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God bless you Marius

Thank you Marius for send us the Statement of Karatbankcoin today. From my point of view, this shows how serious they are in the business. Thank you for introduce them to us. I want to profit from cryptos soon so I can invest more here. I really like their vision and yours. God bless you Marius! 🙏🌟 M

Nailed it!

Great call on the 18th being a turning point for cryptos! Really appreciate your insight as we move forward. On the webinar today, is it possible to mention NEO, and what you see for the end of cycle projections in March-May? I'm curious if ETH or NEO have a higher percentage potential for this cycle. Thanks! Tom

Spot On with Jult 2nd call

Hi Marius Just wanna let u know that if I remembered it correctly, u actually said the high point for bitcoin and alt coins was in July 2nd before changing it to July 18th. U were spot on... with the time contraction, the high point was in July 2nd. Amazing job u and ur team did👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 thank you for your efforts Winnie Malaysia

You are from the future - NO DOUBT NOW!

There is no doubt you are from the future Marius. What year are you from? It is impossible that you can identify the trend this accurate and know the future price predictions of Bitcoin and cryptos like you do. I will be a member for life.

Up over 255% thank you

Well done on your Litecoin call. I am up over 255% since your recommendation. I will be a subscriber for life. Steve

Members since June 2017

Marius, I have been a members since June 2017 and your calls have made me a lot of money. The first major call was the one you did early December 2017 and in that report you sated to get out of Bitcoin and cryptos. I did just that and ride the wave downwards till end of December 2018 - saving me thousands while almost everybody who were not subscribers lost big amount money. I cannot thank you enough as I am now up only this year more than 300% in my total portfolio value. I am more than happy to do this testimony and cannot urge crypto investors enough to get a membership. I am just amazed that you still only ask $25 per month where it should actually be over $500 a month value. I am a member for life and look forward to the next 6 months making huge gains. Thanks you Marius and Team all the way from Taiwan. Shawn

Your presentation is really incredible

Hello Marius, Your presentation is really incredible. Thanks a lot for your info and I am really glad to be in your group (1st time i can say this about crypto abos). Kind Regards Ray Germany

Wish I found you earlier

Marius and team, I am very impressed with the content of the reports, blog posts and weekly webinars. I only wish I found you earlier but I am on the boat now. Here is my testimony, since following you from January 2019, I am up with over 360% and traded Litecoin, Bitcoin, ETH and BitcoinCashABC as per your suggestions. I cannot thank you enough and may God bless you dearly. Anita (PS: I am referring all my friends to subscribe to your crypto reports).

Great webinars thank you

I think you are right on target with housing prices going up that you mentioned in one of your tweets. I work in mortgage lending in the States, and our mortgage rates are tied pretty heavily to the 10 year treasury bond. It's straddling the line at 2%, down from about 3.25%. There are some predictions that the 10 year may fall to as low as 1.1 to 1.2%. This will cause housing prices to rise, as competition heats up as homes become more affordable with lower rates. When these rates go back up to 4%, 5% 6%+, housing will become even less affordable for people as wages are not keeping up with housing costs. I live in Colorado, and my house value is up about 25% in 3 years and we are still in a hot market. Will be interesting to see how it's valued a year from now. My wife and I really appreciate your philosophy on why we want to invest in cryptos. Pay off debt, create wealth (needed for 3 kids college educations) and pay it forward. Our church has an incredible outreach where we have bought apartment complexes, remodeled them and use them to help single moms living in cars get off the street. We have a heart for these people and are looking forward to the day we can do more to help. Thanks again, T - Colorado

