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Baxter & Bella

North Logan UT , 84341

Great resource

So happy to have discovered Amy at a Baxter and Bella. Definitely worth the investment. I like that I can read the sessions or watch the video by topic! Also, the one to one video coaching is so helpful and convenient. I highly recommend it!

Best Personal Trainer For Your New Puppy!!

Having Amy as our ‘go to’ resource for training our new puppy, Grace, has proven invaluable! She has an extensive library of videos and step by step ‘how to’ instructions, as well as day to day personal access to help you with all phases of training. We have used her several times for one on one training sessions with behavioral issues, as they came up. Having Amy’s guidance is like having a personal trainer with you at all times. Don’t hesitate to become a member! It’s the best gift you’ll ever give your sweet furbaby and YOU!! Thanks, Amy!!!

I can't say enough good things about Baxter and Bella

We are first time puppy owners and I was excited and anxious about having a puppy in our home. I had high expectations about how I did AND didn't want our puppy to act. Baxter and Bella has been an incredible resource for all of our training. The lessons have allowed the entire family to be on the same page with training and has gotten our kids excited and accountable. I have participated in several of the LIVE training classes, which have all been really informative and allowed hands on training during the class. Finally, last week I had my first one on one video call where my questions were answered well and I was able to work on some behaviors with the dog during the call. Thank you, Baxter and Bella for your excellent program!


Amy's (BAXTER & Bella) training materials have been a lifesaver for me with my new puppy. We ran into roadblocks as we progressed with our pup and got on a video call with Amy. She was so helpful to re-invigorate our training plan and approach and help us as a family understand how to recognize play, stop nipping, and stay on course!

Putting puppy ownership fear at ease

Oddly enough, I found Baxter and Bella from a podcast search for puppy training. She was one of the few that popped up and I started to listen and liked her right away. I had just gotten my golden doodle a few days before and completely forgot about how stressful puppy training could be. I have had a whirlwind of experiences lately, just moving into a new home, my daughter starting back up at school, returning from a weeklong vacation and picking up Toby the next day. I had all the "stuff" but didn't know how to structure my day. One of the things Amy said was that she wanted to go to the gym and have someone just tell her what to do. ding ding ding! That was totally me and exactly what I wanted with to do with this puppy-please, someone just lay out the formula and I will follow it to a T (or to the best of my ability). In my few short days as part of the member's only community, Amy has answered each e-mail/inquiry promptly and thoroughly-even created a video for my question on a Sunday morning, within less than an hour of my question. Amazing! I cannot recommend her more and the member's only option is the only way to go for all the support you could possibly need or want. I'm so happy that I found her :)

Wish I could shout from the "wooftops" how amazing this training is!

I met Amy about two and a half years ago while helping a friend with Puppy evaluations. I watched Amy work with the puppies and knew she was someone I needed to get to know. Shortly after I met her, I bought a Goldendoodle named Mika. I wanted to use Amy's online training but my sweet husband put a cap on my spending and suggested I read some books instead...I wouldn't give up, so I got on you tube at Amy's suggestion and I watched faithfully as she trained Chili. I did everything I could to train Mika without the full online training. Mika turned out ok but she could have been so much I am a proud member of Amy's group of followers that KNOW that following this program will help you not only train your puppy right, but you will LOVE your dog so much more when it all comes together and you have an AMAZING well trained pup and family! She covers everything and the cost is so worth it that I have offered a discount on my puppies if the family will sign up for Baxter and Bella Online Puppy Training. I love this program!!!

I'm Now Prepared!

This is my first puppy and with it, at first, came a good deal of anxiety. I was referred to the program by my breeder and have found it to be an incredible resource. With the support of Amy and her thoughtfully laid-out website, I now feel prepared for these critical first months. The videos are just what's needed and the other resources super helpful. And one's questions are thoughtfully, personally, and quickly answered -- which is a rarity. Amy is a gem!

Best Personalized, Long-term Support!

I highly recommend Baxter & Bella to every dog owner! I am a first time dog owner, but the resources are excellent for any dog owner at any age. When we got our cavapoo puppy we decided to enroll at the local pet store for training classes. The classes were good, but Baxter & Bella has been so much better!! The curriculum is both more in-depth and broad. We also considered hiring a personal dog trainer, but Baxter & Bella is much more affordable, long-term, and based on my schedule. I love the videos because I can watch them over again by myself or with my children. You can’t do that at the pet store. The LIVE! Office hours were amazing! I asked all my individualized questions and received answers and encouragement I needed, including links to her videos. The range of services available is excellent, for times when I want to go in-depth or when I need a quick answer using the Search feature. I feel 100% supported in training my puppy now and for years to come. I do not think I could receive better service anywhere else. Thank you!

