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Blue Ridge Intuitive Counseling Services

2400 Kensington Place AptH
Asheville , 28803

Thank you for your visit

I had contacted Counselor Qualls about my child who had been having night terrors and trouble getting rest.  We could not make it to Asheville for a session. However, he scheduled some time to make a home visit for us. He checked out our home and our child's room and provided us a solution to our problem. Thank you for your visit. We really appreciate everything and will follow-up with you in the coming month. 

You were right!

I finally got the answer that I had been looking for.  I did not want to believe you about my new relationship, but everything you said about J came to light just like you said in my life mapping counseling.  Although I am upset still, I was somewhat prepared because of you.  Thank you for offering your gift and insight to me. I will be ever grateful. See you in 2 weeks.

I can finally breath

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your sessions so much. I have visited with BRICS on three occasions and spoke with Cslr. Qualls.  On each visit he was amazing with me.  Thank you and I have been sticking to my therapy plan, :-) My mom wants to make an appointment, so she will be calling soon.  Can't wait for you guys to open your site in Asheville!

Highly recommend

I have talked to so called Psychics and I thought this would be the same.But my time spent here was well worth my while. This was much more than future telling,but true healing and insight into my life and path.  Thank you so much. Your energy and connection with me was truly amazing.

Thank you.

Life Mapping session- my 3rd session here, Clsr. Qualls revealed something about my relationship that prepared me for a very serious decision that I had to make. Although, I was not happy with the outcome, I knew how to handle my significant other with grace and poise. Thank you, I will be scheduling my weekly session soon! :-) K

Medical Intuitive Visit

Another great session with Cslr.Qualls. He is a highly gifted Medical Intuitive that I have been seeing for months for different diagnosis.  I love my visits here. My herbal therapy sessions are excellent and have cured my migraines and allergies. Also thank you for seeing me during my emergency and working me in!

Cannot thank you enough

I usually do not leave feedback on sites, but this is a must! I allowed my teen to used this service in order to deal with some school and spiritual issues that he was having.  I was a little hesitant, so I called and spoke with Counselor Qualls to assure that this was good for my son. I scheduled him for a visit. After an intuitive therapy session, my son is adjusting well to his school issues. He was encouraged to be himself and to explore his life in different ways. Counselor Qualls, thank you again. We will be BRICS members as well.  Can't wait to schedule my own session with you. 

Thank you for my session

This is my 3rd visit to BRICS.  Each time I am astonished at the clarity and insight Counselor Qualls has into my life and situaiton.  Thank you again for providing such a great service for members.

Much needed Session

For a year, I have worked with Cslr. Qualls on several issues with my business. He did a wonderful job for me. Thank you for all the time you put in with me. I could never repay you for the effort and energy you put into my life and business. You are a godsend! I hope BRICS grows to help others like me. 

Spiritual Balance Session

WOW! This was more than I expected for phone counseling. At first, I was hesitant to make an appointment with Blue Ridge Services. However since, this was one of the best decisions of my life. Counselor Qualls has a delicate and non-judgmental approach to spirituality. I had been struggling with a religious/spiritual problem that had plagued my family for years. Counselor Qualls was able to direct me in my chosen faith.  I was provided with exercises and practice that, so far, has enhance my life experience and my enriched my families spiritual growth.  My next session is Life Mapping and Coaching! Counselor Qualls, I also want to say that there have not been anymore "bad days" since contacting BRICS. My wife will be in contact soon for an appointment, as she has noticed the improvement in our lives as well.

My first visit

My first session with BRICS.As a season Holistic Practitioner, I have been in touch with various healing modalities through out my career.  This was first time I got immediate confirmation :-) that BRICS was the right place for me. For the past few months, I have worked with Counselor Qualls on my personal and holistic growth. I have seen improvements to my business and overall client experience. I am doing early scheduling before your appointments fill up this week. Also, I love your crystal rental program!  See you soon! Blessings to you all and the family at BRICS! 

Very reputable and effective counselor

I had problems with my life. I am married and still have problems with past relationships interfering with my life. Counselor Qualls was very easy to speak with. His gift of intuition is astounding. I came to this a skeptic to counseling and intuition. From a man's point of view, this was an eye opening experience. You will hear from me again! Thank you for giving me the membership price, even though I had not got it yet.   

Thank you so much

I cannot thank you enough Counselor Qualls.  I had been coping with a chronic issue. I was educated on how to manage my issue with ease. The Reiki session brought me much needed relief and healing. After which, I opted for a reflexology session and thermal heat applications. This was a fulfilling experience on many levels.  I plan to make purchase of a membership and work with Counselor Qualls on Life Mapping. He even does home visits, as it was difficult for me to walk and get around evenly. Your prices are great as well and not heavy on the pocket at all.

Healing and Insight

What a great visit with Cslr. Qualls. He is an amazing healer and counselor. I had a situation that I had been facing for sometime now. It had affected everything from my dating life to my sex life. I came to BRICS and met with Cslr Qualls. He educated me on my issue and natural holistic remedies. I am happy to report that after a week, I am seeing drastic improvements.  He also gave me insight into my career and was very correct on my direction, without me telling him a thing. Further, I was given direction on my current career goals. I cannot thank BRICS enough for helping to light my path and put me on the road to healing. Thank you so much! You will be hearing from me in the future!

Thank you!

Since contacting this service and interacting with Mr. Qualls, I find myself more balanced in my spiritual life. I went thru a traumatizing experience and didn't know what to do or how to channel my emotions. Mr Qualls did a fantastic job helping me to understand why things happened the way they happened and how to channel the negative energy and transform it into something positive. I appreciate the professionalism displayed each time I needed to use this service. I recommend this service to anyone in need of a counselor to help dissect and understand they maybe going thru and needing to understand. 

Excellent Services

From the moment that I contacted BRICS, my long standing issue became their issue. The session was so relaxing and Counselor Qualls helped me to see things that I had never saw before. He helped me to see new points of view about my situation during my life mapping, since I had been unemployed for almost a year. I feel more at peace than I have ever been in the last 2 years, since coming into contact with this Counseling Service. I did not have to say much in the beginning. The intuitive portion of my session took care of that. I thought this was going to be a Psychic reading or something, but they actually offer counseling and therapy on a whole new level. I am so happy that I became a BRICS member. I can't wait for my next session and my new life! Thank you Cslr. Qualls and BRICS, you guys ROCK!