgical team. They are so caring, compassionate, and they make you feel safe, and that all your concerns are important and addressed. He's done two surgeries on me, first a laminectomy a few years ago then a cervical fusion last year. He did a very clean surgery on both. I feel better and now pain free. I have my life back thanks to Dr. Grover!

Testimonial #39

Dr. Grover is one of the best, if not the best for my family. 2 of my children have had surgery by Dr. Grover and his team. Reading the reviews, I have to say yes, you do wait a sufficient amount of time BUT he will give you the same amount of time when he see's you. He doesn't just walk in and say what he has to say, like many other doctors. He goes over what your feeling, results of tests and what will work for you. He gives you as much time as you need. Not rushing you and this is a plus when you have serious problems. At 15 my daughter needed back surgery with 2 ruptured disk and a crack spine. He and Dr. Rosler took the time to explain all to her, at her level as well as to me. She is now 22 and makes sure to have them on her insurance. 5 years later, my son has had some bad luck with bigger problems than she had. We've had the same experience and he even fought the insurance for the problems they were giving. Not knowing if the full surgery would be covered he said he would continue with it cause that is more important. Having his staff like Kelly to walk us through when he was away with others is so important. Once he's surgery was done and doing home PT. The physical therapist told my son, he is 100% sure that Dr. Grover kept him from being in a wheelchair. The physical therapy from the office has been just as good. Being a long term family that goes to his office, front staff can be a little more organized but other than that, if your looking for a great doctor who cares and knows what he's doing, this is the one.

Testimonial #38

The experience I had at Dr. Grovers office was outstanding. While there was quite a wait to get in, to see him, once you got into a room, and he arrived, the service and attention to your problem was "outstanding". He made sure he was very thorough, and asked many questions, regarding your condition. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my condition. He had to do surgery, and there was alot of physical therapy, but now I feel "NO PAIN" . It was worth the time spent in the office. I guess what they say is true... Good things come to those who wait........ I will refer Dr. Grover to every one I speak to. He is my HERO !!!!!!!!!! Thank You Dr. Grover, You are the BEST.

Testimonial #37

I had surgery 6 weeks ago and I'm feeling wonderful !!!! Dr. Grover said that he could help me and he did, I had 3 discs replaced a very major procedure with two incisions one in the front and one in the back that both healed wonderfully. I'm going to go for a little therapy now to make things even better. I trusted Dr. Grover and he didn't let me down, I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family. Thank you to the Dr. and all that got me to this point of well being.

Testimonial #36

Let me start from the beginning with my medical history, I was injured I 1996 while running heavy equipment resulting in a herniated disc L4-L5, I first seen Dr. Grover at that time and eventually underwent surgery fusing this disc, this was a very successful surgery with great results 17yrs later. On 6/21/12, I was rear-ended in Denver, CO. by a individual that was not paying ATTENTION and resulting in a total of his vehicle. I returned to Montana (My home) to see a Orthopedic surgeon that my insurance company had arranged. This doctor ordered an MRI and I returned two weeks later for the results, he told me that everything looked just fine and even added on how healthy my spine looked, I was elated with this news because I had not forgotten how grueling back surgery can be, he ordered 6 weeks of PT and told me to take over the counter ibuprofen...if I recall I only waited a few minutes to see him and the staff was pleasant and the bathrooms were..heck I don't remember, moving on...I completed PT, and went to Portland,OR to work, within one week I could barely walk and suffering neck/arm pain. I was able to relocate back to Las Vegas (New Job) so I could seek treatment, I asked my provider If Dr.Grover was in their network and to my delight he was, of course he didn't remember me but did recognize his handy work 17yrs earlier, reading the medical reports from Montana he stated that I have herniated disc L-5 or whatever the bottom disc is and C-4 & C-6 (The doctor in Montana did not disclose these results) since this first visit I have had surgery on my neck 2/12/14, my pain was so bad that I was in tears at night, the minute I awoke I knew that I was pain free, I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for Dr. Grover which I call the Van Gogh of surgical hands. I am now starting therapy for my neck and doing great, I will undergo surgery in a few months for the low back. Even in1997 at times there was a fairly long wait, and yes full feature films were played, if what you need is a staff to make you feel special and on time appointments then maybe you should see the doctor in Montana or one like him in Las Vegas, but if you want excellent results and with awesome PA's/MA's with a competent staff, I would choose Nevada spine clinic hands down

Testimonial #35

my name is sammy alnobani. i was in a severe accident and was injured in my back, neck and head. Dr. Grover performed a surgery for me. i am sooo happy with the results. i am so happy with dr grover and his team and nurses and all the staff treated me like family and with care. i most definetly recommend dr grover to anyone with similar circumstances. i recommend nevada spine clinic for any spine injury and treatment. i am so thankful to have had such a wonderful dr.

Testimonial #34

I have never waited more than 30 minutes for Dr.Grover or his PA's.I started seeing him 2 1/2 years ago with severe pain in my lower back and down my right leg. After enduring 4 injections with miminmal relief he told me the only true fix was surgery.So after fighting with my insurance company for a year I was finally approved. This was the best decision I ever made. 2 weeks after surgery I was already walking better and now 5 weeks after I feel wonderful I haven't taken a pain pill in 3 weeks thank God!!'So if you have any doubts at least see him for an opinion it can.t hurt.

