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Amazing job!

I can't recall how I found Melanie, I think I was referred to her by another makeup/hair artist who was unavailable. As soon as I scrolled through Melanie's Instagram and saw all of the beautiful brides she's worked on, I was instantly sold and emailed her immediately, crossing my fingers that she was available for our wedding date. She's had 10+ years of experience, so I completely trusted her! Melanie did an amazing job for my 2 bridesmaids and I. My wedding was in Napa at 10am. Melanie was such a good sport about starting as early at 2am (she drove all the way to Napa from the Bay Area!) She was so friendly and kind-hearted, both at the bridal makeup/hair trial (about 1 month prior to my wedding) and on the morning of the wedding. And the makeup and hair lasted all day and into the night. I didn't want to wash it off at the end of the night! And one more thing: initially I didn't want to hire a makeup/hair artist for my wedding. I thought I'd go cheap and just watch a few YouTube tutorials, then do my own makeup and hair on the morning of. My best girlfriend (also one of my bridesmaids) pushed me into hiring an artist because she told me how stressed I would be on the morning of my wedding. And you know what? She was right. It was such a blessing to just relax on the morning of my wedding as Melanie did her magic on me. Honestly, the money was completely worth it. Thank you so much Melanie! I felt like princess on my special day!

Melanie, you’re one talented soul!

Melanie is such an amazing person with a beautiful heart and soul. She was so easy to communicate with from the first e-mail to my wedding day. I was so lucky to have her as my make up and hair artist the day of my wedding, I don’t know if I could trust anyone else to accomplish my dream looks for future occasions in my life. Melanie’s work is unique, crafty and overall flawless in person and pictured. She is truly talented at what she does and her talent shined when she did 7 bridesmaids hair, 1 mother of bride, 1 groom of bride and 1 grandmother of groom all in one morning. She showed up on time and ready to go the morning of my wedding and made magic happen with each and every woman that was part of our wedding party. I was truly amazed with how long everyone’s hair was styled and how our make up stayed up until the very end of the night! I’m truly blessed to have met Melanie and definitely plan to hire her for more occasions. Thank you so much girl, your talents are a dream come true! :)

LOVED my hair and makeup!!

As soon as I got engaged in July 2016, I immediately started searching for a makeup artist. I wanted someone who was able to work with my Asian features (i.e. round face, high cheekbones, almond eyes). I discovered Melanie when a fashion blogger I was following on IG had just gotten married and her features were similar to mine and her wedding makeup was gorgeous and flawless. I contacted Melanie for a quote and booked her right away which was also a year before my wedding date on February 17, 2018. As I anxiously waited for my wedding date, I enjoyed all of the bridal looks Melanie posted on IG of her brides and I couldn't wait for her to do my hair and makeup. The morning of my wedding date, Melanie arrived bright and early to work on my bridesmaids and me. While she worked on all of our hair and makeup, she was so laid back and fun to talk to. We all really enjoyed her company and her easygoing personality. Melanie did an AMAZING job on everyone and we were all extremely happy with how our makeup and hair turned out. Her eyebrow skills are especially fantastic. I am huge on eyebrows and believe they are one of the most important features on the face and Melanie did an excellent job on everyone's eyebrows. Best part was our makeup stayed put the entire day and night. My eyeliner did not smear or smudge and I've always had that problem when doing my own makeup. Although our lipsticks did fade, but that was because we were constantly wiping them while eating and drinking. Everything else did not budge. Pictures don't really do justice to how my makeup looked in person. I received compliments from all of my guests for my hair and makeup and how good it still looked at the end of the night. I would HIGHLY recommend Melanie. Thank you again Melanie!!

Melanie is THE BEST!

Melanie did my makeup for my wedding shower and wedding and she is truly talented at what she does. I'm pretty simple and plain and I told her I wanted to look like me but flawless and she delivered. The makeup lasted all day and all night! When I look at the pictures from my wedding and see me and my bridesmaids I tell myself, "Damn, we look HELLA good!" I told people, if you're not going to book Melanie for your wedding, you're not planning your wedding right.

Melanie is the best!

Melanie arrived on time and was super easy to work with! She did an amazing job on my hair and makeup, which lasted the whole day even through all the crying. She also did hair for 3 of my bridesmaids and makeup for my mother in law and one sponsor. I am so glad I decided to go with Melanie for my wedding because she was definitely worth it!

Melanie is the real deal!

Melanie is an amazing and talented makeup artist! She’s down-to-earth, accommodating and an absolute pleasure to work with. I instantly hit it off with her and she made me feel like we’ve been friends forever. She makes you feel beautiful inside and out because she has genuine positive energy. Im so grateful to have had Melanie glam me up for my wedding day. She gave me advice on how to upkeep my makeup throughout the day, but I didn’t actually need it because my makeup continued to look amazing up until the wee hours of the night. She’s fabulous and you won’t be disappointed by her work!

True Pro!

Melanie is a true professional MUA and HA. She was super easy and prompt to book for my intimate elopement ceremony. Her follow up and organization in providing the details of the day was impressive. Being i have worked with Melanie before but as a bridesmaid, she made my experience as a Bride so essy and it helped knowing she would come through with her best work for me and my 4 SILs, MIL and flower girl. Melanie arrived early and finished on time, she even made sure all girls had double touch ups before leaving considering it was raining that day! My hair and makeup lasted throughout despite the rain and i felt beautiful as ever! I highly recommend Melanie and look forward to working with her again. Anytime a family member or friend is in need, i am quick to name drop Melanie. Melanie, thank you for making our day special and being part of the long lasting memories from the day!

Book Melanie!

If you're thinking about booking Melanie to do your makeup or hair then stop thinking about it and just book her! You will not go wrong with having her beautify you!! Booking Melanie for my wedding back in September 2017 was the best decision I've made! She did my hair and my make up for my bridesmaids, mothers, and I and she made my whole wedding party beautiful. After she was done with my hair and makeup and she showed me what I looked like I couldn't believe my eyes!! She made me feel so special and beautiful on my wedding day and my husband couldn't stop looking at me. He was amazed as well!!! She started hair and makeup for my wedding party and I around 6am (my wedding was at 4) and I swear that my hair and make up lasted ALL DAY through the ceremony, eating, dancing, walking around, drinking, and having fun!! At the end of the night my hair and makeup were still perfect just like how it was in the beginning of the day. If I could relive this whole day and had a chance to book someone else then I'd still book Melanie as she worked her magic on me and my bridal party. I promise you that you will not be let down by booking her!


I have witnessed Melanie perfect her craft for over 10 years, and it has been such a pleasure to see her grow into an exceptional makeup artist and hair stylist. She has done my makeup twice and hair once. Both times I was a bridesmaid for my close friends. Being that she is so professional and humble, I never hesitate to recommend Melanie to anyone who is need of a makeup artist or hair stylist. She promptly and concisely responds to emails. She is always organized and punctual. She has a calm aura which makes your experience with her amazing, especially for you brides after all that planning. She genuinely cares about her clients, and loves striking up a conversation when she is beautifying your face or hair. Which is relieving, because I don’t like awkward situations. When I had my makeup done by her, both times my make up lasted ALL DAY AND NIGHT. The first time, I actually had TWO weddings in one day! My makeup was done at about 9am, and I was so sad to take it off at 1am because it still looked so good. The second time, Melanie did my hair and makeup. Despite how hectic I knew the day was going to be, I felt reassured to know that at least my hair and makeup would turn out great. My makeup felt so light and it stayed on like a champ. My face tends to get very oily, but I didn’t feel the least bit cakey or that I needed to reapply anything. Even after an open bar wedding and amazing dinner, my lipstick stayed on through it all. When Melanie did my hair, it was a classy updo as shown in my picture. I have very thick and long hair, but my hair felt secure and withstood a very breezy outdoor ceremony and photoshoot. Most importantly, after she’s completed your makeup and/or hair, it is evident that she’s proud of her work and grateful that you chose her amongst all other artists. She even follows up to make sure you were satisfied with your hair or makeup. Personally, that means a lot. To Melanie, it’s not just business. It’s making sure we see and feel the beauty and grace we all possess. Thank you Melanie for your services!


Melanie has done my make up a total of 3 times: as a bridesmaid, for my bridal shower, and for my wedding, and each time she has delivered above and beyond my expectations. No matter what time of day you need her to show up, she shows up on time, moves ahead of schedule, and is SUCH pleasure to work with (which is incredibly impressive and relieving, considering my early morning call time). What I love most about Mel is her knowledge on what will work best with your look – a lot of the time, brides aren't sure exactly what they're looking for, but Mel can hit the nail on the head with descriptions as little as "something glam, but not too heavy.. but romantic..?" or as descriptive as showing her a picture of exactly what you'd like. I'm not one who wears a ton of make up on an everyday basis, so naturally I was worried that I'd look like a completely different person, but each time, she's managed to find that balance of making me feel confident in my look without feeling self-conscious. Not once did I ever feel like she "caked" on too much make up. I'm sure if you've done your research, you know Mel is one of the top Bay Area MUAs, so if you're even considering booking her (which you should!), I recommend you book her ASAP, as she fills up fast! Last I heard, she was already booking 2019 weddings. Thanks for working your magic, Mel! I hope to work with you again in the future :) (I'll update my photo once I receive our professional pictures!)

Truly the best in the biz!!!

Melanie was absolutely amazing. From start to finish- she made hair and makeup the easiest part of our wedding planning. Melanie responds quickly to your emails, super professional and friggen gorgeous inside and out! My hair and makeup trial was such a great experience, I was extremely happy with the results and immediately started texting all my girlfriends to book her for their weddings! Melanie provided additional references when I needed to find an additional hair person for my bridesmaids and made all the arrangements, so I didn’t have to do anything. When it came to the day of wedding- hair and makeup lasted all day. The girls loved the outcome and gave great feedback. I truly felt and looked beautiful on my wedding day, thanks to Melanie. I would book her again in a heartbeat! So glad to have met such a beautiful, professional, and talented person.

Melanie's the dream package for your hair and makeup needs!

I cannot say enough positive things about working with Melanie! Having someone that can do both makeup AND hair is extremely rare to find and it really helped with cutting down the stress in wedding planning. She is highly skilled in countless hair/make up looks and she takes time to understand what look you’re trying to achieve on your big day. Melanie was responsive to my inquiry and very professional when it came to setting up logistics and timing. She is in high demand and I recommend booking early- you will not be disappointed. One thing I really like about Melanie is that she is so efficient with getting you ready on time, but still takes her time to make sure every detail is flawless. After the sessions, Melanie always sent me names of the products used and that really helped with recreating the look for special occasions. I was so happy with both my looks for engagement/wedding (almost makes me want to get married again to use her again! Haha). I had my engagement photos done on a windy day at the beach and my look stayed throughout the day! I was just as happy with my hair/makeup on the wedding day. I received so many compliments on my gorgeous Hollywood curls! You only get one shot at looking your best on your wedding day- hands down Melanie will deliver and exceed expectations.

She will make you look your best!

Melanie was amazing! After following her on Instagram for months prior to my engagement, she was the first vendor I reached out to once I set my wedding date! I loved her work and could not wait for her to make me as beautiful as she makes all of her other brides! Personally, I rarely wear make up/don't even know how to apply proper make up so I completely trusted Melanie with my look. She did an amazing job highlighting my features! All of her make up felt and looked natural, which I loved! It lasted all day, even though I was sobbing throughout my entire wedding day! She also did my hair the way I perfectly envisioned it! She is extremely talented and you would be very fortunate to be able to book her for your wedding! She fills up quite fast so hurry up and email her already! The attached photo is several hours after my hair/make up trial. Never looked better!

