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Activecare Physical Therapy

3425 Peach Street
Erie PA , 16508

When I arrived at Activecare I couldn't touch my toes or tie my shoes. I had three herniated discs in my back and wasn't comfortable in anything I was doing. I had sciatica that ran down my left leg with pain all the way down to my heel. I was under the care of the Cleveland Clinic and my Dr. there suggested I go to a physical therapist certified in the McKenzie Method. Now I had been in PT before at other larger institutions associated with local hospitals and was never without pain. So with the help of my physician I chose Activecare because Ehren was certified in the McKenzie Method. From the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by Tammy and Lynn I was welcomed and felt comfortable. That friendly smile continued way past the front door with Ehren spending a lot of time trying to find out what exercises were good for me and which weren't. That continued with Julie, Derek, and Nancy along the way. Each time I went to PT I felt like we were making progress by being proactive in my care. 6 months later I can tell you that my pain has been eliminated and I have been able to continue with my active lifestyle while continuing to incorporate exercises I learned at Activecare. I can't thank Ehren, Renee, and their team enough for how great they all were. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

The team here is so awesome! Staff is very friendly. They make you feel important and push you to get the results you need! Would highly recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy!