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FAT - Tools USA

1645 E. Desert Lane
Phoenix , 85042
United States of America
(949) 689-9593

LMT, NCTMB lic 7492

Having worked for over 13 years in Clinical and Sports Massage, I was introduced to the FAT Tool in 2011 just a few months after it was available in the USA. I had the privilege to observe the outstanding response of many elite athletes during 2011 Prefontaine Classic!! I was able to arrange a one on one training with the founder, Dr. Scappaticci, during the 2011 USA National Track and Field Championships. From that day I have continued to see soft tissue care become much easier and longer lasting. I have lost count on how many athletes comment that "they have not had a good result with other therapy tools". After experiencing a treatment with the FAT Tools, athletes are amazed with the fast results and NO bruising for days after wards!!

"F.A.T. Tools are excellent tools to treat Fascia! It enables me to work on the deeper layer of soft tissues minimum discomfort to my clients. Working on each Fascial chain allows the body to move freely and more effectively. "