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All of our trips with Xenia have been nothing but amazing. We have loved everyone of them. When we went on the Marian Pilgrimage, some of the places we went were added in that we hadn't even imagined going to and so glad we did. We felt special in going to the extra places. We have so many memories of places we've been too. One of the places we went to was way up on this mountain, not easy to get to on a bus the size of ours... Santuario De la Francia, near Salamanca, Spain. There were other things too, which time and space do not permit.
On our Holy Land trip, it seems like not a stone was unturned. We walked where Jesus walked. We were so blessed. My wife Teresa had been there before, but the places we went, Teresa had not been before and we had a wonderful time and she was so happy. We also went to Jordan, which was an add on. Petra was beautiful, the Dead Sea, Masada, Mt Tabor, Mt. Nebo. Poland, The Baltic States, Russia (St Petersburg, Moscow)-This pilgrimage is one to remember, the chance of a lifetime. Russia was so wonderful. It was clean, safe, and the people were so nice. I would recommend everyone in our United States to go. We could all learn so much from Russia. 

Thank you Xenia for all the wonderful times we've had with you, and the many blessings we have received. We can hardly wait for our next pilgrimage. God continue to bless you and strengthen you that you will be able to continue this journey with our wonderful Lord.

Our Love,
Teresa & Bob Miller


I have been 3x a Pilgrim Chaplain for Amazing Catholic Journeys - for Holy Land-Jordan-Egypt in 2015; Marian Shrines in Portugal-Spain-France in 2017 and recently the Divine Mercy pilgrimage in the Poland-Baltic States and Russia this 2018. It’s amazing that all those trips were not tours but real spiritual journeys. Each day starts with a Morning prayer highlighted by the celebration of the Eucharist and ends with a Rosary or evening praise. The pilgrim guides were not only professional in their fields but are sincere and respectful of the pilgrim sites and truly cared for the pilgrims. A million thanks to our pilgrimage organizer and leader, Xenia who truly made every trip a one-in-a-lifetime uplifting-spiritual experience for everyone. As a religious priest chaplain,  Amazing Catholic Journeys, amazingly led me closer to the Lord! 
Fr Mark U del Rosario, SSS 


Words are difficult to describe this BEAUTIFUL PILGRIMAGE to Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia. DELIGHTFUL FABULOUS EXHILARATING & A TREMENDOUS LEARNING EXPERIENCE! A HOLY & DEEPLY SPIRITUALLY  REWARDING ENCOUNTER with the Ancient & post- U.S.S.R. Countries: The Faithful & Loving Believers who were STEADFAST & NEVER gave up! A TREMENDOUS THANKS TO OUR AMAZING TOUR DIRECTOR, XENIA MAYE, WHO DID EVERYTHING FOR US!She made it happen smoothly & with grace always caring for us! Her deeply held FAITH WAS SO BEAUTIFUL TO WITNESS! May Our Blessed Mother always be with you in ALL YOU DO! WE ALL BELONG TO HER!


Pilgrimages are ways to encounter the sacred. They bring pilgrims to the mysteries of faith. At times, what we left to wonder becomes a reality. "Amazing  Catholic Journeys" bring pilgrims to the encounter of the divine where no other way can at par even close to it. The agency helps pilgrims dispose themselves well in a spiritual journey of a lifetime. THNX to Xenia for the hardwork of organizing, coordinating and even innovating where every pilgrimage is indeed an Amazing Journey! Kudos!!!

Fr. Brian C. Brigoli
Archdiocese of Cebu


Sincere Gratitude for the Holy Land pilgrimage. Thank you for making my dream a reality. Xenia did an excellent service to our pilgrimage. The experience is a lifetime journey so blessed & spiritually filled to have step on the places where Jesus step-foot. I love the itenerary of our pilgrimage. I have a long list of favorites such as the renewal of my baptism at the Jordan River, being able to attend early morning mass at the birthplace of Jesus, The Holy Sepulcher, Sea of Galilee, Town of Jesus in Capernaum, the Pool of Bethesda, the Western Wall, floating at the Dead Sea, all the places Ive been during the tour is priceless, heaven’s precious gift, and spiritually filled journey...Thank you so much Xenia and to the team of Amazing Journey your service is God’s instrument to touched the lives of every pilgrims like me....


“For you I am a chaplain, with you I am fellow pilgrim.” I am Fr. Carmelo O. Diola, one of several priests who have been invited as chaplain by Xenia Maye, servant-leader of the Amazing Catholic Journeys.

I accompanied Xenia’s pilgrims through the Holy Land in 2013. Nobody really gets enough of the Holy Land: from the alluring Church of the Transfiguration perched on Mount Tabor overlooking the lush Jezreel Valley, to the fortress of Masada etched with the towering personality of Herod the Great, and to the crisp, fresh air of the Mount of Beatitudes still echoing the words of the Teacher. How thrilling to feel the onrush of wind on a replica boat of St. Peter gliding across the Lake of Galilee!

I also accompanied pilgrims to Marian shrines in Europe and Guadalupe. We joined the canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta and visited religious centers of Eastern Europe on the Divine Mercy pilgrimage. I found myself retracing the footsteps of St. Paul and the Book of Revelation in Greece and Turkey. How truly awesome was Holy Meteora in central Greece, six monasteries built precariously on huge natural stone pillars – God’s glory indeed reaches to the heavens!

In the spiritually-supercharged atmosphere of pilgrimage, Xenia provides an extra special personal touch that puts pilgrims at ease and takes their best interest at hand. I am humbled to be part of her journeys. Thank you Xenia and my fellow pilgrims for making me a better Catholic-Christian. Praise the Lord. Ave Maria.


Your pilgrimage tours are amazing! I had the most profound experience especially in the Holy Land! It has changed my spiritual life and I have developed a closer relationship with Jesus and Mary now!  Please continue bringing pilgrims to Jesus. I have been going with your pilgrimages for the last 5 years now! I highly recommend! and very affordable and comprehensive compared to other tours on the market!