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Amplify Life

480 Galletti Way, Building 2
Sparks NV , 89431

My son Tanner has been attending all Amplify LIfe events for the last 6 years, and we are truly grateful for all the amazing programs they offer! Amplify Life gives Tanner a social, safe, interesting, and fun packed environment to hang with friends and continue to make new ones. He loves all the activities.....especially Summer Camp! I highly recommend Amplify Life to any parent(s) of special needs will enhance your child's life and give them fun events to look forward to!

Our son Michael is 25 years old and has Autism with a severe language delay.
We have been attending Amplify Life home of Camp Lotsafun programs for over10 years. We have watched this organization grow under kind, loving and genuine leadership for people in our disability community with the programs they provide.
The first year Michael went to summer camp I was a nervous wreck for weeks. During our week of respite care while he was at Camp Lotsafun at Grizzly Creek, my husband and I camped at Davis Lake 5 minutes away with cell phone reception! Who else but ME could understand the wants and needs of my son with his limited language? Camp Lotsafun staff that’s who! We followed the camp bus back home to Reno in our RV. At camper check out a few minutes later Michael was happy to see us and spent the next hour excitedly “talking” to us about his week of adventure. I cried because I was so happy. We spent the next camp week up at Davis Lake near summer camp once again to humor me my husband says but after that, we went on our own way during our respite week!
As a parent, the biggest complaint I hear from other special needs programs is our kids have no social life and friends. This breaks my heart because sadly it is so true.
A few years ago Amplify Life began adding short programs each month for participants to come hang out, see their friends, eat, make crafts, watch
movies and dance. This is the social life we had always hoped for and my heart smiles when we drop him off and see him so happy to be there!
Michaels independence, social skills, knowledge and language have improved immensely through our time with Amplify Life. And my husband and I have invaluable respite time together!
Rudolph dropped by the annual Christmas party to tell everyone hello!

I have been to many, many short programs. I have observed how much fun the intendeds were having including the 4 to 1 volunteers. "GREAT TIMES WAS HAD BY ALL." i am looking forward to attending more short programs in 2019.

As a parent of a special needs child, I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate Amplify Life! AJ attends pre-vocational camps, summer camp, social and recreational programs here, and he always comes home happy and with stories to tell about new friends, new things he has done, and how much fun he had. There is nothing more important than building community for people with special needs, and we have found our home at Amplify Life!

It is difficult to put into words just how amazing this organization is. I have been a Board Member and Volunteer with Amplify Life for years now and I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without Amplify Life in it. I have volunteered for several different organizations in the past; but what sets Amplify Life apart from other organizations I have worked with is the people. Our Amplify Life campers truly light up the world. Volunteering with Amplify Life has enriched my own life more than I could have ever imagined. While we do have to work to provide these special services to our community, the joy and love we get in return from our campers is absolutely priceless. I am so grateful for Amplify Life and I look forward to working with my fellow Board Members, campers and Amplify Life families to continue to grow this amazing organization!