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Tribal-FX Binary Options

United Kingdom

Good one

So far I am very impressed with buffalo. Only big drawback is the lack of customer service. I emailed maybe 20 to 30 times on numerous ocassions. Without success. I understand its a ongoing process ,but just email me back to say fuck off and wait. I cant get buffalo to work with mt2binary while I wait for v2. Please get back to me

Great Indicator

I've found the buffalo through your youtube channel, and have been using it ever since! it's such a great indicator that not only i've bought it for myself but for my friends as well. It has been making me money since the very first day. I'm glad I found your buffalo indicator. Cannot wait for version 2. thanks a lot!!!

Buffalo indicator

This is truly a brilliant indicator. I have tried so many different indicators in the market in the past 2 years and nothing can come close to this buffalo! Most of the signals appeared are winning, unbelievable! I'm so happy that now I can finally see my account growing. Thanks Joe for making my life so much better!! You're great!

Performance indicator

I have used the indicator in the past (last year from about juli 2017 till november) the performance of success was about 90 tll 95% Now i will start again with this indicator and within 1 month from now I will for sure go live

Tribal fx binary buffalo indicator

The best indicator i have came across in a long time thank you so much!

Best Indicator and Service

Was using Buffalo indicators and following Tribal- FX Binary Team they were doing great service to their customers and indicator 100% non repainted works perfect eagerly waiting for V2


i used since 2017 it have payed for my education université Bravo! bring me falcon-X!

best indicator i have used so far

I have used a lot of indicators since binary trading started and this is by far the best for pullback. I wouldn't recommend for forex though unless you are confident!

Good Job Fella!

I like what youve done with it mate! If your ever up north come and visit and ill get the pints in! Stoked for V2.0!

Customer service is grate!

Joe and the tribal-fx team are very helpful, i'm relatively new so wouldn't have been able to set up myself. thanks again

Love it pays for my clubbing

tribal-fx team your the guys! keep the good work going pleas and ill keep on the partying :)

5 minute bangers !

Good onya mate! Right ripper on the market! pulled me from a tradie now sippin slabs round the barbie! Top dog!

Sending love from the USA!

love your indicators joe! just watched your new videos - welcome back and hope the new house is ok! ive added your number for the whatsapp group, cant wait to join the new group :)!

Looking forward to V2.0!

Hi Tribal-fx team! So i bought buffalo last year and i can say the signals are very good... only bad point is that the signals are good in the times i can't trade! lol. is there a way of adjusting the algorithm time thingy??

Very happy god bless!

i start trading binary options for 5 month now and i use bad signals from indicator but since i get buffalo it is very good. i recomend alot to people!

Decent stuff!

I'll be honest, i never write reviews about anything. BUT, i've had Buffallo V1.0 since the start and i'm very happy with it still, defo get one if you haven't already. Cracking job mate keep it up!

Licensing dos not work in Uganda!

Hi tribal-fx team have you fixed licensing for my country? i really want to use!

Best Indicator Ever

This is my first indicator which i bought last year and i had best results too and good support from FX team too i hope version 2 gonna kill the market and we could able to get more signals i am really excited and can not Wait for the V2