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Animal Rescue League of NH

545 Route 101
Bedford NH , 03110
United States

Happiness Is Having Happy Animals

We now have 3 total animals we have adopted from the Animal Rescue League of NH. I have wrote a previous testimonial on our other two animals (Nora,Slightly Nervous But Oh-So-Pretty Golden Retriever & Pete A Bit Plump But HappyTuxed0 Cat). We now welcome Koda to our bubbling household! She is a beautiful Siberian Husky who is all puppy at heart. We are actively working on training and she seems to be a very good listener or already knows her name and adjusting to our routines. She LOVES running (and thankfully my wife does too). We couldnt be happier with the folks at Animal Rescue League as they are always the best to work with, hands down. Thanks All!

Mack and Whitney

My dad asked me to write this testimonial almost 7 years ago now, so I suppose this is better late than never. In October 2011, my family of 4 became a family of 6 when we adopted Mack and Whitney. My dad had seen them on WMUR’s Pet Spotlight and snuck off to visit them, then he took my mom and I to visit them, and from the moment we saw them we knew they were coming home with us. We had always been a cocker spaniel family, so now we were going to be a blind cocker spaniel family. We adopted them the next day and the rest was history. A week later my sister came home for a visit from college and her joke of “did you get a puppy?” finally came true two-fold. Every year on the anniversary of the day we brought them home, I would rewatch the Pet Spotlight video that brought them into our lives and wonder how anyone could have seen them and not loved them instantly. How had we gotten so lucky that 2 months had gone by and no one wanted these wonderful dogs? I used to think it was because they’d been marketed as “less adoptable pets”, but really I think it’s because we needed them as much as they needed us. We had just lost a dog to advanced stage stomach cancer almost 2 months to the day and it was the longest my parents had been dog-less in 25 years and it was the longest my sister and I had ever been without a dog. I used to tease my dad for adopting the “who rescued who” mantra, but it really was true - those dogs gave my grieving family two bright spots of hope. Mack left us in June 28th, 2017 after 4 months of battling an illness he couldn’t quite shake. Whitney left us July 8th, 2018 after a rapid decline in health. We are still reeling from the loss, but only because we are now missing two cocker spaniel shaped holes in our lives and in our hearts. Would I do it again? 100% every single time I would choose those lovable knuckleheads over any other dog. I would relive everytime I got kicked out of a chair by a sleeping dog or two. What I wouldn’t give for one of those goofs to get under foot and trip me one more time. Who would have thought the Thanksgiving that Whitney threw up on Mack would wind up in the “fond memories” column (though really there’s something hilarious about sitting in a bathtub in bright red swim trunks with two dogs who are wondering what they’ve done to deserve such a terrible punishment). Eventually there’s a last time for everything and I wish I had known it was happening while it was. Even as we were bringing them home that day back in October, I knew adopting 6 year old dogs would mean experiencing heartache just a little bit sooner. We wouldn’t have the 14 years we had with my first dog or the 11 years we had with my second. I knew going in that I would be grateful for 5 good years. Instead we got almost 6 and almost 7 - and while I am heartbroken, it’s only because unfortunately an entire lifetime wouldn’t have been enough time to love either of them. Take the risk, roll the dice, because you never know how much your life is going to change until it has to change again without them.


It's been almost 3 weeks since we adopted Toby. He spent his first 36 hours under the slipcover of the chair in my office and was very shy and skittish. With patience and love he has made great progress and his favorite place to hang out is our 3 season porch where he can sleep on the chairs and watch the birds and squirrels. Every day we make a little more progress. Thank you for all that you do to provide loving homes to all the fur babies. We are truly grateful that our family is complete now with Toby.

California the calico

5 years ago we adopted an almost 5 year old calico cat named California and is is honestly the light of our life. When we got her we were told she was fearful of men, children and other animals. Now years later she loves her two legged siblings more then anything and even that nutcase of a puppy we’ve added to the family. We can not thank you guys enough for letting us be her family,

Suzie and Perla

Suzie and Perla joined our family a few months back. While it took some time for them to adjust to us, they are now the best kitties one could ask for. We popped into ARLNH just to visit and we fell in love with these two sisters. We could tell they were a bit shy, but once we picked up the toys to play with them they came jumping down from their little kitty rafters. They love to play and love to snuggle up close with us. Thank you Animal Rescue League of NH!

