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HandBand Pro®

4160 Catalpha Avenue
Palm Beach Gardens FL , 33410

Low Profile

These are well made and fit so comfortably! I got the petite ones for my small hands and they fit nice and snug. There is nothing worse than a glove that is to big and moves around! They wash well and it is super easy! Delivery is fast and nice professional packaging!

Second Skin are AMAZING

the second skin is amazing! felt a bit strange at first as it is different than the other HandBandPro products I have tried. These felt like I was gripping the bar with my bare hands, which made me rethink whether I was ripping my hands, but I wasn't. I am buying some more pairs ASAP!

Second pair because I love them I didn’t want to risk forgetting the first pair

I love love love my hand bands! I have been hitting muscle ups with no fear of tearing! Doing whole Crossfit wods without having to take them on and off!!

Best things ever for wheelchair users

I absolutely LOVE my handband pros! They have been a joint and life saver for me by reducing the amount of work I have to do to propel myself in my wheelchair. And that has in turn reduced injury to my joints and made me able to go further and over more hills and difficult terrain much easier than I used to be able to. My only complaint is that I wear the grip down so fast, but that's because I use them so much and I'm easily going 2 miles in a day and they also get used extensively in breaking and steering. But regardless of that, they're still the best thing I've found so far and I've done a LOT of looking. They're easy to put on/off and I can easily get them both on my hands on the short trip in the elevator on my way out my apartment building, and if I need to take them off, it takes only a few seconds. They're lightweight and so I don't feel them as much as bike gloves. And they're also not as hot as bike gloves are in the summer so they're awesome.

better farmer carries!

i love these guys. they have saved my hands so many times, and all of the handband products i have put them through the wash several times and they hold up. such a good investment.

Massage therapist approved

I've been using my Alpha's in crossfit for several weeks now. As a massage therapist not having to worry about my hands ripping and just being able to workout hard is really nice

Works perfect & not bulky works great for wheelchair use

My daughter jazzy has been using this specific style for a few weeks now and absolutely loves them, they work great for her ehlers-danlos syndrome and keeing the wrists in place while propelling
She says they are not bulky like the wheelchair gloves are

I highly recommend these to anyone in wheelchairs!!!

Almost a 5 star

I ordered the petites and although they fit, they don't work as well as the small. They bunch up a little, which the size small didn't, which is why I love these grips. So maybe on my next order I don't get petites.

These work great on the bar in Crossfit workouts

HandBands work great. I use them in Crossfit when I'm on the bars -- kipping pullups, toes to bar, muscle ups. For years torn calluses have been bane of my Crossfit existence, and I've tried about five other brands of hand protection. So far HandBands are the best I've found. I use Alpha Low Profile, have not tried the other versions.

The best for my hands

They arrive before I expected. They little, perfect for me, I thought they were bigger and didn't like it but I love it, I use everyday.

Hand protection for CF workouts while maintaining grip comfort

Best hand protection w decent grip comfort I've tried thus far. Plan to stick w these for now!

Better Grip On My Life!!!!!

I ordered the HANDBAND PRO:registered: ORIGINAL in Ignitor and on the first use, I already knew this product was going to be a game changer for my workout and fitness goals. Previously, I've used exercise gloves and never felt that I received the appropriate grip I needed to go heavier on my weights. On my first use, I was able to grip the heavier weights I've been after with such ease. Thanks to this new found strength, it helped fuel my loss of 6 pounds in the first week of using these gloves. It is really incredible how a quality product can change/enhance your strength and endurance training. My life will never be the same...and I mean that in a GREAT way!


The protect my hands almost perfectly, and the versatility from the design and finger slits allows me to adjust for the specific lift or need. My hands improved almost immediately, I'm able to work out harder since my hands are protected, and I think they look pretty cool too.

Perfect as can be!

My wife turned me onto CrossFit and while I'm deployed, I've been hitting it pretty hard. Wow, my hands got torn up in a hurry, and my workouts were suffering because of it. I turned to my personal trainer (my wife) for advice, and she recommended the HandBand. She's a tough customer, so I took her advice and ordered a pair. I was immediately impressed with the versatility they offer, ensuring they fit how they need to and protect the areas where the bar is hitting. No matter what I've thrown at them--pull ups, bar work, kettle bells--they protect my hands perfectly. I also appreciate being able to slip them off of my hands and onto my wrists so they are out of the way during other movements like running, push ups, tire flips, etc. But when I need them, I slip them back onto my hands and quickly get back at it. Now just a couple weeks into using them, my hands are almost like new and my workouts have improved because I'm not favoring my hands. Thanks for a great product and great customer service!


These are awesome!! No more burning, ripping callouses. So many people have asked me about them and I even ordered a second pair for my husband. They also help with sweaty hands. In FL it gets pretty hot and your hands start to slip. These are the perfect solution. The only issue I had was I ordered standard size but they stretch when you sweat. I bought a second pair in petite.

SO happy to have found this

Have been steadily increasing the weights I lift (up to 85 lbs from 45lbs in Jan) but since a wrist injury last year have been wearing a brace which make gripping the bar more difficult. The Headband Pro has been a great solution. Give me the support needed and my hands can grip and hold so much better. No more slipping!!

Great product

They are super comfy! Wish they were a little faster to put on but they are great!

I love this product

Hand Band Pro is an excellent company with a fantastic product. I ordered the wrong size and they replaced my gloves with no extra expense and no questions. When the gloves arrived I was excited to try them out at the box. I was able to do pullups with not problem. There was no slipping at all. Using them with kettlebells increased my grip and saved my hands. I really like this product. It is also nice that the gloves turn quickly into wrist straps when you need them. I highly recommend the Warrior gloves!!