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Anne Ganguzza

Anne Ganguzza is a Superhero

I spent years relying on the crutch of having a nice voice. But Anne let me know quickly that wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Anne’s superpower is her ability to teach how to listen. She taught me how to listen for the story of every script, how to listen for the essence of the text, how to listen to myself to find my authenticity. Anne will never settle for a moment of mediocrity, and always held me to the highest standards. While we were creating my corporate narration demo, she was meticulous with every detail and it shows. I now have a new level of honesty and truth in all the work that I do, no matter what genre it is. Thank you Anne!

Life changing and Work Changing...

I am profoundly grateful for the time I am currently spending studying voiceover technique with the wonderful Anne Ganguzza. It is life changing and work-changing. She challenges me with difficult material and helps me hone in on my true voice. People ask me all the time, “how do I get into voiceover?” I always tell them that it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s a big investment in terms of time and money. To be as good as you can be, you have to learn to know yourself, and you have to learn how to really read and interpret a script. You also have to have a sense of humor and give yourself a break. Much like with jazz singing (my other big passion), it’s not really about having a nice-sounding voice. Not to mention, you have to learn all of the *other* things about running a business. Voiceover is very competitive, but having a great coach is one of the best investments I have ever made! And I’m not done yet! Thank you, Anne!

An Incredible Experience

As someone with a technical background, when I heard that Anne came from IT, I knew she'd be a perfect fit. Within the first couple of sessions, it felt like I'd been working with her for years. Anne is sharp, sincere, and perceptive. She was quick to pick up on my learning style and pace, and was always right there with me. She also helped me to develop crucial elements of my brand that I had never considered, and put together a demo that displays so many facets of my voice and personality. Beyond that, she is a blast to work with and has always supported me, even when I've struggled. I would happily recommend Anne, and hope I have the pleasure to work with her again!


When you want the best, you go to the top. I knew that when I called Anne to do my Corporate Narration Demo. She’s the best and I didn’t care how much it cost. I’d been through a major life change and needed to up my business to a whole new level. WORTH… EVERY… PENNY! Anne knows corporate narration inside and out and not only wrote killer copy, but I LEARNED and bettered my reads while working on the demo. Not to mention working with her was freakin’ FUN (we may have giggled till we peed a few times). I can’t be more excited to share such a ROCKIN’ demo with the corporate world! Thanks CHicka!!

A life-long dream...

I really can’t thank you enough, Anne, for all of your support over the past 2 1/2 years; for your patience, knowledge, expertise, professionalism and your sense of humor through it all. You are my Fairy Godmother. You are making a life-long dream come true. I would think I was dreaming, except I know this must be real because all I have to do is ‘click’ and my very real demo starts to play. After years of listening to other people’s demos, I finally have one of my very own. You have captured the past and present ‘me’, while at the same time are shining a light on the path that is the future ‘me’. Considered yourself hugged.

Not just a coach but a cheerleader

When I began to look for a voice over coach, I knew I wanted someone who had an established curriculum and who would work with me in preparation to make my first commercial demo. Anne was just that! Her background is in education so she understands the fundamentals of a great curriculum. Every session built on the one previous. She gives very specific homework which really helped me stay accountable between our sessions. From the first moment we spoke she was already thinking about how I could market and brand myself in my voice over career. Anne just wasn't my coach, she was my champion and cheerleader. She really cares about my success. I am so in love with my new demo. Anne crafted my demo around my range, the industry today and what I will have the potential to book right now. I know this is just the beginning, but I don't think I could have started out this career on a better foot. If you are looking for a coach with serious talent, a business/marketing mindset and a caring heart then go no further than Anne Ganguzza.

The Conversational Read!

I've struggled with the conversational read for years. Honestly, I would get so frustrated because everybody would say, "we want conversational" but nobody would explain what that meant. What it actually sounded like. Anne was the first coach that explained it in a way my brain could process. If that wasn't enough, she even managed to direct to it in my demo, my auditions and now my bookings!

A dream come true!

Thank you both SO much for today’s (demo) session. It was quite literally a dream come true, to come out of the closet...and walk into a professional studio. Unreal. This step is huge for me, and I’m so glad that two special people in my life were there with me. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been with anyone else for my first demo. I’m in a cloud right now. Can’t believe it all really just took place. Thank you for your patience, direction and expertise. Let’s do it again!! Hugs and gratitude to you both!

A Demo that Books!

