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Redrock Bengals

302 Jefferson Avenue
LINWOOD NJ , 08221
United States

I had a pleasant and overall excellent experience dealing with Red Rock.

Very humble, helpful and produced a beautiful bengal for my household. Great personality, ate well from day one, no liter accidents used his liter from day one with any issues. Overall very pleased with red Rock and my Loki.


We had the opportunity to adopt from Luisa and her family when she was still at Red Rock in Nevada. My wife, my son and I are loving our plush healthy girl Nala. We even got some fame from her - she became one of this year's top Cat Christmas Memes!

Testimonial #6

So happy to find a breeder with all their cats inside,well loved, and socialized with kids and pets. Our bengal is so good with our daughter! He lets everyone who comes in our house hold him and pet him.

Testimonial #7

Beautiful Bengals! Our girl is so playful and loving


Priscilla is the best thing that has happened in this household since I can remember. I love her so much and can't believe how smart she is...
I've read so much about Bengals hissing or growling, but not the case with "Priscilla." She loves everyone and every dog she meets as well! ... I just can't thank you all enough for bringing this awesome baby girl into my world.

Fritz is the Best Cat in the Whole World!

Fritz is the best cat in the whole world!!! We all love him. He fell asleep in my grandson's arms last night like a little baby. He's into everything and keeps us jumping. Had a birthday dinner for my son-in-law and Fritz walked around the whole table on everyone's laps. It was hysterical.


"Wonderful Bengals raised underfoot in a wonderful home. Sweet dispositions. ... Our baby is healthy and happy and just beautiful. Highly recommend!"