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I saw Brett today at the Orion Springfield Markets. His reading was the best I’ve ever had. Accurate and informative. I always leave his readings feeling a sense of comfort but also renewed purpose. Amazing! Will definitely be returning.

I am really happy with my reading. I felt that Brett really has a gift as he waz so accurate. You will definately be seeing me again.

I had the honour of having Brett in my home for a psychic party, he is such a beautiful man. For me it was about connecting with my son Noah who passed away tragically 3 months earlier. Brett was able to connect with my son and gave messages that were full of validation and love. I would highly recommend Brett ♡

Soul Star Market Melbourne

Brett’s Reading has proven to be ; a Great honest and real reading he is a true psychic medium and will keep on going to see him again. He has predicted allot of issues and future events that were true and factual .... Highly recommend him 5 stars 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 💫

Soul Star Market Melbourne

I seen Brett at The Soul Market in Melbourne. He mentioned a few things that I wasn’t so sure about at first, but as we got further into it he started to mention things that were pretty spot on regarding my past and current situations. He was able to give me some hope for the future and comfort at a time when I needed it. I loved his calm and professional personality and energy. I wish I had more time! Thanks Brett :)

I recently had a voice reading by Brett and I found his messages so accurate. He is spot on with his reading and made me feel so at ease with my life ❤️

Soul Star Market Melbourne

He was absolutely incredible. I loved every moment of his reading.

I had the pleasure to host a Psychic Party with Brett Barry. He is a very kind and friendly man. The party was amazing and we all enjoyed it very much. His mediumship reading was very helpful to connect us to our loved ones in the spirit world. His psychic reading were also very much on point and helped us gain clarity for some life situations. I highly recommend a party or reading with Brett Barry. Thank you very much Brett.

Brett is an amazing Psychic Medium, my first ever reading with him and he blew me away, goose bumps from start to finish as he got everything right that he was saying to me, he has a genuine gift and truly is an all round amazing person.

I found Brett Barry’s psychic party to be fun & very enjoyable. We all loved that Brett took the time to answer our questions & made us all feel at ease straight away. I’ll definitely be booking a one on one with Brett soon.

Saw Brett for the first time on Sunday and was blown away by his accuracy. It was a wonderful reading and gave me some much needed healing therapy and energy. Will definitely visit again soon for a longer reading.

I was in awe of the unbelievable accuracy of the information Brett was able to provide & I was left feeling happy & warm after the reading I received.

Psychic Party

I found Brett Barry's psychic party to be very enjoyable, fun & eye opening. To have several comforting messages from my pasted love ones as soon as we began was amazing. But it certainly didn't stop there, to see my friends receive much needed confirmation and messages of love, was heart moving and a night that will be remembered forever. Thanks Brett :)

Psychic Party

Huge shoutout to Brett for spoiling us on Friday with a psychic party. We all had a fantastic time and lots of laughs! Even my husband who is a sceptic was singing Brett's praises the following day. We all loved that Brett took the time to answer all of our questions (even if they were silly). Thanks very much Brett. I know a few of my guests are looking to book a one-on-one reading with you soon!

I saw Brett for a 15 min reading at the Springfield markets last month. To be honest I walked away thinking ‘that was way off, didn’t have anything to do with me’. Well.... how wrong was I! He asked if my dad was passed, I said no. He said it was weird cos all he was getting was dad dad dad dad dad like flashing lights..... well 6 days later my dad fell from a two storey roof onto concrete and is lucky to be alive. He has a fractured skull and neck and dislocated shoulder... the message was definitely a warning. The next thing Brett said to me was about my work. I said I was a teacher but I’m on extended leave right now. Brett said he could see me teaching literacy to adults. I thought, ‘you couldn’t be more wrong. That’s the last thing I’d want to do’... well last week I was in Vanuatu to help build school libraries but found myself presenting at a 2 day conference. I was teaching teachers how to teach reading and writing!!!! Now I’m just hoping the predictions about my love life are right lol.... so far so good. So thank you for my reading. I’ll definitely be engaging with you again! Maybe at the next markets!

Psychic Party

Very enjoyable

Group Reading

Was a great afternoon with family n friends Brett was spot on with the connections he made with me n my family looking forward to booking a one on one reading thanks for the connections

Brett is absolutely amazing! From the moment that I sat down - he was all over what had been and what was going on in my life. He gave me peace and confirmation that I am going the right way now - and the confirmation from the spirits of loved ones passed that they too agree that I’m going the right way. Thank you Brett for the amazing information and gift that you have to share. Amazingly spot on.