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Animal Rescue League of NH

545 Route 101
Bedford NH
United States


Macaroon recently joined our family and we are truly lucky to have her. She has quickly become a member of the family. She loves to cuddle and play fetch. And we love to spoil her!

Paxton lee (Hickory) & Aspen

We adopted Paxton lee (hickory) and Aspen March 1st 2017 they were rescued that had come from South Carolina we were told they were siblings so my brother and I decided we could not separate them. They are truly the greatest additions to our family . They do love separately but get together very often and let me tell you there’s no stopping them . I would adopt another dog from the animal rescue league any day thank you again for helping me find the missing piece I was looking for.

Testimonial #68

Oakley's gotcha day anniversary was yesterday. My husband and I rescued him as a 9 week old puppy back in February 2017. He was the missing piece we never knew we had. He is the biggest cuddle bug, bed hog and toy destroyer. He is spoiled beyond words and we love him so much. Thank you, Animal Rescue League, for being there to give us our forever friend.

Pluto, Three Years Later

Three years ago, we adopted Pluto from the Bedford ARL. When we got her, she was super skittish and wouldn't eat around us. It took months for her tail to wag. Since then, she has made so much progress and we could not be happier with her!! She is the kindest, sweetest dog anybody could ever ask for. She is simply the best dog ever. We are so grateful to be her forever home and we hope for many more years with our love. We can not thank the staff at the ARL for saving her enough!

Hazel & Emmeline (aka Lolly & Brin)

Wonderful experience adopting these two lovely girls - it was clear that the staff cared for them and were rooting for them 110%. They're settling in to their new fur-ever home well and are enjoying exploring together, relaxing, playing with their toys and snacking on a new found favorite herb (basil). Thank you so much ARLNH for loving them and giving them the chance the deserve. We will be donating regularly to help toward the care of the other rabbits staying with you

Nikolai Romanov III, Tsar of the Russian Blues

As you can see, Nikolai (aka Currier) rules his kingdom and our hearts! Many thanks from the Crisologo’s

Old dog / MAMA

I think she is loving her new retirement home Didn't cost a thing to adopt so we will be in soooon for a visit to donate and say a quick hi The Duchesne's

Todd, adopted in February

Best dog ever! We adopted him in February as an eight-week-old puppy and love him. He doesn't chase my chickens, guards the yard against predators, if friendly to everyone and absolutely loves children. My husband has Type I diabetes, and Todd will alert me if his sugar is low. Todd is only seven and a half months old!

Rusty and Porter

My family adopted Rusty and Porter back on April 29th. These two brothers were so cute we couldn't separate them. My mom and dad took Porter home with them and my sister took Rusty with her. They love having their puppy play dates but they are just as happy being away from each other. Dad and Porter are best buds. Potter's tail does this windmill thing when he gets excited. Rusty is a little jumpy but has certainly mellowed out since being with my sister. They walk on their double leash very well. These 4 yo boys have made our lives better and I hope they feel the same about us. But if Porter shoving his bum in your face for scratches when he woukdnt even let us touch him before, I think he likes us.

New Lucky

My other buddy passed away at 14+ years old Nov 2, 2016. His original name was Lucky, before we renamed him as Buddy when he was 12 weeks old in Dec 2002. My new buddy was adopted at 12 weeks old and like the old buddy his original name was Lucky. We are going to stay with Lucky this time around. The resemblance between the two is amazing and he is such a lovable dog. Lucky is growing like a weed at 6 months. He's the biggest lap dog that I know, at 40+ lbs, stills wants to sit up on my lap and be held and petted while sitting on my lap constantly! Rescue dogs are the best! I encourage all to adopt these loving dogs.

2 years with James Dean!

When I lost my cat (and best friend) of 11 years to cancer, I knew right away I had to adopt a kitten to bring new life to my home. When I first saw James (then Mike), I knew he was the one for me. Now 2 years later, he is over 15 pounds, has SO much long fur, and is the most energetic cat I've ever met! He happily bounds around all day and is the best cuddle buddy! He can be pretty mischievous at times, but is such a handsome cat and definitely lives up to his name! Thank you so much for bringing us together and giving me the best friend I could ask for! I couldn't imagine my life without him!

