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FAT - Tools USA

1645 E. Desert Lane
Phoenix , 85042
United States of America
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Owner of AndySCCS and FAT-Tools USA

I have been using and helping to develop the FAT Tools with Dr. Scappiticci since 2009. Prior to it's invention I was using hands, elbows, Chinese cupping, gua sha; basically whatever I could to get the job done, and it was a painful experience to my clients and to my body? Since 2010 I have been using the FAT Tools almost exclusively, with an 80-90% decrease in discomfort to my clients and to my body


As a coach I am always striving for efficiency in my Athletes, when I was introduced to the F.A.T. Stick I immediately thought, great, here is something for the Coaches / Therapists to make their efforts more efficient. The tool helps me improve the treatment I deliver whilst causing less stress to myself. I recommend all Coaches to try out the F.A.T. Stick, it could become just as important as your stopwatch!

I have been working with soft tissue injuries and issues for 25 years. My clients range from elite world class athletes to everyday issues of stressful holding patterns to persons recovering from radiation fibrosis from treatment for cancer. Whenever the issue lies within the facia structure, using the FAT tools has proven excellent for softening adhesions, scar tissue, tight facial sheaths and even softening firbotic tissues (if used in a very gentle manner.) My clients love the results and the fact that the FAT tools proves to be easier on their tissue than prolonged pressure from the hands. I love the FAT tool because it is much easier on my hands and accomplishes so much in so little time.


As a massage therapist for almost 25 years, initially, I was a bit skeptical about this tool but after I personally witnessed the almost instantaneous results on college athletes when the tool was being demonstrated to the Athletic Director at the local university, I knew I wanted to incorporate the FAT tool into my practice. My clients are weekend warriors, sedentary employees, the average "Joe" and occasionally, a serious athlete. I love the results my clients experience when I use this tool for just a few minutes in their specific area of need. It's easy to use and it's easy on my hands.

X/C & Track and Field Athletic Trainer - MS, ATC, University of Arizona

I have used many different tools while performing instrumental assisted soft tissue massage on college and Olympic athletes. What I enjoy most about the F.A.T. tool is the unique design of the handle that makes it easier to treat and feel soft tissue adhesions. I am able to treat athletes more efficiently and they get off the table with a reduction in pain, fascial tension, and increase in range of motion.

I first bought the FAT TOOL to use for myself. The tool works great for hard to reach areas and saves your hands and fingers from getting tired. I now coach high school and use the fat tool all the time for my athletes to smooth out knots and help relieve minor pulls. The kids love it because it works well and doesn't hurt."

ATC, Arizona State University, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer, Cross Country, Track & Field, Arizona State University

As a beginner to fascial release techniques, the FAT Tools have allowed me to develop and expand my clinical skills in athletic training. The tools allow me to utilize soft tissue mobilization without causing bruising and produces only minimal discomfort to my athletes! I have been able to see great results in the tension and mobilization of muscle tissue and fascia with my athletes in fewer treatments than before. I had a great one-on-one training session with Andy Miller and feel confident in the skills that he taught me as I continue to improve my clinical knowledge.

"F.A.T. Tools are excellent tools to treat Fascia! It enables me to work on the deeper layer of soft tissues minimum discomfort to my clients. Working on each Fascial chain allows the body to move freely and more effectively. "

LMT, NCTMB lic 7492

Having worked for over 13 years in Clinical and Sports Massage, I was introduced to the FAT Tool in 2011 just a few months after it was available in the USA. I had the privilege to observe the outstanding response of many elite athletes during 2011 Prefontaine Classic!! I was able to arrange a one on one training with the founder, Dr. Scappaticci, during the 2011 USA National Track and Field Championships. From that day I have continued to see soft tissue care become much easier and longer lasting. I have lost count on how many athletes comment that "they have not had a good result with other therapy tools". After experiencing a treatment with the FAT Tools, athletes are amazed with the fast results and NO bruising for days after wards!!