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Beqaj Refinishing

HACKENSACK New Jersey , 07601

A fabulous Job!!

Beqaj did a fantastic job painting my office in my Manhattan home. They were so reliable. Showed up on time, finished on time, were so professional and their price was incredibly fair. AND the paint job was excellent!

Beqaj Refinishing was fantastic!

Edi was terrific -- very kind, and wanted to make sure we were satisfied with the quality of his work. He did an amazing job in our kitchen as you can see in the pic below. We were very happy with the quality of the work and would definitely work with him again.

Exceptional craftsmanship hardworking honest trustworthy

Exceptional craftsmanship hardworking honest trustworthy

Highest rating! Edwards work is exceptional. For me, Edward refurbished an executive style large office desk that I’ve used and abused for the last 25 years. The desk had lost molding and was covered with nicks and scratches on all sides. The leather inlay on top was completely stained and ripped and most of the hardware had fallen off. I was recently looking to replace this desk and my wife and I had looked at similar ones which were very expensive. I happen to be Eduardo Beqaj’s doctor. Several months ago, one night after making a House call to visit Eddie’s father who was very ill, Eddie insisted I let him refinish my office desk as a thank you to me for caring for his family and others he told me I had helped as Eddie read that I have free medical clinic where I care for those in need. Eddie told me that he had read about some of my volunteer work as he insisted that I agree to let him do something for me. Let me say here that I have come to know Eddie, his wife, children and parents very well as their family Doctor and I was already impressed with how hard working and responsible Eddie and his wife are. I said no to Eddie’s insistence to refinish my desk knowing the long hours Eddie was working to support his family. Eddie’s work ethic is something not seen much anymore today. I would not say yes to Eddie’s gift to me because I honestly did not want to see him put in more hours in his work week which was already packed, working two jobs with little time to spend with his family. But Eddie and his wife insisted so that I honestly felt that I would insult him if I did not let him do this for me as he persisted that wanted to show me his appreciation, again, for taking care of his family etc.. And, I have to add that Eddie’s family has medical insurance that pays me for my services so it’s wasn’t that Eddie was bartering with me for taking care of them. Eddie just wanted to express his honest appreciation for what he told me that in his and his family’s view I had gone out of my way for them and he wanted to pay me back in a special way which he certainly did when he brought the refinished desk back to me just the other day after having picked it up from my office a few few days before. Eddie and his family are exceptionally nice people and it is my pleasure to be caring for them but as a thank you back to Eddie I can’t say enough about his craftsmanship. My desk looks exactly the same as when my wife and I purchased it 25 years ago. Actually better! I was shocked when I saw my desk again! It’s so perfect that I’m almost afraid to use it. Eddie is a true artisan! My entire office staff could not believe how beautiful this desk looks and how quickly Edward refinished it. But above all I can’t stress enough that Eddie is one of the nicest hard-working and honest guys you’ll ever meet so don’t think twice about using Eduard Beqaj’s refinishing Services. You will not be disappointed. I give Eddie the highest rating possible in terms of honestly, work ethics and craftsmanship. My wife hasn’t seen my desk yet but I know that once she does she’ll be calling Eddie to refinish something in our home. Again, one of the most honest hardworking craftsman you’ll ever meet whose work is meticulous and exceptional!! Dr Kevin Maloney, Mamaroneck

Beqaj is the Best!

I had the best possible experience with Beqaj Refinishing. From the very beginning, I found them superior to the several other refinishers I considered. When I asked for samples of different stains, other finishes dropped off sticky pieces of wood in plastic bags. Eduard, on the other hand, arrived with a wooden box in which were several beautifully finished samples in several colors and levels of shine. I had just had installed a giant wall of bookcases - 20' long by 10' high - a huge job, and I was under a strict time constraint as we had a family reunion scheduled for a week later. Eduard and his helper were very accommodating, rearranging their schedule so they could get the work done in time. They worked hard and long, and with the very highest level of quality. They were as meticulous finishing the insides and drawers and cabinets as the outside. They were also extremely polite - it was very comfortable to have them in my home. The price was also quite competitive with other, lesser companies. All in all, I would give them my highest recommendation and would absolutely use them again if I ever need further refinishing work.

Amazing results!!

I am a general contractor, and had Eddie and his company, refinish a whole kitchen in Tribeca. The rezults, were amazing, and the owners are thrilled!


Impressed from Eduard's work, I hired him three times: one to finish my radiator cover and bookcase, then to refinish my interiors and the to refinish a desk of mine. He's at the top of my phone list when I need a job done fast, amazingly and at an affordable price. Furthermore, working with Eduard is a real pleasure...

Reliable professional

I hired Eduard to finish a custom-made closet of mine. I was so impressed with his skills and professionalism, that I rehired him to refinish my apartment. Will definitely call him for everything I need.

Skilled, Professional Craftsman

Eduard’s fine work and work ethic is refreshing in a world of contractors who make promises they do not keep. He is reliable, fair, and gives his full attention to every job he takes. He explains both the process and the time frame and delivers what he promises. I have hired Eduard to do several projects both in my home as well as for clients. I sell real estate, and Eduard is the only finisher I can refer with no hesitation at all.

Amazing results

We hired Beqaj Refinishing LLC before putting our house on the market to refinish the kitchen and the floor throughout the entire house. We couldn't have made a better decision. Eduard and his team did a great job at a fast pace. We sold the house 2 weeks after putting it on the market. If you need a reliable person, and an affordable company, call Eduard for sure!

Great job!

Fast, affordable, great quality and professional person to work with.

Professionalism at its finest

At a very overwhelming period for himself, Eduard was able to deliver our client's project in a timely manner, providing an amazing quality and fulfilling every last minute request with a smile in his face. If you are an interior designer and are looking for an amazing finisher to collaborate with, do not hesitate to contact Beqaj Refinishing LLC. Based on my experience, you will be more than satisfied from the result and gain a great partner to collaborate with in your future projects.

An intelligent business man, a hard worker and a great friend

I met Eduard a long time ago in Italy. He showed his abilities, intelligence, honesty and hard working efforts since day one. With the experience he earned in Italy putting at work all his skills, he was able to open a small business in the U.S. which I am so proud of. Being an international professional in the furniture industry myself, travelling in many countries in Europe, Middle East, and U.S., I know how difficult this industry is and what type of challenges Eduard and his business needs to overcome everyday. But I have seen Eduard operating under pressure, without losing his calmness for even a second. He always has a big smile when facing the difficulties of the furniture business world. I highly recommend his services, because apart being a great family man, having earned amazing skills, he is honest and affordable.

Very happy client!!!!

I was very very satisfied with the work done by BEQAJ REFINISHING! A colleague of mine recommended Eduard and his company to do some work at my mother's house before putting it on the market. I had the kitchen redone, the studio (all made out of dark brown wood) refinished, the floor throughout almost the entire house refreshed, the wooden windows refinished and the house painted. Eduard provide an affordable proposal and did an amazing job. Working with Beqaj Refinishing and its team was a fresh breeze. 

My kitchen seems brand new!!!!!!

Recommended by a friend of mine, I hired Beqaj Refinishing LLC to refinish my kitchen. I can't believe that it is the same one, but it seems brand new! I'm in love with my kitchen again. Thank you Eduard! Keep up the great work....

Professional. high-skilled and affordable finisher

Kitchen Refinishing

Eduard and his company did an amazing job with my kitchen. I couldn't be happier with his service, his affordability and punctuality. All of my friends and colleagues have Beqaj Refinishing's contact in Westchester because there's no one else I know with the experience of Eduard that does such an amazing job at a great price.