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Brisbane Queensland , 4007

Keep up the very good work

Good afternoon Marius

I have just finished listening to your 28 March webinar and found it truly fascinating, it was concise and educational and no one could be confused on the recommendations provided.

Keep up the very good work but don't burn yourself out because we need your senses to fully function and not fry your own brain box. Have a good weekend cheers chris baker (Adelaide)

Thank you and Thank you

Good morning from Houston ☀️ I know it’s past 10pm your time right now but I just wanted to take the time to say thank you thank you thank you! I stayed up late last night exiting my trade positions and I’m now 60% in stable coins. Good thing too as overnight things went from a sea of green to see you red! So glad to be part of your group. Keep up the good work Marius! Franc

152% profits on Litecoin

I bought Litecoin when you recommended it in December 2018 at $24 and now I am up over 152%. I placed all my money in Litecoin and am stoked with your Litecoin call. I will be selling Litecoin soon as per your recommendation Marius. Happy customer.

5 Stars

Thank you for your consistent updates on the private telegram channel messages. I wish I found you earlier. Thank you for helping me narrow down my portfolio to 11 coins - I am now in nice profits of 43% overall. For all the newbies in the crypto world, I subscribed to 8 different crypto channels but they all were a waste of time. This is the best service I have ever come across and for $25 it is a steal - im just surprised this survice is not $199 a month. 5 Stars from me. happy member and will stay here for life.

Great service

Dear Sir, I have been a client for a while and have been trading LTC on American Exchanges and have been successful using your data. I study your site as much as possible including watching video " Webinars" some times several times. Sincerely Jim, James J Schindler

I made 42% profit

I joint In February 2019 and made my first profit this month by selling Litecoin at $62. I don’t know how you do it Marius but I am stoked.

Hi Marius, My daughter signed us up for your wonderful membership and webinar. She has been attending (for us both) as often as possible, and says that the information you provide has been a great help to her in managing our crypto investments. We only wish we'd known about you back in early 2018 (when we made the mistake of HODLing way, way too long)! Thank you very much again for all you do to make our lives better.

he is the best out there

Best reports I have ever come across and been investing in cryptos for 5 years. Youre a brother to me.

New happy subscriber

I’m a new subscriber and find your Bitcoin and Top 40 ALT report of great value. The detail and accuracy is stunning. The addition of the Telegram Blog Messages are a true value add and thank you for keeping this service affordable to us. I will be subscribing to your Weekly Webinars as well. Keep up the good work team.

Good analysis

Must admit your work is great. Thumbs up and 5x stars.

I found a home with Marius

Great work Marius and Team. I got referred to your website by a friend and been a subscriber since October 2018. At first I was skeptical because of the low price for your service but quickly realized the value of your incredible detailed timely reports and most recently your blog posts. I find your reporting very helpful. Its the first time I know what to do, investing in cryptos for 4 years now. Since December 15, 2019 my portfolio has increased by almost 122%. I also thank you for making yourself available to chat to a little guy like myself, this shows how humble you are. Thank you to you and your team - my family will forever be grateful! Member for life here. Colorado

Great support

Marius, Just letting you know that my ETH did register in the [private] exchange. Thank you so much for your quick response. As a premium member I feel that you and your team go above and beyond to help all your members. I greatly appreciate and look forward to all the updates. With your guidance I am learning so much and becoming debt free a little at a time and it is a great feeling. Thank you again for all the hard work you and your team do.

I made 130%

I became a subscriber 2 months ago and am very impressed how you prepare the Bitcoin and Litecoin reports. You make it easy to read and your explanation is down to the point. I am already up over 130% on your Litecoin call and 140% on EOS. For us this is very big money. To all Bitcoiners out there, I was lost and traded in the dark till I found Marius. He is the real deal. Approachable and down to earth. How you can be so accurate on your calls is really amazing.

Look No Further!

You really should subscribe and improve your future! All the other traders and newsletter services charge way too much for poor advice and service. Marius – Delivers incredible data, education, discussion that you just won’t find anywhere! You will learn closely held info that is actionable. You will come away with an education that then allows you to do you own learning and homework and make decisions that will seriously impact your future for the better! I believe his info will skyrocket your learning curve and help you to makes many multiples of your money this next year but more importantly in the years to come! Do it! Let me encourage you to join those of us who are learning, growing and making money in this market. It will be the ride of a lifetime with a leader/educator who really cares about your success! Thank You Marius!! -- I wish I also found you earlier.

Best content

You provide some of the best content I have come across. I am a member since January 2018 and cannot wait for every report Marius. You provide spot on analysis and the new daily blog feature is a added bonus. I simply love it. Thank you for what you do for the entire crypto community. I will certainly be a subscriber for life. Kindly

Marius is an excellent teacher

I've been interested in Crypto for almost 2 years now. I first got taken by some scams, but kept looking and found Jay xxxxxxx, and got in on his xxxxxxx foundation. On one of his webinars, he mentioned that Marius Landman was an excellent trader. So, I immediately checked him out. Although there is no question that xxx knows his stuff, I have found that Marius is a MUCH better teacher/leader. He has a way of making things clearer; of being able to talk to the non-expert, you know. And I am certainly no expert. At one time, I was following about 10-15 different people, but I no longer follow anyone but Marius, as the rest all seem to just be guessing. Please let him know how much I appreciate his advice and wisdom, but most of all, I appreciate that he's willing to share it.

Subscriber for 1 week and made $6000

I am so impressed with the quality and detail of the Bitcoin and Litecoin reports. Your daily updates are a blessing. I subscribed last week and read your Litecoin report. I bought Litecoin and within 1 day I was up over 47%. You recommended I sell and that’s what I did! You made me over $6000 in profit. Thank you and you are a blessing.

Excellent webinars

I subscribed 3 weeks ago and watched your last 3 weeks’ webinar. I am pleasantly surprised and wished I found you earlier. Your low subscription cost is a real surprise and thank you for that. I love your Bitcoin and Litecoin reports and daily updates on the telegram message channel. I will most certainly be a subscriber for the next 2 years. All I can say is 5 star rating.