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Tree of Light Retreats

Sacred Valley
Cusco Cusco
+51 946 800 061

Sarita Sahni MA, LMT

I am so blessed to have found Tree of Light. I felt so supported,nurtured and amongst beautiful and powerful shaman women. The healing I did was immense thanks to this beautiful place and the sacredness of these traditions.

Powerful, incredibly contained Ayahusaca + Noya Rao Dieta

Carolina + Pedro, and maestra Juana, are providing incredibly powerful and impeccably contained diets with Ayahuasca and Noya Rao-- I am grateful every day that passes that I found them, their lineage and the Tree of Light. Words can't possibly explain the level of healing that is available inside their family of healing. I can't recommend them highly enough. If this work calls you, you are safe with them.

Transformation, connection and inner power

Tree of Light Retreats create an environment where you are able to dig deep into the inner realm of who you are in safety. There is a bond that you forge with the other women that helps you all grow as well as effect the change we need for women around the world. I could not be be happier or more humbled that my spirit was guided to Carolina and Gigi. They do everything with care love and integrity. I was only interested in working with Aya in the most scared and respectful way. That is what they provide. They not only support your growth, they also allow you to feel the power and tradition of the beautiful Shipibo healers they work with. I was able to access deep parts of myself that needed healing. I am forever changed and can feel my continued process here at home. I felt brave and strong standing in my power as I unlocked hidden pain and trauma that needed resolving. I look forward to working with these wonderful women again in the future. My experience was deeply moving, hard and real. With Carolina and Gigi you feel the support to step into your greatest fear knowing you are safe and held in divine light.

I strongly recommend Tree of Light Retreats

I was fortunate enough to attend the 11 day women’s retreat in August 2017. The medicine had been calling to me a few years beforehand. I spent a lot of time researching the medicine experience and all of the retreats there is to offer in Peru and ultimately, I chose Tree of Light Retreats. What lead me to make such a challenging life changing decision was that I have lived with chronic pain my entire life. I experienced muscle spasms, temporary paralysis, migraines and nerve and muscle pain in my neck since I was about 9 years old. I’ve taken narcotics to treat my condition for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent thousands on chiropractors, massages, naturopathic and general practitioner and have had 2 major surgeries without any long lasting relief. Not only was I searching for physical healing but I had experienced some major traumas as a child emotionally. I witnessed my alcoholic father violently attack my mother on a daily basis starting when I was 5 years old. I was the oldest of 3 siblings so I felt I had to grow up very fast in order to protect my younger sister and brother from witnessing the violence. As a teenager I was very promiscuous and rebellious. I had major problems with authority since in my mind I as an adult already and was being treated as such at home. This emotional pain would surface a lot in my adult life which hindered me from having healthy relationships with men.


With that said, my time spent at the Tree of Light Retreat was the most rewarding gift I could give myself. As much as it was a gift it was the most challenging work I’ll ever do on a soul level. I was shown that Mother Auyuascha is the reason anyone is called to it. It’s not really your choice, it’s hers. She knows what you need, what you can endure and when you need it. My experience was purely physical as after each drink she coursed through my being removing my traumas, shadows and blockages. I actually felt them being ripped out of my body and could cognitively recognize what was being removed that took my breath away at times. However, the facilitators, Carolina and Gigi, were always there to guide and nurture me. I will hold these women in my heart for the rest of my life.


Out of the 5 ceremonies the first two were the hardest on that physical level but I also received the strongest epiphanies as well. The medicine immersed my soul with the feeling of love I can only describe as what people report feeling when they have a near death experience and meet God. The feeling of love in the depth of your soul is indescribable. She allowed me to experience that depth of love I have for each of my family members. She also showed me that I would feel that love for a man in my future. After the 3rd ceremony, I felt no pain in my neck and as I write this testimonial one month later, 80% of my pain has left my body. It’s truly been a miracle to me.


I strongly recommend Tree of Light Retreats and also I almost forgot to mention the massages from Maestra Juana! Her massages are more than physical healing, she sees the root of your ailments on a spiritual level. I always felt very light in my body after she was finished. In addition, the bonds I formed there with the other women will stay with me forever even if I don’t ever see them again. I will connected to them in spirit. Carolina, Gigi, Pedro and Maestra Juana are the most genuinely caring souls. I am sincerely grateful to having met them and have them be a part of my healing journey with Ayahuasca.