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Five Scentz

What a Blessing!

Wow what a blessing! Thank you Greg Yackley and Sheila Yackley! My anointing oils and balm just came in from Five Scentz and O Lord they smell so good! Under His Feathers is my favorite! Keep up the good job!

I LOVE every single thing I purchase from Five Scentz!

I LOVE every single thing I purchase from Five Scentz! I love using the anointing oil as my perfume! You won’t be disappointed when you purchase something from them!


I am at a loss for words, first off I thank God for Greg and Shelia, I pray blessings over them and their family, these balms are wonderful, smell great, feel great, fit in my pocket, shipping is top notch, the anointing is off the wall. The soaps are wonderful, the lip balm are wonderful, the diffuser is wonderful, the oils are wonderful, every product I've purchased has been a blessing. Highly recommend everything.


Love my purchases from Five Scentz! All the oils are wonderful, and just enhance my confidence in Christ for people to be infused by His Spirit as I anoint with and diffuse them in His Honor. Thanks be to God! (2 Cor 2:14)

Love Love Love

I anointed myself with the Awakening Oil the first day I got all my oils. I had been in a season of feeling dry. I keep seeing the numbers 1111 on a daily basis, which i felt the Lord wanting to awaken whats inside of me. As I anointed myself, i felt a instant presence of the Lord come over me. Thank you Greg and Sheila for your blessing us all with these amazing oils.

Great item and arrived in a timely fashion. I'm glad I ordered this anointing oil.

The oils just permeate the room and the atmosphere with the presence of the Throne Room of Heaven every time I open a bottle! It's amazing! Thank you so much!


I have every oil except the most recent one. These are phenominal. We apply oils and pray leaving the house, going to church, and even anoint and pray for each other in our house. I use the oils as a perfume instead of regular perfume that has very harmful chemicals in it. These scent is amazing. I appreciate the descriptions, prayers and scriptures on the site as well. I share the Five Scentz oils and site with everyone who is interested and frequently repost notifications and offers on my social media sites. I recently purchased the Balm of Gilead oil and applied it to a chronic back injury area. I prayed as well. It was gone within minutes. It did return later, and I repeated the process. Again, the pain left within minutes. It has steadily gotten better since I started using the Gilead oil and prayer. The scent is more a grassy/woodsy scent but has worked on this pain, I believe in conjunction with the prayer. Their prices are extremely reasonable. I have been delighted with everything I have purchased. Oils, soap, and lip balm so far. Greg and Sheila are awesome people and are blessing others with their products.

Awesome Oils

Awesome oils! I know they well be used to anoint others in ministry

Soaps and oils

I absolutely love these guys! There soaps and oils are so wonderful! They smell so beautiful and are mightily anointed! Everytime I have a package show up the power and the glory hit me just in opening the package! Hallelujah!

Thank you so much for these beautiful anointing oils the scent is divine 😇❤️

Like it! I have been using it constantly.

I have just received my order. It is amazing.

Love the smell and this item is exactly what i needed! Also got a free gift amazing seller!! Namaste thanks guys🕉☯️💜🌻

Love the smell and this item is exactly what i needed! Also got a free gift amazing seller!! Namaste thanks guys🕉☯️💜🌻

I have bought a diffuser and several oils. I love the smell of all of them and you can feel the anointing and the care that went in to making each and every one. One of the oils my granddaughter uses when she is starting to get a headache. She puts some behind each ear and it goes away. I also have bought the soaps and I was very happy with how long they have lasted and they smell so good. Amazing product, I will continue to buy this product because I give them out as gifts and I have gotten awesome feed back on the people who use them. Thanks

I Love It

When I first heard of Five Scentz, it was an answered prayer for me. I had been asking the Lord to reveal a source for anointing oil that was from His hands. This oil is blessed because the Lord has given them this as an assignment, not as a business. The oil is a tool used by the Lord to bring His glory to the Earth and to awaken us to His supernatural realm. I am SO grateful for the obedience of the makers of this oil because each oil carries anointing and blessings! FiveScentz will always be the place I order my oil from!

My second order of anointing oil just came in and I LOVE it! The first time I got awakening and it was amazing, this time I got four - more awakening, sanctuary of love, revive and oil of joy. All are amazing but the oil of joy is my new favorite!