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Back To The Basics Tutoring

Wauwatosa WI , 53226
United States

Back to the Basics

I really like the program my son enjoy it as well. The tutoring program is help my child learn at a paste where he can be comfortable in learning. If your kids need help in any subject this the place.

Such an amazing place for your kid to evolve and advance. My daughter loves to come and she feels welcomed and loved. I highly reccommend Back To The Basics Tutoring for your child to grow.

This is not your regular tutor with a pencil and paper this style of teaching she uses is actually All fun and games which always grabs his attention And the kids don’t even know that they’re learning. My son went there just for an assessment and he had so much fun he has been asking when do he returns to actually start his tutoring classes and from that moment on I knew that this is the place where he needs to be.

Very professional

Very professional and knowledgeable about what they do.

Very Professional & Advanced!

Awesome Loving Environment for the children!

I definitely recommend Back To The Basics Tutoring LLC, because it helps a child to want to learn after school in a fun way but yet meaningful manner. The simple techniques are designed to stimulate the brain in a relaxed atmosphere that’s not routine and repetitious.

I would definitely & highly recommend Back to the Basics Tutoring for every parent & child. Seeing all the positive postings, of the kids reaction and their parents comments. It’s such a blessing to see kids so excited and happy to be learning. Keep doing what you are doing everyone at Back to the Basics!! You are a blessing to so many!!

My child started Back To The Basic Tutoring In November and I’m so proud of the growth that she has made. My daughter confidence level is so HIGH now she’s doing good in her comprehension with reading and she enjoys learning knew hard words. My daughter never been so excited about learning knew things that interest her before but I’m so grateful to have BACK TO THE BASICS TUTORING it’s really helpful and I see improvement in my child it helped her out of the shell she was in for a very long time. The tutors are awesome and take time out to understand your child’s needs and are very patient and will work with them until they understand. They also have fun when they are learning I recommend parents who are looking for a tutor to try BACK TO THE BASICS you won’t regret it

I've never met someone so patient with the children. not your average tutoring class. Ms. k makes learning fun and puts that spark for learning in the children's eyes. my son struggled with reading and fell below his class level, after a few tutoring session my son is at the top of his class in math and closing the gap in reading. he recieved 3 chapter books for Christmas and was so excited, since hes been reading everywhere from the car to the grocery store I cant get him to put the book down thank you back to basics!

When my daughter first started with back to the basics tutoring she shy quiet and wouldn’t interact with others. She didn’t like to read or do math here we are only two sessions in and she more confident in herself reading better and understanding math more I would recommend this program I love the environment the Inspiration that these ladies are giving they are awesome

Not just your regular tutoring class it’s definitely an experience the children love learning and definitely love the class from what I seen when I visited the class. The children were smiling and learning at the same time and the teacher was very patient with the children and you can tell that, that was definitely here passion. I will definitely recommend this tutoring class you can tell the teacher go beyond her duty’s as a teacher.