This program is awesome

I cannot say enough good about this program! I am a first time dog owner and had no idea where to begin. This program gave me the direction I needed. It told me what to expect, showed me where to begin and how to train a puppy. I feel like this program would work for every type of dog owner. There is detailed written information, checklists, how-to videos and the option to email personal questions anytime. On several occasions I considered returning our puppy. Every time I became unsure or frustrated I was able to reference the program or contact Amy with my concerns. She gave me the educational support with her program and more importantly her emotional support with her encouraging advice. I honestly would not have been to keep our puppy without her help! We have used the program for 4 months and our puppy is now 6 months old. I am frequently getting compliments from family, friends, pet care professionals, and strangers about how well behaved our dog is for being a puppy. We have a great dog, but I would not say that he was one of those “natural angel” dogs, he had his set of issues. I have seen other programs used by friends (and was slightly tempted) that include shock or prong collars and the effects they have had on their dogs. Although they may get fast results there seems to be a sense of fear or aggression when the collars are not in use. I truly believe the Baxter and Bella program shapes a puppy into who they become forever and they are consistent in positive interactions with everyone, as opposed to other programs that create a forced behavior by dogs with shock collars that only respond to their owners who control the collar. I am glad that after putting forth effort with the Baxter and Bella program, I have a sweet dog that I can trust- because that is now what he has become. Thank you Baxter and Bella and Amy!!!

Baxter & Bella came highly recommended to me when I was looking to buy a new puppy. I was so overwhelmed and am I so grateful that I chose to use them to help me through! I have gotten so many tips that have made the process of training a puppy fun instead of scary.

Puppy Prep Program

Baxter and Bella is an awesome online program to do at your home. Amy is awesome and she will answer any questions. I had no idea how to train our puppy but with the program it is easy to follow along the steps on training a puppy.

LIVE! Office hours with Amy

I participated in the LIVE! Office hours with Amy today, which is a free call to talk with her about all things dog training. I LOVED IT and really appreciated the opportunity to ask questions regarding our new puppy without first having to pay money. In fact, we didn't pay any money at all and have some great ideas of what to do next. Admittedly I was skeptical at first, as more often than not if they seem too good to be true, then they probably are, but not this, it was definitely better than good, it was GREAT - Thank you Amy at Baxter and Bella!

Highly recommend this training program

I highly recommend this training program! I love the practical tips and the ‘learn at your pace’ format. The combination of written information and videos is really nice. I also had a specific problem with my puppy with the training and contacted Amy. She was quick to respond with a thorough, personalized response. Love it!

WOW - there are a lot of resources

Admittedly I didn't know what to think on whether I should pay the price for this online training help or simply go to the local pet store for classes. I decided to take the chance with the Baxter & Bella puppy school because the person who sold us our puppy has been really impressed with it and said the company is so responsive and helpful. I can tell you that between the introduction section, which is mostly reading, and then all the other lessons, there is a lot more resources than I thought - it's impressive and we loved the format! Obviously they make it look so easy, but to be honest, we would read the short section, watch the video example and then practice it for ourselves and hey, it started to work! What's more, they have now added their LIVE options for members so we can join in for Q&A when we want and get canine coaching too. It's well worth the money and Amy is the best - they say that they will be there each and every step of the way and they are!

I LOVE this site!

I LOVE this website! It has made training so doable - I never would have been able to get this puppy and keep my sanity without the detailed program you provide. The videos are amazing and make it so easy. I will be recommending this website to anyone I know who is getting a dog!

We Love It!

Thanks for dedicating time with us and answering all of our questions! It was very, very helpful - You are amazing! She is doing wonderful. Also, we are thankful for your website and ongoing help; We love it! Here is a pic from back to school night. She did great!

Nobody could beat it

At first we were most excited about the low price! Nobody could beat it. So, we took a chance. Then the amount of content was unbelievable. So many great recommendations on which products to buy. I dove right in and made sure I followed every video to the best of my ability. She even has charts that I was able to track his behaviors.
We couldn't have done the training without Amy's expertise! Especially because we are first time dog owners. Our puppy is great and everyone is impressed with how well behaved he already is around strangers, other animals and loud sounds. At just five months old he now knows all the basic commands and fun tricks.
I have epilepsy and have high hopes that my sweet labradoodle will be able to help me as a service dog to help detect seizures and other benefits which Amy is helping me train him for those skills. We look forward to teaching him more and more. With Amy's help, I'm confident we will succeed! ;) I'm already recommending her to friends and family! Our Vet is recommending her to patients because he is so impressed as well.
Thank you Amy for the Puppy Prep Course from Baxter & Bella!

Feeling hopeful

THANK YOU for helping me get things set up at our house and going over everything. I am feeling hopeful because I have a plan now! I LOVE how laid out everything was for me...for us! The flashcards will be so handy for my kids especially as they learn the right words to say and practice new commands. And ALL of us were so excited about the charts to check things off everyday. My kids said, "kind of like a job chart. This will be fun!" I love it!

What has helped me the most so far is having the Daily Schedule. I have a resource when those feelings come of not knowing what I'm doing. I just go to the chart and I get back on track.