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Five Scentz

Glory Fell Down

I just got my order yesterday and I love everything but Today I put on Glory anointing oil and the Glory of the Lord hit hard on me and everyone in the church, Pastor mentioned the Glory and when someone prayed for me afterwards they told me they saw a Glow all over me and that I was beautiful! It was the Glory of God on me.. I felt such Love from God and it was a atmosphere of miracles and his Glory that hit today.. I am going to order the Soap Right Now...Go God!!! Every believer needs This Oil!! Glory to God!

Soaps, oils, diffuser, great ministry

I have gotten the oils, soaps, diffuser and the lip balm. All of these products are wonderful, I use all of these products daily, they are all natural and prayed over, made with love. I have bought several times and will continue to purchase more, the soap smells wonderful and my skin feels so soft


Lawd have mercy!!!! Just got our diffuser in and it has our whole living room smelling of the yummy goodness of the oil of joy. The entire house will be smelling like it soon. We have so many of their oils and see the manifestation of many miracles at each use!

i have received the sample order of 1/4 oz. of every annointing oil. i am not keen on oils i've used in the past BUT OH Lord what a Blessing Beautiful 5 Scents i truly enjoy. i will be ordering other items soon. Thank you kindly.

I really LIKE this brand!

Received the Lip Balm ( my lips were chapped so I used it) & it is BY FAR the BEST Lip Balm ever! Within 2 days no more chapped lips! It is so smooth & does NOT leave any “thick cakiness” (is that a word 😀) like other lip balms do. I highly recommend this Lip Balm & bought 12 containers to put in stockings! It is a great price for an all natural Lip Balm. You just have to try it to see how good it really is!! I never liked using chapstick but I really LIKE this brand! Buy some - you will be glad you did! Thanks for making such a great product!

I just received the anointing oil sampler today! Can’t wait to try them in prayer and praying for others to feel the Lords presence. Thank you, Gods blessings to you!

Manifest Presence and Glory of God!

I stumbled upon these oils from a good friend re-posting something on Facebook. I immediately was interested in the oils when I read the story on how Greg recieves the ingredients through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. As soon as I received the oils in the mail, I anointed myself with them and immediately felt a strong wave of Gods Presence and Glory come over me, it was heavy! I’ve been using them ever since, and Gods Presence is all over these oils! I have started to diffuse them in my office at the church and use them on others as we pray for them. Can’t wait to see how God continues to move through these divinely inspired annointing oils!

Each Oil has a testimony and I Love having my wife anoint me daily as she prays for my day! What a blessing to receive not only the oil but the anointing that is attached to each oil. Praise God for the Anointing on Five Scentz products and Ministry.

Thanks for those precious oils and whenever I begin my fast I apply on me and start worshiping and praying . Seeing some breakthroughs .. Glory to God


I ordered some Glory oil. i love it. they sent me two small bottles of oil with it which was a blessing that smell awesome also. prices are so reasonable & there anointing oils are the real deal n Fathers Heart.

Shalom Oil

I got the shalom oil last week I love it!

I love these oils! I think I they are delivered supernaturally fast... I read this in other comments, then got my order on a Monday (ordered Friday)... tracking said another day or two. I have had them less than 24 hours and I am in love, as is my family. We slept peacefully and the house smells amazing. The diffusers work really well. I highly recommend these oil’s and will have testimonies to follow... (not to mention generous portions and excellent prices).. Blessings to the Yackley’s!

just received mine and tried Shalom sample along with Awakening a peace came over me and weariness lifted definitely gonna order Shalom smells amazing too

We ordered several different oils for praying and anointing and they are all wonderful! I love these oils!


Shalom oil is what I used the other day. I have been working for a company for almost 3 years. Every single coworker has manifested in one way or another. So the other day, I anointed the office and at the doorway I prayed "Holy Spirit overpower them with Your presence." So when my coworker came in he started pacing and rocking back and forth anxiously. I forgot about it. Well moments later he started apologizing for his behavior and asked me to please pray for him. I told him that I do and he looked first embarrassed then surprised and then thanked me. Hallelujah!!

I just put SHABA into my diffuser at work just now and immediately I wanted to LOL, so I did. It's good. Lets see what happens here I just want to lay down and soak it in.

I ordered Shalom and got a sample of Double Blessing the order got to me so fast. I was pleasantly surprised by both scents. Ive anointed my home and children and wallet with both scents !! I'm going to be placing another order soon.

I received my anointing oils last week and I highly recommend them to everyone! I have seen visions and experienced the peace that surpasses all understanding during moments I would normally be stressed! It’s beyond my understanding! Thank you so much for following the lead of the Holy Spirit as you were guided on this mission to make these oils!