Anna - An Update

Anna came to us last year. She was not the cat we set out to adopt, but we were so lucky that she caught our eye. Anna is the cat we really needed in our lives. She was scared, hated the car ride home, and was afraid to explore every corner of her new home. Now, the whole house is hers, and she graciously lets us share it with her. In turn, we keep her happy with warm blankets, her favorite treats, and a human to amuse her all day long. To us, she is a wonderful companion who trills at us and shakes her tail excitedly when she sees us. We couldn't ask for a better friend. Thank you, ARL, for taking such good care of our girl until we could come and get her from you.


Hi this is Rye. I wanted to let you know that I am a happy couch potato bunny. My people and I love to watch tv together and I like helping with homework! I am settling in nicely and am learning that I do not need to thump at my people! They bought me new toys and I enjoy eating Cobb salad twice a day. That is lettuce and apple. My people have also found out that I am an English Spot! But O am also 100% love bunn.

Maple (Diem)

I adopted Maple in late January. I actually went to look at another cat I saw online Maple and I bonded right away. She is so friendly and loving and we are the perfect match! The process was very simple and easy. When I brought her home, she hid under my bed but came out within an hour and immediately jumped on my lap. Shes made herself at home ever since and now runs my house! I couldn't be happier and am very happy that I was able to rescues this sweet girl.


Macaroon recently joined our family and we are truly lucky to have her. She has quickly become a member of the family. She loves to cuddle and play fetch. And we love to spoil her!

Paxton lee (Hickory) & Aspen

We adopted Paxton lee (hickory) and Aspen March 1st 2017 they were rescued that had come from South Carolina we were told they were siblings so my brother and I decided we could not separate them. They are truly the greatest additions to our family . They do love separately but get together very often and let me tell you there’s no stopping them . I would adopt another dog from the animal rescue league any day thank you again for helping me find the missing piece I was looking for.

Testimonial #68

Oakley's gotcha day anniversary was yesterday. My husband and I rescued him as a 9 week old puppy back in February 2017. He was the missing piece we never knew we had. He is the biggest cuddle bug, bed hog and toy destroyer. He is spoiled beyond words and we love him so much. Thank you, Animal Rescue League, for being there to give us our forever friend.

Pluto, Three Years Later

Three years ago, we adopted Pluto from the Bedford ARL. When we got her, she was super skittish and wouldn't eat around us. It took months for her tail to wag. Since then, she has made so much progress and we could not be happier with her!! She is the kindest, sweetest dog anybody could ever ask for. She is simply the best dog ever. We are so grateful to be her forever home and we hope for many more years with our love. We can not thank the staff at the ARL for saving her enough!

Hazel & Emmeline (aka Lolly & Brin)

Wonderful experience adopting these two lovely girls - it was clear that the staff cared for them and were rooting for them 110%. They're settling in to their new fur-ever home well and are enjoying exploring together, relaxing, playing with their toys and snacking on a new found favorite herb (basil). Thank you so much ARLNH for loving them and giving them the chance the deserve. We will be donating regularly to help toward the care of the other rabbits staying with you

Nikolai Romanov III, Tsar of the Russian Blues

As you can see, Nikolai (aka Currier) rules his kingdom and our hearts! Many thanks from the Crisologo’s

Old dog / MAMA

I think she is loving her new retirement home Didn't cost a thing to adopt so we will be in soooon for a visit to donate and say a quick hi The Duchesne's

Todd, adopted in February

Best dog ever! We adopted him in February as an eight-week-old puppy and love him. He doesn't chase my chickens, guards the yard against predators, if friendly to everyone and absolutely loves children. My husband has Type I diabetes, and Todd will alert me if his sugar is low. Todd is only seven and a half months old!

Rusty and Porter

My family adopted Rusty and Porter back on April 29th. These two brothers were so cute we couldn't separate them. My mom and dad took Porter home with them and my sister took Rusty with her. They love having their puppy play dates but they are just as happy being away from each other. Dad and Porter are best buds. Potter's tail does this windmill thing when he gets excited. Rusty is a little jumpy but has certainly mellowed out since being with my sister. They walk on their double leash very well. These 4 yo boys have made our lives better and I hope they feel the same about us. But if Porter shoving his bum in your face for scratches when he woukdnt even let us touch him before, I think he likes us.

New Lucky

My other buddy passed away at 14+ years old Nov 2, 2016. His original name was Lucky, before we renamed him as Buddy when he was 12 weeks old in Dec 2002. My new buddy was adopted at 12 weeks old and like the old buddy his original name was Lucky. We are going to stay with Lucky this time around. The resemblance between the two is amazing and he is such a lovable dog. Lucky is growing like a weed at 6 months. He's the biggest lap dog that I know, at 40+ lbs, stills wants to sit up on my lap and be held and petted while sitting on my lap constantly! Rescue dogs are the best! I encourage all to adopt these loving dogs.