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Brisbane Queensland , 4007

you have made me 18 thousand so far...

you have made me 18 thousand so far...

I am up over 400%

"If you are serious about making insane profits in the crypto space, I recommend you start by registering on this website of world renowned Bitcoin Analyst, Marius Landman, I am up over 400%" (link:

Great calls buddy

Hi Marius, Just a quick note of thanks for doing a session on how the KBC "sell" process will be actioned. It really makes me feel a whole lot better now that your subscribers are aware of how things will work. Good on you buddy, and may you be blessed with tons of downline affiliates. It's the least you deserve considering the amazing work you put in for us little guys to help us prosper. I would be lost in a sea of oblivion in the crypto space without your insights. Regards Daryl

Hi Marius, Just a quick note to say that Dad, Don, and I always appreciate your incredibly helpful webinars. We look forward to those every week, and we make it a priority to be on the live zoom. We especially enjoy hearing you share extra crypto, metal, and other important details (e.g. dollar devaluation / inflation) and life stories, and we appreciate all of the extra time you spend answering community questions. You and Wendy have created such a welcoming atmosphere in which you go out of your way to let each member feel free to speak up. Also, thank you for your wonderful, just released 30 minute crypto video, along with your easy to follow written summary. These short overviews really help to clarify all of the crypt data you shared with us in your Thursday / Friday webinar. We now know exactly what steps to take next! Thanks again to you and Wendy for all you do, K & D

Your day to day update are valuable

This is the best service I have ever seen. Nothing and I say nothing else comes even close to this guy and his team. The daily updates through the blog posts and reports are simply well and truly fantastic and I love it. Give it a go you won’t be dissatisfied.

Very earnest - What you see is what you get

I find Marius to be one of the most genuine persons I know in the space. He is sharing his very best, no holding back, and walks the talk. This market is so fickle and there are so many factors that can impact, that having someone on the pulse is invaluable. He truly wants to help people succeed out of genuine caring.

Lessons you provide on each crypto currency opens to door to opportunities

Hi Marius, I would like to say how thankful I am for the information you provided to your members on the May 28/29 video. I have been a member for approximately a year and I am learning so much from your videos and webinars. The lessons you provide on each crypto currency opens to door to opportunities that we would never ever, ever have. Exceptional and impressive work I thank God for you and your team Jenifer G

I’m blown away at the information

Hello Wendy Marius put the last webinar so everyone can see it. In the webinar he was telling a story about you going to the grocery store and you telling him you need more money. When you were on holiday, Marius had to go to the grocery store...he couldn’t believe how expensive things were. He wondered if he was in a pricey supermarket. I couldn’t believe it either, as he was telling the prices of items. My mouth was so wide open as I was listening to him tell the prices....I can’t believe the inflation in Australia! I bet you were shocked if you went to a grocery store in see food prices so low compared to Australia ?! Can y’all grow your own vegetable garden ? Especially since Marius mentioned juicing. Can you personally tell Marius how much I appreciate his time. The special video he made was really great and helpful ! I know he puts soooo much time into the videos as well as the reports ! The cheat sheet was was easy to read and straight to the point. I like the telegram posts he puts out an immediate update when a certain coin hit its target !! So helpful ! Every time I watch a video or read the report, I’m blown away at the information and so grateful to have found Marius ! Ashley

best trader in the world

I've been in cryptos for 4 years and traded the Dow Jones for well over 12 years. I have been through so many Bitcoin Analysts and well named personalities. I found you by accident November last year and started trading your calls, reading your reports and attending your weekly webinars. You warned of an incoming drop in November 2018 and warned us on the weekly webinars to exit markets at $5900. I did, took your advice and sold. I bought back in on December $3200 Bitcoin upon your recommendation and now am up over 312% overall in my portfolio since October 2018. I have seen so many crypto analysts but none come close to your spot on algorithm analysis. Marius, you are a blessing to the crypto community. Much love. South Africa

Super Gratitude

Hi Marius, A quick note, I just wanted to thank you so much for the most recent video you posted, absolutely amazing presentation, superlative content! Huge gratitude for you for being so dedicated to your members 🙏🏻❤️. Sincerely, David Montandon


I must tell you Marius helped me in a difficult time ,I want to thank Marius and Wendy for their prayers ! We will all benefit from his superb forecasting!!! Best Greg

Hoi Marius, I want to thank you very much for what you're doing for the 'little' man/woman. Thank you for the webinar that you made available to us and provided a lot of information. I immediately subscribed. Thank you for the understandable posts and for sharing your precious time with us.M.F.


Your reports have helped me make informed decision on my trades and I have to thank you for all you do for your subscribers. You remain a humble man and its been a blessing for me to have come across you. Amazing how accurately you predict the movement of Bitcoin and Alts. Looking forward to keep on "farming" BTC for the foreseeable future with you. May God bless you always Marius.

Wish I joined you earlier

Just wanted to say thanks Marius You are helping me win In this world of debt I bit the bullet and bought into your subscription. I wish that I took my portfolio more seriously and joined you earlier. Thank you Marius for helping us little guys

Superior Information

Hello Marius, Thank you for your update’s on KBC as requested I made my investment decision now and purchased KBC coins to hodl for now. I could not attend at the live webinars due to a tight agenda, but the recordings work fine for me also. Lets see how things work out. Thank you for your superior information and help to the community. Have a nice weekend, Greetings from Holland

I followed your calls and have 3 BTC

Thank you so much for your reply 😊 As a single mom, I’ve been struggling a lot especially after being scammed by some bad people. I started with 55 LTC. I can now tell you I own almost 3 bitcoins just by following your advices on your blog updates!! I’m so excited for my kids future - I’ll be able to put them through college!!! Thank you Marius 🙏🏼🏄🏻‍♀

Wish I found you earlier

I subscribed February 2019 and only wish I found you earlier. Your calls are spot on and just curious how yo do you algorithms and price targets. For the first time I’m making profits and your call on Litecoin was spot on. Thank you for what you do for the community. You are a recommendation from me. By the way your webinars are super awesome. Sandra

Best analyst in the world

Youre the best!