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Brisbane Queensland , 4007

Patience paid off

Good day Marius, I trust that you are keeping well, I want to say A BIG THANK YOU to You and Your team! The greatest lesson that you have taught me is PATIENCE, I believe that it's equally important as your Algorithm analysis. May God continue enrich you with Wisdom, Grace, Protection and Good Health. Would love to meet you and Your lovely wife Wendy some day. Thank you, warm regards, Tiago F Da Silva.

Excellent November 15 update

Hi Marius, Appreciate your recent update. Well done. Exactly what we were looking for. I think we're all in need of positive news. Just shot in the arm we needed. Can't wait for next week! Thanks for all of your hard efforts on our behalf. Regards, Bill

Best subscription ever encountered

I became a subscriber on September 1, 2019. It has now been 75 days. In the beginning I was sceptical but decided to try out your service for 30 days and put it to the test. The first live webinar I attended blew my mind and the information I received in that 1 hour was simply mind blowing. You or your team predicted an unexpected catapult event which would spike all cryptos with about 45% and predicted Bitcoin would hit $10,500 while it was at $8000. A brave call to make. Yes unexpectedly Bitcoin hit your target of $10,448 and Alt coins all jumped 45%. Ive been following all your predictions for the last 75 days, my portfolio is up by 53%, I increased and farmed (as you are teaching us) my alt coins by 24%. In the past I’ve tried so many groups but lost so much. It feels I have finally found a home. I will be a member for life. Happy crypto stormer here. Steven

Deepest Gratitude

Marius & Team, Thank you for telegram posts like what you just sent out!!! You provide a foundation and a comfort for us. Without you, I can guarantee there is no way I’d be able to handle this crypto rollercoaster. Deepest Gratitude, Ritu

Another great webinar

Hey Marius thanks for another great webinar yesterday and a huge thanks to your team for getting the replay up so quickly. Have been working on my patience while trading and it paid off. Was able to farm for another 82 LTC before #Cat#2! Just rebought between $56.25-$57 after selling some between $61-$63.5 Jason

System does work

This system works very well. Although some calls have been missed he has been spot on in most cases. I just wanted ah I followed all recommendations exactly as per his report. But great work so far. Highly recommended. 

Looks like you nailed it again

Marius and Team, great job on nailing the last call. Perfect and good analysis. Your work is astonishing and how you come up with the chart direction is unreal and beyond me. I will be a member for life. Thank you Marius, Sam, Wendi

Great call keep it up my Aussie mate

Great video and yes I can confirm this is the case. Marius was the only one in the world to make this spike call in Bitcoin. I follow a lot of experts and not one of them got even close. As for me, I am also a member for life.

Your recent call was amazing and accurate

Thank you Marius for what you do for the Bitcoin and Litecoin communities. Your recent call showing that a Bitcoin catapult spike was coming was incredible accurate and nobody in the world say that call coming. You are remarkable and so accurate. How you do this is beyond my thinking. I will be a member for life. Sandra

Thank You for what you guys do!

Hello Marius and Wendy. Have not been able to attend the live webinars the last two times due to business and family commitments.Just wanted to say thank you for your exceptional analysis! We were able to stay calm and control our emotions even when everyone else was calling for a phenomenal downturn in the crypto markets. Once again, Thank You for what you guys do! God Bless you always! Juan Carlos and Maritere Sanchez.

Very Grateful

Very Grateful to have you in my life Marius! Thank you for all your work Your wife’s work Your Team’s work Thanks to all of you God Bless you and your Family I love you! 🙏❤️😊

I have got to say you and your team amaze me

I have got to say you and your team amaze me at your knowledge and calls! There is so many people in Crypro just trying to make $ off of others, yet you help others create wealth and security. You take the time to talk to people and answer questions. I feel so blessed to have your leadership. Truly thank you ML.

Uplifting message

To Marius’ Team: Thank you for today’s uplifting Telegram message. Not only do many things we fear in life never happen, if we look back, we realize almost none of them either happened or happened the way we fearfully anticipated because FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real but it is still however, unfortunately a powerful tool of control. Have a great weekend! Kindly, Ritu

You were right

Let’s see where this re-bounce/spike (?) ends; ltc at usd 58 now (up from usd 49.4) this morning Dutch time. However, it seems you were absolutely right🚀👏 ; just remain patient for some more time... Best regards,

You’re a beacon of light

Marius is my beacon in difficult times. I sent him an email asking to have a phone call with him to review my crypto portfolio. To my amazement his office gave me his private mobile number and long story short we got on a 2 hour phone call. He made suggestions to my portfolio and we narrowed down my coins from 64 to now only 9 coins and pretty much more manageable now! I trust him fully being a member now for only 3 months. Havnt made much profits yet but have increased my Litecoins from 235 to an extra 22. My Ethereum increased from 47 to an extra 6. I am looking forward to the next 90 days. Lips sealed! 😆

Cheers legends

Hello Team I love what all you guys are doing there and appreciate it soo much. Can you please make sure Marius sees this message. Cheers legends Hey Marius one of the things I love about you mate is that you put your balls on the line !!!and you do it for the right reasons!!! I know you and Wendy are great people that want to help the little guy become dept free and financially free. I love crypto and I love being apart of this like minded family and to go on this crypto journey together. Thankyou marius and Wendy. And it’s so comforting to have the best info in the business being delivered daily to my phone. Keep it up guys!!!! It’s james from Byron bay. It would be my honer to come hang with you guys in brizzy. And maybe go for a surf 🏄‍♂️ might be good for you Marius to get to the beach!! Love you guys James

You nailed it Marius

Dear Marius, Bakgat!!! You beauty! You called it – keep trusting yourself and you data and you God! PS: I would love to listen in on the webcast on Revelations! Regards


Hi Marius, Yes, you nailed it! BAM! Just hit our flash drop on LTC! Don't know how you do it, but I love having you on my side! Many Thanks, David