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HandBand Pro®

4160 Catalpha Avenue
Palm Beach Gardens FL , 33410

HandBand Pro® ALPHA Low Profile
It seems that with every pair of Handbands I try. I find the new versions get better. This goes now for the Alpha. So easy to put on and take off, with just enough coverage on my hands to protect where I need it while wheeling around everyday. Once again, Alphas are another great addition to the Handband Pro family of products.

Finally! Something that WORKS!

The first time I tried them for pull ups, I couldn't believe how they helped me grip the bar! I had no pulling around my wrists because the fabric stretches with movement. The fit was custom to my own hands, so I didn't have to worry about too much of my hand being covered to get a good grip. For pull ups (and rope climbs), I LOVE the monster grip. The grip pads remove all the damaging friction between my hands and the bar, so I could keep doing pull ups until I finished the sets. The cross grip is awesome for dumbbell work and any hand contact on rough surfaces (like pavement). Thank you, Danielle, for FINALLY getting something out to the market that actually works! I can say goodbye to rips in my hands forever, and "No pain, No gain" will refer to my fitness, not my hands!