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Story Architect For Women

One Phone Call Can Change Everything!

A phone call can change everything. Before Susan and I spoke I was out of ideas on how to make my book better and stronger. Susan’s strategy is simple and effective.  After one phone call, my creativity and energy changed. After our call I spun into action. Suddenly new ideas were popping left and right, I couldn’t type fast enough. Susan helped me unlock hidden doors. She is the expert at helping you develop and tell your story. Even if you think you have all of the answers, talk with Susan before you type another word. Her wisdom and unique approach to telling your story will help you drive home a more impactful message. 

Time for action

My call with Susan was a "call for action" even when I did not have that in mind. The way she portions big moves into smaller steps makes it easy for people to move forward and to a bigger success. Susan's pieces of advice are transformational, starting with the mindset and moving to an achievable action plan. I am looking forward to exploring many collaborations with her.

Chief Career Strategist & Founder: The Branding Room (tm)

What an amazingly insightful call!  Susan - your brilliance in sharing the importance of having a plan; having a support system, focus on telling stories and having the right mindset were critical ingredients for success where just some of the highlights and takeaways from our Brainstorming Session!   Sharing your experience and advice surely sets me on the right path with some very tangible sign posts to illuminate the way.  I will always be so appreciative of your grace is allowing me to explore my first step into this "writing world" knowing that you and I will continue to be connected!  Thank you !

MBA | Marketing Strategist

Susan is a true marketing expert. Her ability to takes unrefined, formless thoughts and polish them up into gems is remarkable. I quickly learned that I should always keep a pen and paper close by as I talk to her because great marketing and business development ideas just pour out of her!

Her passion is truly inspiring to me. It’s rare to meet a committed professional like Susan that actively invests in herself to get increasingly better each day. Not to mention that she often goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others as much as she can.

Digital Marketing Manager

Finding a writer who understands SEO, web content and content marketing is like finding a pot of gold. There are many good writers - but writing for content marketing is a bit different. It's about understanding the goals and creating relevant copy to increase reach, share and traffic with the realm of SEO. Susan's 'got the right stuff'! We've worked on several projects already and plan many more.

CMO | Strategy Consultant

Susan is a serial & successful entrepreneur who's enthusiasm, energy and volunteerism has helped shape the start-up ecosystem in Portland Maine. She is adept at coalescing teams and creating dynamic dialogs around the pertinent issues. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of collaborating with Susan -- she's open minded, empathetic, thought provoking and a truly nimble thinker. I've worked with many copywriters and believe Susan's level of business understanding, SEO and excellent writing skills will enable her to deliver more value to her clients than many others.

Vice President

Susan is an innovative leader who continues to build great value. She is an excellent creator and proponent of organizations that yield excellent opportunities for women executives. Susan has created an important bridge for seasoned entrepreneurs and corporate professionals.