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Thank you for affordable CE, Your course was great !

I was foolish and needed to complete a good amount of CE's by the end of the month. Part way through, I had issues accessing one of the tests I had purchased. Thankfully, had someone available after business hours, and after a few emails I was able to access and complete the test for the credits I required. Thanks for your great support!

Very easy site to use and affordable! Thank you!

Super choices and great prices! I will definitely use TAKECE.COM in the future!

Overall informative. On test, which was suggested that test be printed and answers marked as eBook was read, Question #21 correct answer was "(D) All the above", which included the beam width, the length of the Fresnel zone, and the angle of divergence beyond the near field. However, on the online test, "All the above" was not an option, and "Angle beyond the far field" was an option. I marked "the beam width" and was counted as incorrect. This should have been one of the correct answers.


Thank you for your feedback. We will check and fix accordingly. Take CE Customer Care

I enjoyed the reading which was very informative,the process leading up to the test was pretty straight forward

Very well done course and interesting content. System and site worked perfectly for testing and certificate delivery.

Great and economical way to get your CEU'S.

Loved the easy use of ebooks and that it made getting 37.5 credits all at once so nice. So glad I found your site, you all are by far the most affordable and easiest to use. I loved the step by step and hint of print test and do as read material. I thought the material was interesting and very informative for my field of Radiology. Thank you very much for offering a great service to Radiology professionals. Kind Regards, H.Clark R.T.R





This was easy, quick and almost painless. Best website so far, especially with the tip on getting the ebook for free and allowing the test questions to be downloaded for free. I will come back to this site for my education needs in the future.


i enjoyed the introduction to ultrasound physics. I found it to be informative and great read for the credit value.


Course was easy to navigate. I did not encounter any problems. Very satisfied!!


The best CE place to get all 24 at once! Clear instructions and fast results. Very happy!!