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DM Targets


Great products, great prices, great service! We will continue to order more targets.

DM Targets did amazing on the items that were done for me. Will definitely use them again.

DM Targets not only makes awesome steel targets, their customer service and shipping speed is second to none!

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Great products. I abuse the hell out of my steel. These targets just keep taking it. Customer service is great as well. The owner Seth really helped me figure out what I needed. Hats off to D-M Targets!

I got some targets and stands for a really good price and I absolutely punish Them and they hold up great. I've used rounds that are way over the ratings and have turned them to Swiss cheese and they still hold up.

DM targets, good people, good targets, good prices. They are always coming up with fun innovative targets designs.

I’ve purchased several rimfire targets from DM Targets and they have all been awesome quality. Will definitely keep coming back!

great targets, very high quality and they sound awesome! very affordable to

another great PNW company, invests locally in their community as well as the shooting sports all along the west coast, providing some of the best, loudest and cost effective AR500 targets available

Couldn’t have come out better! Was a Christmas gift and My other half loves it.

Stand up guy who does great work. If you can think it, he can make it.

It's always nice when you get to deal with honest and earnest folks like those at D-M Targets!

Very nice product line. May need one of those coyote targets.

The selection is excellent, and durability is achieved by design and superior metal selection.


I have bought a few steel targets. They are holding up like a champ

Seth is a great guy to work with. He is honest and fair and makes some amazing targets at a great price. I love the hostage target and KYL rack so far and can't wait to get some more steel soon.

Quality innovative target design, you can see them move with the naked eye from a long ways away, awesome mounting system for easy setup, get a bunch in various flavors, you WILL be happy you did!