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A&E IT aka AdamAndEveIT. The 5 star rated mobile Apple Mac experts.

Rannoch Road
Crowborough England , TN6 1RA
United Kingdom


A reliable service from A&E IT

Richard knows his stuff. He recently replaced my hard drive, updated the operating system and restored all my files. Second time I've used Richard - a very quick and efficient service.

Computer Rebuild and Repair

As a returning customer, Rich has supplied us with a speedy new iMac which is working faster than when we purchased it new 5 years ago! I especially like that we have been able to upgrade our existing hardware rather than dispose of it to buy a new one. A highly professional service that has cleaned up our system and fixed the broken monitor tilt with a more robust hinge. I would highly recommend A&E to anyone wishing to seek help with anything Apple related.

MacBook Pro Data Transfer

Fantastic 5* service from Richard cleaning up and transferring data to my new MacBook Pro. Efficient communication and speedy response. A very patient and all round pleasant and helpful guy to deal with! Thank you !

A&EIT aka AdamAndEveIT

Thank you Rich for very helpful and comprehensive annual check on the Apples.

Cleaning up computer

Great Service and good job at a very reasonable price

Wi-Fi problem

I had problems reconnecting to the WiFi following a security update. As always Rich was quick to respond to the problem and worked tirelessly to resolve it. Thank you for a really great service. Issue resolved!

Excellent service

I made an appointment with A&E to service my Mac. Richard at A&E was very thorough, making sure that all my software was up to date, running diagnostics, setting up anti-virus, and helping me to organise files properly. My Mac is now running perfectly. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company!

My Testimonial

Richard delivered a first class and highly personal service. Response and service time was very quick - nothing was too big to ask. Would highly recommend and use again.

Fantastic service

Really pleased with A&E IT very friendly service and always available to offer advice and support around sorting my computers. Will definitely use them again!

MacBook Pro SpeedThrills upgrade

Great response time and service. MacBook Pro now back in full functioning mode! Thanks Rich :)

With Grateful Thanks!

Early one morning..... I went to start up my 3 year old iMac, only to find it had apparently died overnight. I was stuck with the Apple logo and that was it! All I could do was phone for help, lucky for me, A&E was the first company I contacted. An appointment was swiftly made and Rich arrived on one of the hottest days of this year so far. After running diagnostics which I had requested, he proceeded to coax the computer back to life. To my immense relief I had a working machine once again, albeit a bit slow. Whilst he was checking the iMac, I had the chance to experience at first-hand, Rich's cheerful ability to explain computerese to a quite-clearly-non-computer-literate person, Greatly appreciated Rich! What a skill! Not the slightest bit patronising! He made a number of suggestions in terms of enhancement of the iMac's performance. These made enough sense to me to want to proceed with the action. So a couple of days later, Rich returned with my iMac, complete with fresh installation and no data lost, a great deal more RAM , other tweaks and advice on better use of the external hard drives. As I want to organise and process close to a million photos without sitting in front of a screen for the rest of my life, I am very, very pleased to have received back a computer that speeds through its actions. I am very happy to highly recommended A&E IT aka AdamAndEveIT to Mac Users. Rich, you have fulfilled your promise: My iMac works better now, than when new and actually does the job now, that I bought it to do!

Help with iPhone

I'm delighted with Rich's prompt response in rescuing me and my iPhone from non-functionality.

Help for an Amateur

Rich was very patient and thorough in explaining issues regarding my Mac. Emails answered very quickly at all times and I would have no hesitation in recommending A&E IT.

Macbook Air upgrade

I am so happy with the MacBook upgrade that was done in super quick time and the price was very reasonable. My computer was returned in "as new" condition which was a nice touch. Friendly, fast, efficient, honest and brilliant.

A New Computer

Richard has helped me with problems I have been unable to resolve on my Mac, on 3 occasions. Last week everything was shutting up or going down so I 'phoned him for help. He had a look at it & took it away with him as it needed a good overhaul. Within 2 days he was back with it, having diagnosed the problems & replaced the hard-drive which was faulty, amongst other things. He spent 2 hours with me as he reset all of the components. By the time he had finished, I felt as if I had a new computer. He is patient, generous, knowledgeable & gave me confidence with the new software. I would recommend him, without reservation, if you need help - hence the 5 stars.

Top notch service

Having used and loved my MacBook Pro for years, I had lost my love for it and rarely used it as it was so slow and unable to perform simple tasks. I was reluctant to spend a huge amount of money on it but I bit the bullet and got Rich to install his own SpeedThrills™ upgrade which is amazing. He also went above and beyond talking me through bits and making sure everything was set up properly and that I understood everything. I couldn’t rate his service or recommend him more highly. Thank you.

Apple Crisis

My Apple crashed and Rich fixed me up with a new system very quickly, put a s/h hard drive in the old one so it can do for a grandchild and helped me understand it all. Very grateful.