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Anne Ganguzza

Let her take your VO game to the next level

"When you sign on to work with Anne, you'll come away with so much more than an amazing demo, you'll also come away a better voice over talent. Such was the case for me. Anne is a wonderful, passionate coach who took my ability to interpret and perform a script in my own voice to the next level. She really listened to me and truly invested herself in helping me to be the best I could be. She's a blast to work with! All our meetings were so much fun, right up to and including our studio session. Because of my radio production background, I'm picky. Anne went out of her way to make my demo sound awesome and I'm truly grateful. I can't recommend her more, she's the real deal. She's an excellent producer who knows what it takes to make your demo stand out. Do yourself a huge favor and put yourself in Anne's hands and let her take your VO game to the next level."

Demo's that get you noticed and signed by top VO Agents!

When Anne produced my new Commercial Demo’s a short time ago, one of my many goals was to get It out to my top pick for VO representation in LA. I believed that not only because of the quality, time and detail Anne put in to make the reel the best it could be, but because of the coaching I received from Anne for months prior. Anne strives to teach you perform beyond the Demo. I got a meeting with that agent within a month of sending her my shiny new Demo, and she signed me a week later, and within that week I already had four auditions! I couldn’t be happier and more excited to see what else is in store for me, but I do know I owe so much to Anne for her quality Demo coaching and production. Thank you, Anne!

Trust Anne's Process

Three words: Trust Anne's process. I fully admit, I came in skeptical about undergoing coaching as part of the demo prep, but I am so, so glad I got over myself and went for it. With Anne and her process, you get a full-on personal clinic leading up to recording your demo... which is exactly the way it ought to be done. In the end, you come away a stronger talent, with a world-beating demo to prove it. And that's what truly separates Anne: she's not there just to record you, send your work to production, take your money and call it a day — it's hands-on. It's personal. It's tailored to you, and you alone. There's nothing worse than cutting a demo, listening back after you've finished... and realizing you sound just like everyone else out there. Anne works with you in-depth to develop a truly outstanding, one-of-a-kind calling card for your brand... and it's worth every last penny.

Only work with the best.

My eLearning demo with Anne might just be my favorite thing I've ever heard out of me. Not only do I now have this incredible tool [that sounds exactly like me] that I can't wait to show clients, but I'm a much stronger talent having gone through her coaching. Her truly collaborative process gave me exactly what I needed - a world-class, versatile, next-gen demo that sounds like my best me, on my best day. 10/10, would Anne again.

This Woman!!

I came to Anne at a point in my life where it was time to step up my game as a Voice-Over professional. In order to compete in this ultra-competitive industry, I knew I needed top-notch coaching and a killer commercial demo reel to get noticed; at every turn, all "signs" pointed to Anne Ganguzza! With her incredible passion, attention to detail, guidance, and patience, Anne gave me the coaching, mentoring and guidance I was looking for. She tapped into my true essence and brand, and helped capture my authentic signature voice-print. I couldn't be more proud and thrilled to have had Anne work so hard to produce not one, but TWO amazing commercial demo reels! You can tell immediately that she truly wants you to not only have a great reel, but to be successful in your craft! If you are even considering a career in Voice-Over (and are actually making real plans to make it happen) those plans better include the award-winning demo producer, Anne Ganguzza.

VoCal Throat Spray

Hi Anne! Can't tell you how many times VoCal Throat Spray has saved my neck! When my voice gets tired from doing back to back auditions or working on a long piece of copy for a client, a couple of quick sprays and I'm ready to go again, fresh as new! Thank you so much!

Demos with life & soul...

Is there anybody who “gets” corporate narration more than Anne Ganguzza does? No. There isn't. Huge thanks to Anne for her brilliant direction for my Corporate Narration demo. Wow! Her own vast experience as a corporate narrator and her collaborative and supportive approach to the creative process gives the wonderful demos she produces a life, a soul.

Anne truly rocks the VO world!

