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Thank You!

Thank you thank you for such a wonderful experience. The information was priceless and extremely eye opening! Eileen, the format used was very easy to follow, fun and very interactive. It is truly amazing how we can change the atmosphere of our environment by understanding the personality type of our co-workers, family and friends.

Thank You!

Just wanted to say thank for your class.   I learned so much about myself in such a short time.   The analysis you did was nothing short of amazing. 


I am applying what I learned about my personality to my advantage.   Once I have a handle on what I learned about myself, I plan on applying it to my clients.  Taking this class with you was not only good for business it was good for me.

Opened My Eyes!

Thanks so much for having the Disc Session.  It really helped me to understand my traits and where I stand and also opened my eyes to be able to identify the different types of my co-workers and clients. Learning about the four different types certainly makes me see things in a different light and will only enhance my business and personal life.

Absolutely the Best!

I’ve taken the DISC twice before, and Eileen’s approach is absolutely the best. I’m especially impressed with the dashboard which describes the intensity of styles.  Her analysis of my style is so accurate, I feel like she’s known me for years and we’ve only just met.  Best of all, the use of birds is very easy to understand, to remember and to apply practically.  I highly recommend Eileen and her DISC training!

Great Business Investment!

Eileen helped us identify our individually communication styles and showed us how to effectively communicate with each team member.  I'm very happy with both the one on one meetings and our group meetings.  This was a great investment for my business and I highly recommend anyone who works closely with others to know their communication style!

Informative Assessment

Hello, Eileen!  Thank you, again, for the informative assessment.  I found it to be eye-opening, yet it confirmed a lot of what I already thought/felt about myself.  The assessment and its results will certainly help me to understand better how I approach my work and my colleagues and how I can work with them in a more effective and constructive manner.  It's ok to take a little longer to think about how I want to handle a particular situation so that I can get the best outcome that will work for everyone (or at least almost everyone).  I feel this has given me a bit more self-confidence. 


Thank you again and take care~

Crucial Information!

I wanted to thank you for your services that you have provided us at Tri County LeTip of South Jersey.


Your assessment & survey report provided us with crucial information with how we conduct our meetings and interact with each other.  Your knowledge and services has helped us retain valuable people and to grow our membership. This is directly related to us implementing some of your suggestions.


We look forward to having Arta Consulting as a key component of our chapter's operation.

Informative and Insightful!

Thank you so much for coming to LUCY!  Your program was very informative and insightful.  We all got a lot out of it!

Effective Communication

Dr. Eileen Jason provided the space for my team to learn more about each other, and the expertise to suggest specific actions that will catalyze the productivity of our organization.  Understanding the differences in my team’s personalities encourages effective communication that is both respectful of one-another, and mindful of the needs of one’s self.

Helped Me Become a Better Leader

As a growing organization it became quite clear right away that working with Eileen to help understand my staff was a huge step in personal growth. Through her assessment of our team, it has helped me to have a better understanding of me team and how to work with them. In doing so I believe it will help me to become a better leader and manager by providing me an understanding of who I am as well as my staff.

Testimonial #7

Yesterday was really tremendous. I think it will go a long way to understanding each other better. The visual of having each of us in our own corner was as powerful as anything. Marc the lone Eagle and Holly (our accountant) and I the lone Owl’s was amazing. Our Parrots are fascinating. Larry (our other Rabbi) was instrumental in hiring only 2 people on our staff…the other two parrots!


Seeing how I perceive each is also very instructive.


Thanks again.

Extremely Beneficial!

I believe this was an extremely beneficial event which provided a lot in insight both on a personal and team note.  I think we took away a lot of good information as well as food for thought.   It was a huge pleasure working with you, Eileen and the rest of your team.    Many thanks to you and your team for making this year’s Administrative Retreat a success.  Take care.

Gifted Communicator!

I got so much out of our session that I have recommended a few of my clients contact you to help improve individual awareness and staff relations. You are a gifted communicator which enhanced the entire process.

Thank You!

I just want to the thank you for the eye opening information you gave me about myself. The DISC session gave me some tools to help me communicate better with my staff and other people I interact with on a daily basis. I had my employees complete the report about how they perceive my traits to be. The results were the same from each employee which validates that your test is very accurate. I totally endorse your program.


Great job!

Wonderful Insight!

I had the opportunity to use the ARTA Consulting services of Dr. Eileen Jason, Through the DISC Behavioral Assessment and the skilled feedback from Eileen I developed better insight into my communication style and how to optimize my communication with others.

Hiring Issues Resolved!

ARTA Consulting helped us tremendously with our hiring effort. We were at a loss as to why our front line managers were leaving after a short period of time. Dr. Jason came in and helped us find out why and helped us assess potential candidates using the DISC Behavioral Assessment. Definitely worth it!


I just wanted to thank you for your class I attended! What a great insight I now have on my strengths and where I can work on bettering myself! I can really see how powerful this can be in any office setting or large corporation!! I will be referring you!! Thanks again for your knowledge and support!