Testimonial #33

Paul T. Las Vegas There are many members of this professional team and they work together for optimal results. The few times that there has been a waiting period is when the number of patients; far exceed the availability of probably one of the best surgeons in the World. I have been a patient for a long time and Dr. Grover's treatment plan, and surgery performance on my behalf is outstanding.

Testimonial #32

I can say honestly say Dr. Grover changed my life. I was living in pain for over seven years and suffering from severe migraines and numbness in my right arm. I went in for surgery and I haven't had a migraine or pain since. Yes for a doctor that is in such a high demand as Dr. Grover there will be a wait but it is worth it. I knew that wait times could be long so I went in with that mindset. I had an amazing experience with the staff from start to finish and I can't thank them enough. I would recommend Dr. Grover to my friends and family any day. Thank you Dr. Grover!

Testimonial #31

Before we decided to get surgery me and my husband we did alot of research and went to diffrent dr with very bad results. when we looked up Dr. Grover we decided to go we where very impressed he didnt rush us into surgery and he recomended other things before finally we decided it was time he did my neck surgery and my husbands lower back surgery and we are very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Grover i can sit up straight and my husband can sleep again. I highly recomend him...and his staff they are amazing.

Testimonial #30

4 years ago I was refereed to Nevada Spine and that was the best thing that could have ever happened. Dr Grover and his team take the time to listen to you and you are a large part of your treatment. Dr Grover just did a fusion on my neck and I and so please. I was in pain with head aches for the last 5 months and Dr Grover worked with me along with his staff to make a plan on my treatment. This is a Office that puts you first and how to make your life better. I thank Dr Grover and his whole team for care I have received and will continue under his care.

Testimonial #29

Okay then, I was disgruntled having to wait over three hours to spend 5 minutes with Dr. Grover, but I'm thrilled that I did, my consecutive appoints for pre-op were actually quite prompt. I had my spinal surgery around Apr 20th and was amazed to discover that I was virtually pain free. After enduring 9 months if unrelenting agony, I can sit, walk and sleep without most of the pain. Dr Grover's staff and surgical team are the best. After surgery, I came to understand why so many people were willing to wait so long to be treated by Dr Grover. With his Hands of Gold, and decades of practice, I am fortunate to have found myself in the best of hands. If you want to be treated by the best, you might have to wait in line, but when all has been said and done, you will find yourself patting yourself on the back for making the right decision. Thank you Dr Grover and Staff for giving me back my life.

Testimonial #28

I would rather walk into an office with a 3 hr. wait then walk into a desolate office. There is a reason Dr. Grovers office is so busy. He is simply the best. Dr. Grover and his staff are amazing. I have been in their care for about 3 yrs. now. I recently had 2 disks replaced and L4-S1 fusion. The experience was scary but Dr. Grover and his team were very professional and reassuring. The surgery was a complete success. After a little PT I will be pain free. It has been years in the making. Thanks to this team it is now a reality. I have nothing but respect for this office. Keep up the amazing work.

Testimonial #27

On two separate occasions I have called on the services of Dr. Grover and Nevada Spine Clinic to resolve a serious injury I received as a result of an auto accident that caused me to have a torn and herniated disk in my neck. At the time of my initial injury I knew nothing about Dr. Grover or Nevada Spine clinic. I was referred to Dr. Grover from a chiropractor I was seeing who realized my injury was more serious. I was sent for a MRI scan on my neck that revealed the torn and herniated disk causing numbness and weakness in my left arm, primarily. Dr. Grover scheduled me for nerve testing as well as a physical exam to diagnose the extent of the problem and then counseled me as to what treatment options were available. This allowed me to make the best decision for my health. In reading numerous reviews about Dr. Grover and Nevada Spine Clinic, I see many people with concerns about having to wait for hours to get in to see him. Here is my experience. I like most people do not like to wait long to be seen by health care professionals and this is especially when in pain and at times a great deal of discomfort. I know the reason why. First, Nevada Spine Clinic is a busy place and this is because they are exceptionally good at what they do. I have never been there where I was hurried or not given the best care and the high quality of their time in treating me. I want the very best medical care I can get. I have been very impressed at how thorough Dr. Grover is in diagnosing and treatment of myself and every single patient he treats. I have been to other doctors over the years for other issues and am able to determine good medical practices from the rest. Nevada Spine Clinic has raised the bar by creating a clinic where patients can be tested and diagnosed at one location unlike others who send you to other clinics and doctors to receive tests and examinations to make the intelligent decisions that are critical in treating neck and spine issues. For myself the only things I was sent to a different place was a pre surgical physical exam (required by the hospital), a lab for blood work testing and the hospital where I had the surgery done. All of this was set up and scheduled by the staff at Nevada Spine Clinic. This is how every patient is treated there. Four years later I had the disk below the initial fusion herniate and again had surgery to correct the problem. Again I returned to Dr. Grover and Nevada Spine Clinic for treatment. In my opinion they are the best and I can think of no other doctor or clinic I place as much trust in for the injury I sustained. Did I have to wait to get in to see Dr. Grover? Yes, unfortunately great medical care and treatment comes at a price and that price is time but well worth it for the high quality of care received by Dr. Grover and all the staff at Nevada Spine Clinic.