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American Home Guard

1515 Market St Suite 1200
Philadelphia PA , 19102
United States

American home

I have read plenty of good reviews about American home guard as well as a few bad but I relied on my brother in law to help with my home appliance insurance decision and I'm actually happy with AHG being fully attentive helping with any claim I may have.

Love I file claim online

Love the fact I was able to file my claim online and not over the phone I find it easier to manage on my laptop then calling someone just to be put on hold. My claim was handled really quick I was contacted by a technician soon after to schedule an appointment thankfully the only thing I had to do over the phone.

much appreciated

My ice maker had broken down and I contacted american home guard and they informed me that it's an additional coverage. Since I had already purchased it I was covered for a tech to come and fix the issue at my home.

so fast

When I purchased my home I received American Home Guard they already had service with them. The dryer had stopped spinning which was a bit of a problem. After calling AHG they set me up with a technician and he was excellent in figuring out what the issue was and finishing in less than a hour.

glad I've chosen AHG

I'm glad i've chosen American Home Guard. When speaking with a representative to help answer some questions I had about my policy were very nice and wasn’t eager to get me off the phone. Glad I chose this company to cover me.

Great assistance

American home guard has provided great assistance in all three of my claims which was not difficult. I made sure that I covered everything in my home and bought all of the additional coverages that I felt were necessary. Upon the third request it was for my ice maker I was told to purchase the part needed to fix it and I will be reimbursed.

easy fast service

American home guard is a great company to have insure your appliances the first and only time I have filed a claim with american home guard was for a dishwasher in my home and AHG had a technician contact me within 24 hours for an appointment to fix the washer happy I had AHG to help me through the way.

glad to be a customer

For the past two years I have felt protected using AHG they always have contractors ready to go and if not that day they have you set for an appointment the next. American home guard has been easy to work with and glad to be a customer.

very pleased

American Home Guard is top notch they reimbursed me in full for a new microwave with no out of pocket cost after mine was deemed unrepairable I received the check within 2 weeks very pleased.

American Home Guard service

I have heard great things about American Home Guard from family. Since signing up they have definitely proved themselves I have filed a claim and if was taken care of within a few days even with my living in a real rural area so for that I thay American Home Guard  

great business

I have to say that american home guard has been a pleasure to do business with. They have taken care of me beyond my expectations and have kept my home functioning for almost 3 years now. I am excited that when it's my time to renew my rates are locked in so there is no increase in price.

top of the line assistance

My water heater was not producing hot water making it very hard to go about the day the same. I called american home guard as soon as i noticed the issue. They were very precise and caring about my claim and already begun working on the claim before i hung up the phone, i later on that day received an email from ahg with the name of the contractor and number so i can make the appointment and that went swell as well.

quick service

I have had the misfortune of some untimely breakdowns in my home. I called american home guard for a quote and they paired me with a license technician to fix the stove top in my home all went smoothly with the whole process spanning over 2 days   

low cost awesome service

Filing a claim through american home guard was so simple I placed a call and I was assigned a tech within the hour and paid a 45 dollar service fee when the tech arrived that was my only out of pocket fee when filing a claim for my garbage disposal witch went real smooth.

thank you AHG

I had a huge problem with my electric stove it would not turn on after filing a claim with AHG a contractor contacted me to set an appointment and did so for the very next day all I can say is thank you AHG for the timely exceptional service.

customer for years to come

I am so happy to have a policy with american home guard. They have been a great asset to  my family i have yet to file a claim but have heard very positive things about AHG and hope to be a customer for years to come.

Thank you ahg!

When I first purchased a policy with american home guard I was worried that I would have to be on hold for a while when needing a claim, when I had to place a claim I called and the whole phone call took about 5 minutes. The process was easy down to the repair of my dishwasher. Thank you ahg!

stress free service

When I signed up with american home guard I had a contractor who was great he explained all that had been done and gave great advice awesome to work with american home guard providing stress free service.