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Betsey Grady

alabama , 36576

I have had many Akashic readings with Betsey.  Every one offers something new, clarity, and/or helps me delve deeper into questions I have.  Betsey brings such a calm, positive energy.  I was looking for some short meditations and she suggested her Liquid State of Mind series.  They have really changed my mindset and offered me a place to clear my head on a daily basis.  It has taught me to meditate and has taught me many skills that I have incorporated into my daily life.  I use these skills during a stressful day/stressful situations or when I need to calm down or center myself.  I love that they are not time consuming and offer me a time I can refocus my energy on myself.  

Meditation Program At-Home

I have known for a long time that i needed and "should" meditate. "They"
said it would be good for me. Over the years I would try and try again
but never succeeded. Then I met Betsey! She said she was going to have a
4 day in class education with access to an on-line program called A
Liquid State of Mind. So I signed up.
Oh my, it has been one of the most glorious experiences on my journey.
Now meditation is not something I 'need" or "should" do. It is something I WANT to do!!!
Since December, I have rarely gone a day without practicing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!