Great webinars thank you

Marius, I just want to write you (and your team) a note of thanks. I’ve been in various trade groups through the years and the pattern seems to be the same each time. A very knowledgeable person wants to share their skill and insight and that attracts a wide variety of people wanting to make profit. As the user group grows, the spectrum of skill level widens and the group becomes comprised of the very skilled (and silent and sometimes professional) traders. They also get the very unskilled, curious, vocal, amateur, first-time traders with no fundamental knowledge of money management or realization that markets are not black and white. The unskilled traders don’t realize that laddering in and out of assets and positions is much like herding cats. It’s a constantly moving target that requires a great deal of time and attention to manage. I’m listening to your June 27 webinar now for my third time. I always listen to your webinars at least three times. The first time to take notes, then again to polish my notes and make sure my plan is sound and then a third time to reinforce my working knowledge of what you’ve provided for us. Serious trading requires this kind of work and you’ve done the hard part for us. You continue to unearth the most amazing insights. I don’t know if you have a time machine (I sent you that tweet recently) or a crystal ball or just some next level alien technology, but whatever it is, it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I really, appreciate you sharing it with us and for such an unbelievably generous price. And your willingness to speak personally to individuals is just amazing. You are a true saint Marius! I’m sorry that your calls feel like a kindergarten sometimes. I know that is frustrating for you and you handle it like a true gentleman. I’m sorry to say from experience that it’s only going to get worse as you add subscribers. You may have to move to a more restricted method at some point so that you’re able to get through your entire presentation without having to answer a question about something you literally just spoke about. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do. Thank you! Steve (Kentucky)

Great Webinar

Hey team I just wanted to thankyou for the webinar this morning it was great to get that information it is very hard to read these markets. And I always find it throws a big curve ball at you right at the end!! Thanks guys keep up the great work James Robertson

BTC is hitting your target

I've been a private key member for about a year and in the webinar group since the beginning. BTC is hitting your target now, right on with the dates, with the alts I hold quite a bit behind from a target perspective, ltc, eth and bitcoin cash. I'm still hopeful that we can get a little closer to the targets on these coins. My concern is that btc turns down soon and I'm still waiting for the alts to catch up and get caught in the down draft. From a training and education perspective maybe you can address this concern. Anyway your information has been amazing and I'm so grateful I'm a member. Nobody know the future, but your info helps calm the nerves and your positive attitude is the best.

Great weekly webinars

I am a member with full access :) to everything, and worth every penny.. will be watching you today.. cheers and really thank you for all the great voodoo..

Best thing I did was to subscribe

Hello 👋Marius, I met you already last December when I signed in. Must say it was one of the best things that happened to me. God bless you.Regards , Bertus

Wish I found you earlier

Good day Marius,( Team) my name is Pierre-Olivier Dubreuil, from Canada. first of all i would like to let you know that i am a a premium member since last november and suscribed to your webinar this spring and attend to them religiously since them. My only regret is that i wish i found you in 2017 when i started in crypto. I feel that you are a true honest sincere and genuine person when you talk about help people and that you are for the little guy. and i i want to thank you for this. Please also discard all your trolls, they don't deserve you pay any attention to them.

$144k into $1.5 million...

Do you know Marius, that since November 2018, by following diligently your work, you have helped us to turn $144,000 in crypto’s into over 1.5 million dollars in value? TRUTH! Can you believe what the Lord is doing here Marius? I will always have your back Marius. Thank you and bless you. InJoy Please feel free to use this testimonial of these results of following your guidelines. Confidentially of course.

real big thank you for the video posting of the webinar each week

Marius or Team, I cannot watch the Thursday webinar due to a standing ‘date night’ with my wife, every Thursday. So I appreciate that you create a recording of the webinar and that you post it for viewing a.s.a.p. I also like the small edits of the video to remove dead air and underwhelming questions voiced by the live attendees. So, a real big thank you for the video posting of the webinar each week. Earl Manchester

Your calls are spot on

Have been following Marius for well over 24 months now and he has an uncanny ability to call the market highs and lows, something I have never seen anybody do during my 17 years of trading on Wall Street. I am giving you this testimony as an act of good faith and hope you would subscribe and see for yourself the enormous potential you have by simply following Marius' crypto currency reports. From us, Pinnacle Charter, this an endorsement.