Testimonial #58

While this isn't actually a testimonial, I would just like to mention something about one of your "adoptable resident's" sibling... our Emma is Logan's sister.  She also is "big" everything but the most important thing about her is that she is amazing!  She LOVES swimming (not the ocean but a pond or lake), loves "cuddling" (doesn't realize she weighs a lot more then she did...probably 60 lbs right now.  Can't really think of a bad habit she has except maybe the digging.. she loves to dig holes then lay in them!  She also liked to "pick" flowers out of my gardens--spraying the area with lemon juice took care of this habit though.  She's fine with our two cats (former rescues from you!) and Brady actually snarls at our 15 & 18lb "furpups" when she thinks they're beating up on Emma!  So for anyone wondering if these pups came from a "good line" I'd say yes... if we didn't have so many pets and such a small house Logan and Emma would be back together!  

Fantastic experience

We adopted clementine (FKA Shadie) two weeks ago. It has turned out to be the best decision we have made in a while. We were thoroughly impressed with the Animal Rescue League and how they care for their animals. Clementine had a complication when she was spayed and looking over her paperwork, I couldn't believe the detail and attention that was paid to her. Everything was documented; times taken outside, behavior, medication administration, everything. It made taking her to her new vet a breeze. With Clem, it was love at first sight. She is the sweetest and best dog we could ask for. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on her back getting belly rubs while watching tv. Thank you for a great experience and even better addition to our family!

Julius (formerly Kitty Kitty) has found his forever home

We adopted Julius in June of 2016.  He walked into our lives any made himself right at home.  He is the sweetest boy.  We believe that we are his 3rd home and I honestly have no idea how anyone gave him up before but I'm so glad they did because he is a perfect fit in our family!  For the first time ever, we have a cat who loves me better than they love my husband, so I might be a little biased.  He is nearly always by my side. Thank you for my buddy!


I adopted Carson back in mid-September of this past year when he was just five months. He just had his first birthday April 1st, and I couldn't be more overjoyed to have him here. Carson is loving life in the wilds of Francestown. Running and jumping through the woods, long walks, and oh so many smells! And when it's time to relax, we share the couch and he'll sleep in bed tucked right up beside me. He has been a blessing these past months and I look forward to many years to come. So grateful to have found him and have him in my life. He's yet to meet anyone he hasn't charmed instantly. I've never been more happy to have had an animal pee on me than when Carson did during our first meeting at the shelter. Lol I look forward to many years of warmth and companionship.


We adopted Victoria on Christmas Eve. She was one of the last cats in the shelter and was so skittish that she was living in an office out back. For months, she lived mostly under a bed, and was very shy and nervous, but now she is a happy cat roaming the house, following me around, meowing sweetly, and loving all the attention she gets in her new home.  At first, we thought our home might not be right for her since she took so long to get comfortable, but our patience paid off with a great pet.

Older dogs

Meet Moxie now Roxie.  8 yrs old who lived outside her whole life giving birth to puppies.  You may ask why a senior as you won't have for very?  Older dogs are so wise, they are appreciative and grateful because they have known life without security, and they let you know that they are well aware of the kindness you have bestowed upon them.  Even though you won't have them as long as a younger dog all we have is today.  Today we will snuggle and she will feel safe and loved.  And if tomorrow Roxie leaves,  we will know that in her golden years she no longer had to feel lonely, hungry or frightened, but will know the love of her very own family.  Thank you Animal Rescue League for all you do.

Best Animals Ever!

We have adopted two animals now, both from the Animal Rescue League in Bedford, NH. Each experience has been great! The staff is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and friendly. We now have a 5 year old male Tuxedo Cat, Pete (formerly named Chevy) And last weekend we fulfilled our American dream by completing our family with a 1.5 year old Golden Retriever, Nora (formerly Bouncy). Both animals get along great with each other and provide happiness activities for myself and family. We really enjoy having both our animals and couldnt ask for a better local shelter!