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Bitcoin Trend & Forecast

Brisbane Queensland , 4007

Very useful analysis

Thanks Marius I’m up 100% ! Invested $8000 in BTC BTCH and LTC a few months back and look at where we’re at now ! I’m watching closely and ready to take profits soon. Thanks again

You have proved yourself

Marius you have proved yourself time and time again. Your members updates have been spot on. Thank you bru

Excellent work

Hi Marius, Thanks for the excellent videos. I am excited about the crypto market and happy to enjoy your analysis. Excellent work. Regards, Antonie

Keep up the great work

Keep up the great work you are doing for your members, you are an inspiration to the little guys like me looking for financial independence.

Webinars are extremely helpful

I joined your premium membership and webinars. I was accidentally blocked from Twitter account a long time ago. Even though I was blocked I still followed you on twitter and after trying some others I decided to join your groups. It’s only been a short time since I joined but I am already regretting I did not join sooner. I listened to my first webinar last night and found it extremely helpful. Thank you Marius


I was struck when you apologized for not having a webinar a week ago before Easter. You do so much for your customers you don't need to apologise, I have no doubt that you invest your heart and soul into this project of making many many millionaires. I'm struck by you humility and your accessibility to your clients. I'm extremely grateful to be one of your subscribers, thank you for all you do.

Appreciate you and what you do

Thanks for being such a great guy, I so appreciate it ❤️. Appreciate all your nice comments and communications on Twitter too, very obliged by your help in this space. You’ve got great advice on life in general, and I truly love you 🙏🏻. You are very correct, if you envision a more positive future, take proactive action, get involved, have a positive mindset, and surround yourself with positive influences, you literally will see magically positive things spun into the fabric of living reality. Thanks so much mate, I truly love you! David

Your work is immensely appreciated

Good morning Marius, I hope you and your family had a great holiday weekend! I just wanted to say thank you again for all the hard work you do. I can only imagine how much time and energy you and your team put into the reports/videos and you charge so little. Your work is immensely appreciated and has given me the tools and hope for financial freedom in the near future. Kind regards, Kaye

Best crypto analyst

Hi Maris, You are the best analyst I encountered on my journey to success , THANK YOU SO MUCH! @TeddDinoC

Technical analysis works thank you

Marius, Using the bars technique I learned from you and the Percentage Increase Technique. Then I add in the technical analysis I learned from Philakone. I see the numbers you are talking about for LTC. So I see the spike to 111 and then really to 140 to touch the 1.618 Fib Range. Wow!! I fell like I am learning so much helpful info and developing a skill that is really going to help me going forward! For that and what you are doing to help your team(s) I have to say thank you!!

Best customer service

I had an issue with access to the website and your friendly team helped me set up the correct email address. I am 54 and computers are challenging to say the least. Thank you for your easy to read and understand videos and reports. I’m in profit for the first time. Thank you Marius

You know what you talk about

Hi Marius, hope all is well. Subscribed today for a year. Must admit, you really know what you are talking about. I have one question... am i Late to the party to buy litecoin or would you recommend i wait a bit?!

Getting rid of debt

Thanks to you and your crew I am on my way. After been in debt for over 1.3m 12 years paying off this I can see happening by Xmas 2019. Thanks again .

I finally feel a new level of comfort in making moves

Evening Marius- I wanted to thank you for the work you put into your trend forecast. I sold my holdings when BTC was under $4100 2-3 days ago only to see it shoot to $4700 once it crossed $4190, just as you predicted there was still an outside chance. I was up from my entry and even though I dont like that I slept through that initial up-swing up last night Im pleased I followed your insight to act conservatively to stay in the black. Now I have more profit potential ahead since Ive reentered the market and look forward to the next drop. I finally feel a new level of comfort in making moves like this because your work has proved out as you said it would, regardless of the fact that I was hoping for more downside first. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more wins and growing my holdings as the year moves forward. Keith

Re: Best value Best results

I have been a member since end of last year, 2018 and Marius has made me richer in a short period of time, both in knowledge and in wealth. I started investing in crypto in August 2017 and I wish I had started with Marius earlier as his algorithm data analysis would have invaluable to save my money from the last bull run. HODL was not the only strategy I knew back then. With the weekly webinars and the reports I feel more ahead of the game. Thank you Marius!

Hi Marius, Just a quick thank you in appreciation of your presence. You give me some hope that I can survive what is up ahead and not feel helpless. Its good to see REAL people like you who do their best, coming from a good place in their heart. Thank you again and maybe see you on the other side of this crypto wave. Jacques Ecuyer Montréal, Canada

How did I ever trade without your cryp'tic" info

Anybody considering a membership should go ahead. I have been a members since February 2018 and have used the reports as a tool to make my own investment decisions. So far I have turned my model portfolio from $4,000 into over $12,000. I used the same coins in the model portfolio in the reports and have been very successful. I will be a member for life. Also Marius, your latest call to exit cryptos is really good and it shows that you are protecting us from downside. I have sold on your recommendation today and will wait for the entry point again. Bless you from my family to yours. George

Keep up the very good work

Good afternoon Marius

I have just finished listening to your 28 March webinar and found it truly fascinating, it was concise and educational and no one could be confused on the recommendations provided.

Keep up the very good work but don't burn yourself out because we need your senses to fully function and not fry your own brain box. Have a good weekend cheers chris baker (Adelaide)