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Balance In Motion Physical Therapy

136 E 57th St, Ste 801
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Thoroughly recommend Dr. Kim

Dr. Derek has been treating my bunions weekly over some 20 sessions. He would talk me through each section of the therapy to help me understand how my foot issues were effecting the rest of by body including my lower back pain. He gave me weekly exercises to do between sessions. I'm on the way to a full recovery from an extreme bunion case. Dr. Derek is great at what he does and I thoroughly recommend him.

I have had very bad chronic back pain for years and one session with Dr. Kim relieved so much of that that I immediately signed up to see him regularly (which I had no plans of doing when I went in). He was very kind and explained everything he was doing so I learned a lot too! 5000% more effective than any massage I have had. Highly recommended.

I bought a Groupon for Medical massage and PT with Dr Derek Kim and he was FANTASTIC.I had severe lower back pain and in just 45 mins he got to root of the problem and massaged out the severe tension and gave me advice on how to improve in the long term.I didn't expect him to get to the bottom of the issue and give me such a thorough check in just 45 mins.He was very good at checking in re pain levels and making sure I was reassured and comfortable. Excellent service. Woke up today and my back is so much better. Will be returning for sure. Highly recommend!

Highly Recommended Dr. Kim

For 3 years, I had migraine/headache, taking my prescription Medicine everyday, that's ok with me but not until a year ago, get worst, medicine doesn't work anymore, increasing dosage did not help either, additional Med was given but still no good. My primary doctor ask me to see an Eye doctor as well just to make sure it has nothing to do with it. Eye check result was normal. Got another MRI for head and result is Normal too. But I'm asking my doctor, why still feel bad? Every single day.  Early diagnoses was Congested, sinusitis, upper respiratory infection, change of  weather, Stress.... you name it. Until my doctor ordered MRI check for my Neck. At first I was hesitant to do it because I said it's my head not my neck. Anyways, I did it anyhow and found out that I actually have a "Reversal Cervical Curvature and some minimal disc bulges"Doctor referred me for Physical therapy evaluation. Went to See Dr. Kim, at first I'm still reluctant to see him, but thank God I did. Just after 5 to 6 sessions, I really feel the difference. It's been 2 weeks that I have not taken any medicine!!!!! I can say that at least 70 to 80% of my headache is gone. Next week is my last session,I hope my headache/migraine will be out of my life for real. I highly recommend Dr. Derek Kim and really Happy to have him as my PT.

Dr. Derek Kim - Highly Recommended - Sports Related Injuries

I dislocated my shoulder during a charity boxing event in November 2016 (Hills Sachs + Bankart Lesion).  After my initial visit with an Orthopedic, I was told I needed PT and "most likely, surgery." 
After my third visit with Dr. Derek in December, I was able to make almost full range of motion. Derek is the most intelligent, thoughtful and solutions-oriented PT I've ever met.  He takes the time to explain absolutely everything for you. 
Fast-forward to March.  I went back to the Orthopedic for a progress report -- and was told I DO NOT need surgery!  I highly recommend visiting Dr. Derek Kim for shoulder injuries. He is truly one of a kind. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DEREK!   I’ve been suffering from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain for a couple of years now. But with the help of Derek (after 5 sessions), my pain level has decreased significantly. I would like to highlight how knowledgeable, professional, and caring Derek is. Also, the office location is incredibly convenient. Thanks to him, I can finally exercise again. I truly appreciate Derek’s help!   

Jimmy is an incredibly knowledgeable and caring PT. I have a permanent rotator cuff injury from climbing, and Jimmy was the only PT who was able to alleviate the pain for good. He spends his time explaining what he's doing, and gives a thorough exam/treatment and provides exercises that are way more helpful than any other doctor's recommendations. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone.

The absolute BEST!!

I had many issues with my hips and spine. For years before i met with Derek. I had become frustrates from not getting the results in full from other PT's. Derek has been the only one who has been able to correct and realign all the issues i was having. I recommended him to anyone i know with similar issues. He is the best!!

The Best!

I had issues with my TMJ since 1997 it didn't bother me at first but over time the clicking sound every time I chew got louder and louder. Burgers are very hard to eat I had to cut it up in order to manage chewing because I was so afraid for my jaw to lock or dislocate. I've had braces and a had a specialist check on my jaw and discussed that it only needs surgery for realignment. I am so glad that I found Derek he was so knowledgeable and it only took 5 sessions to fix the annoying sound that have been plaguing me for almost 20 yrs now that the clicking sound is gone chewing is a breeze. Derek is very generous with intentions to help he gave everything I need to know to maintaining good TMJ. 

I had treatment session with Jimmy as I suffered from bad muscle spasm and sharp pain on my shoulder and arm. He explained the cause of symptoms after thorough examination on me. I feel much better now and really appreciate his help.

I can't explain how much I appreciated the amount of care and professionalism by Dr. Jo. When I first visited the clinic, I couldn't walk properly due to sciatica and weakness from my back. After having had several sessions, pain was almost gone and mobility improved a lot. I highly recommend this place for someone looking for special care 1 on 1 treatment.

Amazing experience

I suffered from cervical radiculopathy for years and went to many other physical therapy offices before I met Derek. He was so knowledgeable and within 3 sessions, my shoulder was not tingling, and my neck felt more flexible. After seeing him, I can focus on my work and read books for hours !!  Many thanks to him. I strongly recommend Balance In Motion PT if you are looking for real hands-on therapy. 

I am very satisfied with 1-on-1 care I received. Dr. Kim is excellent and very knowledgeable about running injuries. I was able to return to normal running much sooner.  Great experience!

I was very impressed with the professionalism and excellence of the services I received from Dr. Kim.  He did an outstanding job and I am feeling much better. Should I need Physical therapy in the future, this would be my first choice. I have already recommended him to my friends. Thank you, Dr. Kim