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Five Scentz

Awesome oils

Just got my order, it only took a few days. My oils were packages beautifully and they will make amazing gifts! Thank you very much for your good service, God bless you!!

Amazing experience! Must read

Review: About two weeks ago I came across this site to try and find something that I can surround my husband with so he can have an encounter with the lord. When I reached via texting on the sites page they responded right away and answered all my questions and referred me to all the oils that will help me with what I was looking for and they both gave me their own recommendations not just on of theirs which I loved. They were very sweet and gave me a discount code as well. They got the package in the mail right away and I received it in a week! On top of all that they gave me a free sample of one of their products they recommended me. Very nice and honorable people. I’m a person who consults the Holy Spirit first so when I saw these oils I was a little on the guarded side and prayed about it but I got an immediate answer that this was real and the recipes do come straight from heaven and this couple has a real relationship with the lord. Experience: I put the awakening oil in my diffuser and put on some worship music and say down and started to fold some clothes. I tried doing this earlier but I have a one year old that likes to throw them on the floor lol. As I started to fold some clothes I happen to look down at my feet, which I do a lot and only God knows that, I found a feather and once my eyes saw it in my spirit I knew it was an angel feather! I’ve heard of this happening to people but it has never happened to me before and I never thought it really would. Not only that but my husband has been less stressed and way happier since I been using the oils around him. I’ve been having vivid dreams and even deliverance and confirmation on what the lord wants me to do and this all happened within a short amount of time. The atmosphere shifts when I have the oils on as if a portal opens in my living room to heaven. I highly recommend these oils! It will bless you no matter what!! And if you get into the spirit with the lord in your alone time with the oils, my lord will you have an encounter!!

I love everyone of my oils.

I love everyone of my oils. I also have a lip Balm now. The smell's and aroma are powerful. I alway's have it with me. I anoint myself with the oils putting the covering over me. I thank the Lord for putting your family in our lives.

i ordered the different samples of the oils i love them

i ordered the the different oils sample kit i loved all the oils i just ordered shalom and Im going to order some more of the door oil i will most likely order more of some others that i like i love praying and worshipping the Lord praise God and may the Lord continue to use you (The Yackleys) to bless others!🤗


I made sure that I got a text through usps so that I could know when my order arrived to my mailbox. Well, as soon as the text confirmed it was in my mailbox the glory of the Lord hit me. Today I put a couple of drops into my diffuser and I immediately felt the atmosphere shift in my living room. Wonderful, I will be ordering more and I am referring customers to you. God bless you.

Quality Products

Every order I have placed with Five Scentz has been top quality. When you buy from Five Scentz you get what you pay for, great smelling products made from top quality ingredients. I've tried out many types of oils and lip balms. I will be ordering again!

LOVE this product

I bought my first lip balm from Five Scents at an Art Fair.  When they got low and the labels were all worn off, I tried to find them again.  I searched the internet for weeks (that is how awesome they are) and finally found them!!!  LOVE their lip balm.  It is smooth, not clumpy or greasy, and makes your lips so soft!  I buy them by the dozens.  Give them as gifts, stocking stuffers, and for 'just because'!  I can't say enough about how great they are!  I have never searched for a product for so long before.  So glad I found them!

I and my son are blessed

I received my anointing oil yesterday and my my the smell of the anointing oil is heaven. I apply the anointing oil on my 2 years old son, he had fever n now he is well. Thank you �. I n my son are blessed

Testimonial #25

Oh testimonies YES !
OKAY SO MY youngest daughter who has back slidden ..
I was washing her clothes in prophetic oil also was putting a different one in diffuser, than I would use another praying over her pillow and her blankets,room ...
She has returned to church with me ..not weekly but it's something ..and her attitude has changed .
Love the diffuser cause it changes the atmosphere in the house.

Testimonial #25

Purchased the oils and they arrived in 5 days. I have issues with my sciatica nerve which causes terrible back pain. I anointed myself with the “Divine Intuition” & “Shabba” oil before bed and woke up with NO pain. To God be the Glory for what He has done! Thank you for your obedience in mixing the oils and making them available and affordable to the body of Christ! Will be purchasing more!

Testimonial #23

I love these oil their pure fragrance is amazing there Quality is one of the best I had. The Door is one of my favorites. When using it I sense an open door but the presences that happens is awesome. I sense the owners of this company take time in hearing from God on each oil and that is way they are unique and powerful anointing that comes with these oil‘s .

Testimonial #22

I have been purchasing prophetic oils for a lil while now . I not only love the way they smell esp " The Door" but when I pray and place the oil on myself change happens . Activation Prophetic change .. I also use in my defuser .. the atmosphere in my home changes also .. for unbelievers who come into my home their attitudes change , they will start laughing , have happieness , wisdom , etc

God Inspired Anointing Oils

I just received the Awakening anointing oil. It has an unusually wonderful scent. As with any essential oil product breathing it in deeply is not only beneficial but it gets it deep into your system and it is definitely enjoyable before applying it. As I need some spiritual clarity right not for making decisions I am excited about the prayers that Greg and Sheila have prayed over this oil. And I just ordered their Holy Anointing Oil to use in my prayer time with healing prayers for myself. I look forward to trying The Door, The Gift, and Oil of Unity. Thank you Greg and Sheila for the God inspired anointing oils.

Testimonial #21

I just received the awakening anointing oil. It has a most unusual and wonderful scent. As with any oil essential oil product breathing it in before you apply it is much of the enjoyment and effectiveness of it. I need spiritual clarity right now for some decisions I must make and I am thankful to Greg and Sheila for the prayers that have gone into the preparation of this anointing oil.

Testimonial #19

I use anointing oil all the time, I absolutely hands down love this oil. I just received one called awakening and it smells wonderful. I will be recommending this and purchasing more.

Love my Anointing Oils

Love my anointing Oil very good stuff and i love the people that make it.

I Love your products

I love your products. They are very high quality, smell wonderful and are anointed. I recommend Five Scentz over all others.

So divinely inspired

I love these oils so much we have been so blessed by them and use them regularly personally and in our home group thank you Sheila and Greg for listening to the Father's heart