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Angel's Sinfully Delicious Cookie Co.

37 Avalon Drive
chellaston derby
united kingdom

Best cookies in the world❤

I love getting to see what kind of cookies Angel bakes! The kitchen smells amazing and I love getting to watch my mom at work. Its so inspiring just watching her hard at work making each and every single cookie with love and care. She is an inspiring woman and I am lucky to have her as a mom.❤ Also she has never let my taste buds down when she creates new and unique flavours! I love you mom~Love, your daughter Cat

I can only describe her cookies "like angel wings fluttering on my lips". Just a damn good treat. 

The most amazing snickerdoodles ever.  I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious and fresh they were when they arrived.  Angel is an amazing baker and these cookies were divine.  They made great gifts and everyone who tried them immediately fell in love with them!

Interesting vanilla taste. Yummy and recommended!

One of the best cookies I've ever tastes! Recommended!


My mister enjoyed these immensely, perfect pick me up treats.  With a taste that sings homemade, thank you so much for our memorable delicious feast.  I highly recommend your wonderful fare to everyone.  So yum and fun. xx

These were divine! perfect cookies, that melted in your mouth.  A delicious treat, beautifully packaged with a lovely note from this magical baker. Yum yummy yum. Thank you xx

These were wonderful!  Beautifully packaged and provided much mirth.  I highly recommend this super baker, she has the gift of tasty.

AMAZING!! Some of the best sugar cookies that I have ever tasted in my life!

My goodness these were good, unfortunately they lasted about 5 mins total before they were gone as I made the mistake of opening them while at work.  Delicious! And a lovely card and gift from the seller.

My friend loved the cookies!  Thank you!

Unicorn poop cookies.... look AMAZING, taste AMAZING, can not pick a single fault... probably the best thing I have ever bought.

OUTSTANDING customer service!  Personalized packaging and extra treats for my intended recipient, for whom I purchased the cookie flight as a rather last minute Christmas treat.  He pronounced the cookies as "gorgeous", which is British for fantastic!  I shall be ordering from this shop again, for sure!


Absolutely delicious cookies!  Loved them. Also the handwritten note and Halloween chocs thrown in for free, perfect finishing touches!

Thank you for what you do :)  Father's day is different in Australia then the UK.  My dad was delighted with this surprise we "cooked" up ;)  Thank U

A family member got engaged recently but I live over seas :(  So this was perfect :)  She was so happy to get her cookies in the post and I felt like great :)