I knew from my first coaching session with Anne that she would be an excellent teacher and I would learn a lot from her. She did not disappoint. Anne has a background in teaching and it really sets her way above the rest. Her patience and her upbeat attitude made learning from her a true joy. She really got to know me as a person to help me find my strengths as a narrator. The cumulation of which produced a fantastic corporate narration demo that is bringing me new clients every week. Anne truly rocks the VO world!

Anne knew what to do with my voice from the first session!

She uncovered qualities in my sound that even I didn't know existed, and challenged me to consider new approaches to copy, narration, and storytelling.

Anne is a powerhouse - a game changer

Certain people enter your life at just the right moment. Anne is a powerhouse - a game changer. She took my raw talent & passionate interest & developed a skilled & dedicated VO artist. Her savy business sense, spot on coaching instincts & dedication to pushing me to the next level makes her a gift to any VO artist. I loved working with Anne every moment. Recording my demo was a thrill & the final product is beyond my expectations. Anne Ganguzza - a wealth of expertise, experience & excellence.

Vocal Throat Spray

I have been sick all week with a Sinus infection and this spray has been a life saver ! It really helps heals my sore throat. Works right away. Thanks Anne!!!!

Anne's business consult has me headed in the right direction...

I have been struggling with the business of our business - the accounting, the client management ....keeping the ducks in a row has been maddening. Anne's business consult has me headed in the right direction, finally, and overall will save me money. By showing me free and low cost tools used to successfully build my brand and business, I can eliminate some of the other expensive and cumbersome tools I had in place and never liked.

Time and detail

The time and detail in the direction were fantastic…The VO workout was awesome!  It’s been hit and miss in most of my past workshops/courses so I’m super excited for future VO Peeps events and especially our coaching.

Thought provoking and entertaining

Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction…Just came home so excited about the possibilities ahead after that sensational session you gave today. Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction. You have such great energy it was a real inspiration to hear you. And the ideas!… So many terrific suggestions for smart, savvy branding and marketing initiatives to pursue. I can hardly wait to put them into action! Just what I needed and expect from the Edge training program. A big thank you.

Exciting session

Thank you Anne for this exciting session. What got especially my attention during those 2 hours can be resumed in a few words: your advice for the VO artist to take jobs that speaks to him/her, and combine this with structured and self discipline actions. The entire session, you made remarks and gave examples encouraging realism and authenticity, but your enthusiasm is very obvious and CONTAGIOUS.

Over the top wonderful

Working with Anne on medical narration coaching and demo production was a match made in heaven. Anne’s years of experience voicing medical narration added greatly to my understanding of the language as a Pharmacist. We worked as a team the whole way and her enthusiasm for the business and task at hand made the whole process delightful. The finale of Anne providing live demo direction was over the top wonderful!!

My phenomenal voice coach

My phenomenal voice coach Anne Ganguzza just called me to present me with my AMAZING Commercial demo. There really aren’t words right now. I am blown away! Thank you Anne, for guiding through the most fun, unreal ride to and through this demo. I worked for close to a year before being ready to record. Obviously, I worked one-on-one with Anne, but I also regularly did weekly workouts, and webinars. I was hungry to get to the demo recording, but Anne would not let me until I was ready. I am so filled with gratitude to her for that. Anne has helped me achieve the next level in my VO journey. Anne, you are an ABSOLUTE ROCK STAR! And I love you beyond words and am so proud to be your student! I am so proud to represent your brand and mine with this demo.

Anne is the real deal

Anne is the real deal…I’ve worked in the entertainment industry since 1974. SAG/AFTRA union member since 1988. As I make the transition in my career to include Voice Over talent, I was lucky enough to find Anne and the VO Peeps online. I have always been very suspect of the “Make money in Voice over industry”. People more interested in selling you VO classes and VO demo tapes than helping you acquire the skills to be able to perform as VO talent and have clients pay good money for it! Anne is the real deal.