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Brisbane Queensland , 4007

Cheers legends

Hello Team I love what all you guys are doing there and appreciate it soo much. Can you please make sure Marius sees this message. Cheers legends Hey Marius one of the things I love about you mate is that you put your balls on the line !!!and you do it for the right reasons!!! I know you and Wendy are great people that want to help the little guy become dept free and financially free. I love crypto and I love being apart of this like minded family and to go on this crypto journey together. Thankyou marius and Wendy. And it’s so comforting to have the best info in the business being delivered daily to my phone. Keep it up guys!!!! It’s james from Byron bay. It would be my honer to come hang with you guys in brizzy. And maybe go for a surf 🏄‍♂️ might be good for you Marius to get to the beach!! Love you guys James

You nailed it Marius

Dear Marius, Bakgat!!! You beauty! You called it – keep trusting yourself and you data and you God! PS: I would love to listen in on the webcast on Revelations! Regards


Hi Marius, Yes, you nailed it! BAM! Just hit our flash drop on LTC! Don't know how you do it, but I love having you on my side! Many Thanks, David

Thank you for all that you do!

Dear Marius, Wendy and Team: Thank you for all that you do! You truly care about people and those of us who haven’t yet been able to financially free ourselves. You could go about your business and just take care of yourself and not worry about us, and that would be perfectly appropriate too, but the fact that you care about us and offer the information you do is beyond amazing, and I don’t have the words to properly offer the level of gratitude I feel. Thank you! Kindest Regards, Ritu

Haven't looked back

Hi Marius, I joint your website a month ago based on Derek Clement's recommendations and haven't looked back. You and your team are amazing! Thank you. I am completely new to cryptos. Regards from Joburg Vessy

Nice trades

Hello Marius, Thanks for your updated blogposts this week and the webinar of yesterday. It was really helpful. Together with your trend forecast and own indicators could make some nice trades Regards, Martin Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

I am a big fan of Wendy and Marius

I am following since July 2019 and it makes me so confindent according crypto. I am from Switzerland and usually got up in the middle of the night just to be at any live webinar Marius and Wendy do. You are both my Heros, love you guys!!!

5 Stars from me

You’re the best Marius, you called the recent drop perfectly for lite coin to $50, Ethereum to $151. How you do it is beyond my reasoning. I’m a happy member for just over 2 years now. Very happy,

My testimonial

How you are able to predict the future price of Bitcoin is scary but we love your work and it has helped us increase the amount of Bitcoins and ALT coins. This is my testimony. I have been following Marius since June 2018, he does trend buy and they are very accurate. I f you are looking to trade the trend then you have it here. I Hope to see some more gains this year. Keep up the good work. Michael

Thank you

Just a quick note Marius, Absolutely incredible write up for the blog post today, MILLION thanks to you and your team, your dedication to your subscribers is absolutely outstanding 🙂! Your Friend, David

Priceless information

Hello Marius, Thank you again so much for the priceless information, shared with us with such clarity. I really do appreciate and value what you do ! Kind Regards James

I am now more confident with your data

Marius, I am now more confident with your data and my subscription to your service. I know this is an ever changing marketplace and you give us a predictive algorithm that comes with unavoidable uncertainty. But you still give us a predictive algorithm! Nobody else can do that! Even if the dates are distorted through manipulation or any other factors, you nailed a significant drop prediction. As I hold on and ride this market and listen to your training and education, I get more and more calibrated to the data you provide us. This drop really helped add confidence and helps me continue to make my own financial choices with an educated guess instead of being reactive to market swings. THANK YOU! I am just writing to say that I am even more positive and I am wishing you the best, sending Love and understanding to all those that may not understand and then buckling up for the ride! :) Thanks for all your efforts and the work of your team. I know Freedom is around the corner! Kyle

Thanks for what you do

Hi Marius, Amazing video update, thanks mate! I saw that $700 MILLION in longs were liquidated on Bitmex. Do you think that is enough blood on the altar of sacrifice for them? My take from your video, and also all your blog updates, is that you are pretty convinced this was likely the low for BTC (enough blood analogy). Thanks a million for everything you do for your members, love you Marius ❤️! David

You called this drop

Marius, thank you for your awesome analysis and dedication to helping the “little guy”. On 26 August 2019 you called this drop and amazingly just like all your other calls you were spot on. How you do this is totally beyond my thinking. I will be a follower for life. Keep up the good work. Your buddy from Texas. I’ll be in Brisbane in December, would like catch up for golf. Wayne 😀

Long time member

I’ve been a member going into 3 years now and will be a member for life. I’ve been there when he called the high for bitcoin on 11 December 2017 and said bitcoin will hit $19500 on 17 December and told us to sell. I sold everything and bought back later when Marius recommend we get back in. My portfolio is way up in the 6 figure while started with a mere $40K a few years ago. I cannot thank Marius enough. Try his service for a few months, you’ll be pretty impressed. Better than anything else out there. Steve

Happy subscriber for 1 year

Your latest Litecoin call is spot on. Been a member for exactly 1 year and cannot thank you enough. How you do your analysis is beyond my thinking and the only reasonable answer I get is that you must be from the future. NOBODY can be this accurate in terms of forecasting the trend lines... thanks for the awesome work Marius and team. John B - Arizona Long live the American Flag

Just wanted to say thanks for the ongoing guidance and inspiration

Just wanted to say thanks for the ongoing guidance and inspiration. Your positive energy and drive is palpable - something I also value, and strive to provide to the world around me. I anticipate your telegram posts and they are a huge help for my investment strategy - but also for support of the mind in this crazy crypto world that I have come to know over the last few years. When all others stumble... rise... Let me be present for every precious moment. Let my words improve upon the silence. Let me be the change that I wish to see. Although it is just one aspect of life... Crypto is about to go vertical my friend. It has been a great and brutal teacher. After the dust settles and we are grateful for what we have learned and been given, Brandi and I will come visit you and Wendy. We will have to visit your favorite spot and we will paddle out. Until then... - Rockwell

Best service ever

Tried this service for two months, mostly in down market for last two months but his warning of the downtrend and the latest crypto drop helped me to buy extra coins. I will check and come back in two months to report my progress but overall very satisfied and a hppy customer. 5 stars mate.