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Five Scentz

Testimonial #23

I love these oil their pure fragrance is amazing there Quality is one of the best I had. The Door is one of my favorites. When using it I sense an open door but the presences that happens is awesome. I sense the owners of this company take time in hearing from God on each oil and that is way they are unique and powerful anointing that comes with these oil‘s .

Testimonial #22

I have been purchasing prophetic oils for a lil while now . I not only love the way they smell esp " The Door" but when I pray and place the oil on myself change happens . Activation Prophetic change .. I also use in my defuser .. the atmosphere in my home changes also .. for unbelievers who come into my home their attitudes change , they will start laughing , have happieness , wisdom , etc

God Inspired Anointing Oils

I just received the Awakening anointing oil. It has an unusually wonderful scent. As with any essential oil product breathing it in deeply is not only beneficial but it gets it deep into your system and it is definitely enjoyable before applying it. As I need some spiritual clarity right not for making decisions I am excited about the prayers that Greg and Sheila have prayed over this oil. And I just ordered their Holy Anointing Oil to use in my prayer time with healing prayers for myself. I look forward to trying The Door, The Gift, and Oil of Unity. Thank you Greg and Sheila for the God inspired anointing oils.

Testimonial #21

I just received the awakening anointing oil. It has a most unusual and wonderful scent. As with any oil essential oil product breathing it in before you apply it is much of the enjoyment and effectiveness of it. I need spiritual clarity right now for some decisions I must make and I am thankful to Greg and Sheila for the prayers that have gone into the preparation of this anointing oil.

Testimonial #19

I use anointing oil all the time, I absolutely hands down love this oil. I just received one called awakening and it smells wonderful. I will be recommending this and purchasing more.

Love my Anointing Oils

Love my anointing Oil very good stuff and i love the people that make it.

I Love your products

I love your products. They are very high quality, smell wonderful and are anointed. I recommend Five Scentz over all others.

So divinely inspired

I love these oils so much we have been so blessed by them and use them regularly personally and in our home group thank you Sheila and Greg for listening to the Father's heart

Awesome Anointing Oils

I love using these Oils each different scent delivered on it's description! The Oils are thick and deeply scented and last a long time! If your looking for a Quality product this is it!? Hallelujah and Amen to that!

Testimonial #13

Absolutely love these oils , beautiful in prayer and make lovely gifts as well. I Just received my third lot today & will be ordering more

Testimonial #12

Thanks Danielle Fernance our oil was such a blessing from the very minute you gave it to me. I rubbed it on Jamies sore foot and told it to be healed in the name of Jesus. Havnt heard him complaining or strapping his foot up this week

Testimonial #11

Amazing oils. Just receive my first order thank you Five Scentz

Testimonial #10

Amazing oils. Just receive my first order thank you Five Scentz

Testimonial #9

Received my first order. Beautiful scent. Thankyou

Testimonial #8

Thank you for my oils; they are really lovely


Upon using and praying for the purpose that was prophesied over the oil and prayed for myself to receive, the presence of God was on me for that very thing. I used "intuition" and got such a powerful download from God. It's not the oil but the prayer into the oil mixed with the faith of the believer activating the prophetic. The quality of the oil is very high with a light scent that is not overtaking. Like a breeze rather than a heavy wind. Great gifts at a great value. I highly recommend Five Scentz prophetic oils.

Quality Products - Highly Recommend

Every bottle of oil I have received from Five Scentz has always gone above and beyond my expectations. Each scent is so unique and smells amazing. Overall I highly recommend trying them, you will not be disappointed. Each scent is made with quality oils!


Beautiful oils im so happy with them , will be ordering more when i use these up. My personal favorites are the vanilla bliss and the gift , so lovely. Thankyou.