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Bitcoin Trend & Forecast

Brisbane Queensland , 4007

Excellent webinars

I subscribed 3 weeks ago and watched your last 3 weeks’ webinar. I am pleasantly surprised and wished I found you earlier. Your low subscription cost is a real surprise and thank you for that. I love your Bitcoin and Litecoin reports and daily updates on the telegram message channel. I will most certainly be a subscriber for the next 2 years. All I can say is 5 star rating.

Wonderful information

Hi Marius, Firstly I would like to thank you for the wonderful information you share with us, I have only been with you for a short time & learnt such a lot. You & your staff are so helpful & timely when I need assistance.

Hi there Marius, Im a new member since just last month but Im really enjoying your reports and analysis. I cant believe how well you have called this current trend - Thank you very much.

Your Litecoin call was amazing

Well done on your Litecoin call. I am up over 45% since your recommendation. I will be a subscriber for life. Sandra

Spot on analysis

Just wanted to say your chart analysis for bitcoin and Litecoin is spot on. I will be following for this whole year. Good work Marius and Team

Oulike werk

Baie dankie vir wat jy doen. Ons waardeer dit opreg. Your Bitcoin predictions are a God send. Adele

Happy with your service

I subscribed 6 months ago and am very happy with your service. I just wish I found you earlier. I read and follow every report and thank you for the last video report. It is very well done and explains the price movement for Bitcoin very well. Your reports take away my fear from trading because I have a better idea what Bitcoin will do. It’s kike looking into the future! Keep doing what you are doing Marius

Impressed but lets see what happens in next 10 days

You have called a Bitcoin uptrend as of today 26 January 2019. If this happen in the next 10 days and Bitcoin moves up I will be a lifetime subscriber. I am watching. So far I am very impressed.

Great work Marius

How you are able to predict the future price of Bitcoin is beyond my thinking. I love your work and it has helped me increase the amount of Bitcoins I hold by almost 200%. I have been following Marius since July 2018. Hope to see some more gains this year. Keep up the good work, cricky mate!

Good Bitcoin information

Want to say thank you for all you do. Your last Bitcoin video is very good information and easy to understand. Please keep these kind of videos coming. We appreciate what you do and appreciate keeping the membership affordable. Newton

Respect and gratitude

After following you for 6 months I subscribed in mid December 2018. You called the low in Bitcoin on the 15th of December and I bought NEO and OMG as you suggested in the top 40 crypto report. I made over 64% gains and sold, made a very large profit. I am now back into the market again upon your recommendation and hope to make another 50%+. I wish I found you earlier but I am happy with my profits so far. You get a big recommendation from me and my family. 


I just want to say thank you for today’s video report number 4. It is precise and to the point. I am so thankful I found you. I feel at ease and my crypto investments are now fun. Your top 40 crypto report is spot on. I use it daily. I have only good to say about you and your great team. Thank you 🙏

Making profits in #500gameplan

I am following Marius #500gameplan and making biggggg profits . Recently I sold STEEM at more than 50% profit and there are many more coins like that . Marius is the BEST.

I will be a lifelong subscriber

I find his reports accurate, informative and cost effective. I started trading according to his buy and sell recommendations late June 2018 and increased my portfolio with $9400 by December 2018. Currently I am up over 22% this year and look to gain 60% soon. Much respect for you and your team. God bless you.

Unfair advantage

Been subscriber for 4 months and feel I have an unfair advantage trading cryptos. Your information keeps me calm and helps me understand the Bitcoin price. Most informative is the top 40 crypto report and if possible please convert price in BTC. Thank you

Best hamburger in town

You’re reports and daily blog posts are similar to that of the best hamburger joint in town. Thanks Steve

One of the best webinars

Once and a while I find a gem of an interview, just like I did when I listened in on Sarah Westall’s interview of Marius Landman, aka: the “Nostradamus of Crypto!” By the way thanks for one of the best webinars I have ever had the privilege of attending. Francisco Cavazos Cavazos Consulting, LLC

How did I trade Bitcoin without knowing you?

Subscribed 10 days ago, very happy with your bitcoin reports. top 40 crypts report is the best I have come across. and up over 35% since 10 days ago following your strategy. Wish i found you earlier. looking forward to the next year. peace brother marius