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American Home Guard

1515 Market St Suite 1200
Philadelphia PA , 19102
United States

nice service and reps

Since we moved into our house, we've had problems with our dishwasher. After two attempts to fix the dishwasher, Home Guard replaced the dishwasher with an equivalent model.

pleasant experience

A truly pleasant experience. The AHG Service Rep was fantastic setting up an appointment very professional. The repair rep was equally professional and about the repair problem. We would and do recommend AHG to everyone we talk to.  


Our washing machine had broken down so we called and scheduled a repair. Our washing machine was operating as if new within an hour. We would not have known how to fix the problem so we would have bought a new machine of it were not for our service plan.


My Service with American Home Guard is amazing. It starts when I call an agent at AHG. They are always so helpful, thoughtful, well informed and quick to expedite my work order. Service men are always courteous, andexpedite my repair in an efficient timeline.

efficient and polite

I had a very pleasant experience with American Home Guard. The website was easy to navigate and I received a phone call very shortly after letting me know how quickly they could have someone out to me. The gentleman was prompt and efficient and polite.

AHG top of the line

I am very pleased with the response I got when i called in for service on my washer. They were very accommodating as to the date and time we were available. Then when the service was done, my washer is working great! The fact that I only paid for the one time service charge ,even when he had to come back with the part, is very satisfying! Thank you AHG!

job done

My most recent experience was very pleasurable with American Home Guard. I needed my dishwasher repaired. The tech was very knowledgeable and figured out the problem right away. If you know what you are doing you get the job done in no time.


The service technician was on time and very personable. He was very detailed in explaining what work needed to done and how long it should take. After the work was complete, he walked me through everything he did. He also ran the dishwasher to show me that it was working and the job was completed.

Thank you ahg

My most recent experience was actually very good. The serviceman was very timely and knew exactly what was wrong with my unit and he had it working in no time. I was really impressed with him and the level of his expertise. Thank you ahg!!

Thank you for the service

Our last experience was nothing more than a miracle. The attention to detail was spectacular. The quality of the repair on our pool equipment and replacement was superior. I could not of afford the repairs that were done because of cancer surgery on my wife was taking available cash to cover these type of expenses. Thank you for the service.

swell repairs

The techs explained what was wrong and resolved the problem. The plumber was notified, and an appointment was set up within hours and the problem was diagnosed and repaired.

great experience

The most recent experience was very positive one when I had my heater and air conditioners serviced. The contractor was very knowledgeable and explained everything that he did during his visit. He was also very tidy and even cleaned up the mess from the last person who serviced my units. This left a very great experience with the service provided.

working perfectly

Plumber was knowledgeable and worked quickly to resolve the problem(s). He cleaned up after himself and was courteous and professional. It has been a few weeks since the repair and the toilet is working perfectly.

amazing technicians

I have been a customer of Americans Home Guard about four years now. Very liable and dependable company with excellent technician which are very professional and clean with a positive attitude. I have all way had a great experience with the quality of service render by the company and there technician for repairs in our home.

swell service

My last experience with American Home Guard involved a repair of my stove. The right front burner was out. I called American Home Guard and the contractor came out the next day and made the repair within minutes. The contractor was on time, polite and seemed well versed in his occupation.


Our contractor was very prompt in contacting us and made it a priority to schedule as early an appointment as possible. He diagnosed the problem, ordered the needed part and told us when to expect the next appointment to be. He was knowledgeable and courteous.

Thanks you AHG

We are writing to express our satisfaction with our American Home Guard Contract. Every time we have had to use out contract, AHG has been there for us. The contractors you hire to do the repairs have always been prompt to response, knowledgeable, courteous, and made us feel that we were their only customer. Thanks you AHG.

dedicated Business

A very dedicated Business to help homeowners with home appliances and other repairs covered under the program you choose. The personnel are very polite and very helpful during assistance when you call to request repairs. Always a pleasure working with them.