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Callari Killer Fitness

788 Glenhurst Road
Willowick OH , 44095

Personal Training

Joe offers personalized options to fit your individual needs. His flexible training plans have helped me not only meet my goals but exceed them. He offers the mental support and encouragement that's needed to believe in yourself to workout in the first place. His website is easy to navigate through and he offers a speedy response to your inquiries. Callari Killer Fitness is one of the best investments I have made yet

Online Coaching

I'm a busy mom of 3 that is not going to hit the gym and get all sweaty at 5am, which is the only time I'd be able to go. After having three children, I had gained a little weight with each child and never lost it all. I was ready to make a change so that I could feel good in my own skin. Joe came along side always encouraging me that I was capable and could accomplish my goals. He changed up my workouts for me so I'd never get bored and he really helped me with my nutrition to see how many calories I should be eating and where I should be getting those calories from. I was able to do those workouts in my own home while teaching my children the importance of physical fitness. He's very knowledgeable and most importantly to me, I never felt like he looked down at me because I was fat. He wanted me to reach my best self and encouraged me in a friendly gentle way, not a drill sergeant kind of way. It's exactly what I needed and I've lost 22 pounds! Thanks Callari Killer Fitness!