My Wedding Day Make Up #2 Review :)

Continuing from the review I just posted I want to share how well the make-up had lasted. After the 10 plus hours, my make up still looked as fresh as the beginning of the day! Melanie was such a sweet, genuine, and fun person to be around during a potentially stressful time. She makes you feel at ease and achieve such beautiful results. Can not express how lucky I was to have one of the best MUA in the bay area. So please take a look at her portfolio and give her a shot!

My Wedding Day Make Up

Melanie did a phenomenal job on my make-up for my wedding day this December. She applied her amazing contouring and highlighting skills to perfection and knew where to accentuate my greatest features. She chose complimentary colors for my fair to medium complexion while adding a gorgeous port wine to deep red for my lip color. Her quality of make up is also outstanding because I did not have to retouch up the entire night. Even my lips stayed on with all the sipping and eating I did at my reception. This went on for over 10 hours because in addition to our Tea Ceremony earlier that day. My natural oils were well held together by Melanie's matte look and still looked great throughout the evening. She is a true master of her craft and can accentuate or recreate a beautiful version of yourself. So please don't hesitate to book her right away!

Beautified by MelanieP!

Melanie transformed my bare face into a stunning vision with her careful eye for detail and color. She has the ability to transform you without using a heavy hand but instead enhancing your features. Melanie is not only talented in her craft but she is so pleasant to work with her easygoing and humorous personality. I was happy, comfortable, and confident in the way I looked at my engagement shoot and throughout my wedding day. And don’t stress about touch-ups since her magnificent face art is long lasting since the products she uses are great high-end quality.

Wedding makeup for 6

Melanie was such a pleasure to work with for my wedding. She listened and did exactly what I wanted, even when I changed my mind a few times! The wedding day was so hectic, Melanie was so prepared! She did makeup for me, 3 bridesmaids and 2 moms. She had a schedule starting at 6 am so we could finish at noon, everyone was amazingly on time and gorgeous! The makeup lasted all day in 104 degree sun/sweat and through the night! I would gladding recommend her to anyone.

Simply A-MAZING!!

I don't even know where to start... Melanie is TRULY GIFTED! Not only does she make you look and feel so beautiful, but she is so sweet and genuinely cares for all of her clients. I've had so many bad experiences with makeup artists that I can't even count, but Melanie has a client/fan in me forever! When I had my trial with her, she became an instant friend. She asked and listened to my preferences to ensure she gave me the look I wanted for my big day. She was in constant contact to ensure timing and changes were right for my big day. Thank goodness she had a bride cancel for my wedding date because that allowed her to do the makeup for my entire bridal party and mom. THE BIG DAY: I got married May 19, 2017. Leading up to the wedding she made sure to confirm all the details and schedule with me beforehand so I was at ease on the day of. She showed up right on time and made sure to stick to the schedule. I also loved how she also ensured that the bridesmaids looked amazing without outshining the bride (helps that all my cousins are beautiful too!). And although we all have different styles, she tied it all in and everyone absolutely LOVED their looks, they couldn't have been happier with her work and attention to detail. She also spent the time to get to know each person as she worked on them, I think that's an important personal touch. It never felt like she was just there for a paycheck. For my bridal makeup, she chatted with me to put me at ease as I was a ball of nerves that day. She also complimented me the entire time and made sure to take her time with me to get the look just right. She also did my hair, and for someone with a lot of hair that tends to be resistant may hair looked great and stayed in all day. The best thing is, the end result is FLAWLESS and never looks overdone or unnatural. AND it lasted ALL NIGHT! I had me ceremony in the early afternoon (1pm) and reception in the late evening and at the end of the night my face was still flawless. I didn't need any touch-ups and no creases!! Now THAT is worth every single penny. I cannot recommend her enough. Keep in mind that because she is so talented and in high demand, she books up months in advance. But that should be a testament to her work. She will forever be my face goddess, and I am truly thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her.