Hi, Anne!! Just wanted to share a little: Recorded a gig for S&P Global yesterday. Producer told me that the client LOVED the Lexus spot on our demo. Have a great weekend!! ❤️

Priceless Experience

I recently completed my second demo with Anne. The first was narration, which of course turned out awesome. This second was commercials, something I never thought I could do because I don't have the bouncy happy voice most women seem to have in all the commercials I hear. But Anne helped me discover there is a niche for me, I can fit, and I can do this! I'm feeling more confident than ever that I am in the right industry. She has such a holistic approach, from discovering your sound, discovering you (parts of you you maybe weren't aware of), to the coaching of course and what reads sounds more natural, what needs to be highlighted. I really had a breakthrough in my thinking of myself during this process. Thank you!

Anne is amazing!

I am so happy I chose Anne to be my coach and demo producer. She is patient and I felt very comfortable working with her. I appreciate that she was flexible with her schedule (I am 10 hours away). She found challenging the fact that I am Romanian and we could work on creating something unique. My global accent reaching out to a global market. She dug and brought the best in me. Coaching was extremely helpful and my demo sounds really good. I know it's *my* voice, but it's *her* direction and *her* meticulous touch that made the difference. Touché, Anne, thank you!

Working with Anne will bring out the best in you

I’ve been coaching with Anne Ganguzza almost weekly for the past 10 months and am so grateful to have found her. Our focus has been corporate narration, but the skills and confidence I’ve acquired through working with her has helped me book jobs in other areas of voice over as well. I recently recorded my corporate narration demo with Anne, and recording engineer, John Chomisnki at Atlantis Recording Group, and am super ecstatic with the end result!! Two amazing pros! Anne is very professional, honest, caring, supportive and funny as hell!! I always have a blast during our sessions. Working with Anne will bring out the best in you. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Commercial Demo that booked!

I worked with Anne to make my commercial demo and she brought out sounds that felt very natural for me, but I had never considered. One of my favorite spots on the demo was an inspirational commercial for Arrowhead. Just today, I booked a commercial based solely on that spot on my demo, no custom audition needed! Thank you for helping me discover that sound!

Booked it!

I have to thank you for prepping me on the corporate narration and getting me to read with confidence.  Scored a nice on-going gig for a medical narration project - YOU ARE AWESOME!

Demos that Book!

Hi, just wanted to let you know I scored a BIG corporate gig today straight off my demo, no audition. 😁

Let her take your VO game to the next level

"When you sign on to work with Anne, you'll come away with so much more than an amazing demo, you'll also come away a better voice over talent. Such was the case for me. Anne is a wonderful, passionate coach who took my ability to interpret and perform a script in my own voice to the next level. She really listened to me and truly invested herself in helping me to be the best I could be. She's a blast to work with! All our meetings were so much fun, right up to and including our studio session. Because of my radio production background, I'm picky. Anne went out of her way to make my demo sound awesome and I'm truly grateful. I can't recommend her more, she's the real deal. She's an excellent producer who knows what it takes to make your demo stand out. Do yourself a huge favor and put yourself in Anne's hands and let her take your VO game to the next level."

Demo's that get you noticed and signed by top VO Agents!

When Anne produced my new Commercial Demo’s a short time ago, one of my many goals was to get It out to my top pick for VO representation in LA. I believed that not only because of the quality, time and detail Anne put in to make the reel the best it could be, but because of the coaching I received from Anne for months prior. Anne strives to teach you perform beyond the Demo. I got a meeting with that agent within a month of sending her my shiny new Demo, and she signed me a week later, and within that week I already had four auditions! I couldn’t be happier and more excited to see what else is in store for me, but I do know I owe so much to Anne for her quality Demo coaching and production. Thank you, Anne!

Trust Anne's Process

Three words: Trust Anne's process. I fully admit, I came in skeptical about undergoing coaching as part of the demo prep, but I am so, so glad I got over myself and went for it. With Anne and her process, you get a full-on personal clinic leading up to recording your demo... which is exactly the way it ought to be done. In the end, you come away a stronger talent, with a world-beating demo to prove it. And that's what truly separates Anne: she's not there just to record you, send your work to production, take your money and call it a day — it's hands-on. It's personal. It's tailored to you, and you alone. There's nothing worse than cutting a demo, listening back after you've finished... and realizing you sound just like everyone else out there. Anne works with you in-depth to develop a truly outstanding, one-of-a-kind calling card for your brand... and it's worth every last penny.