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Cape Fear Cane Corso

273 Green Chapel Ln
Bolton NC , 28423


We had been looking for the perfect dog for a couple years. We met Vicky and she has been exceptional with us! We highly recommend her and her dogs. She was honest & thorough and truly cares about her dogs! Thank you Vicky! Romulus has been the best addition to our family!

We purchased a puppy from your Duke and Roxie litter last spring. With the hurricane last summer, we had been thinking a lot about you and your kennel. We were glad to see that it looks like you all are doing good and that you're pairing Duke and Roxie again! Our pup is one of the most loving dogs I have ever meet. He is kind, tolerant and loving with our kids (7 and 8 years old), great with the two older dogs, plays with the cat and makes us feel safe. He is always ready to go out or can be just as happy staying in and hanging out. He is willing to listen and take comands from any member of the pack (including the kids). I was shocked how he gentle he is with me but still is strong and engaged when Jake plays with him with the bite sleeve. Just like your puppy flier said, he is intelligent, confident, balenced and an all around a great dog. He does have a mischievous streak that makes him all the more endearing to the family. We though you might like some pictures. Thank you for your work with the breed. You are doing an amazing job and producing incredibly high quality animals, friends, and guards. We hope you continue for many, many years to come. Your friends, Liz and Jake

Love our CFCC pup

Diva is such and awesome pup. Vicky was so good to deal with. 6months old and she’s perfect!!

Vicky and her team have cracked the code

Vicky and her team have cracked the code on dog quality and breeder professionalism! She knows her pack and we have adopted one of the best little confident pups ever from the Caspian x Dixie litter. Despite the curve ball Mother Nature threw at their family/kennel in 2018 they were still able to deliver! If you are looking for a great dog from a great breeder who knows her product look NO FURTHER than CAPE FEAR CANE CORSO!

Testimonial #5

This is our first Cane Corso and we are so grateful to Vicky and her support when we approached her asking for one of her pups. Cora is the such a wonderful addition to our family and I think she has very quickly converted us to Cane Corso people. We have owned German Shepherds and Husky mixes in the past and Cora has such an amazing demeanor, specifically with our 3 year old son. We will gladly add more of Vicky’s dogs to our family in the future. Thank you so much!

Can’t ask for any better!

This makes our second pup from Vicky, you couldn’t ask for a better breeder. Every dog/puppy she has are a part of her family. 100% recommend Vicky and Cape Fear Cane Corso to anyone looking for a wonderful dog. Thanks for everything Vicky and Sarge definitely will not be our last Cape Fear Cane Corso!

Testimonial #5

The Cane Corso is by far one of the most magnificent breed of dog anyone could encounter. Finding the right breeder is essential in getting a companion with a great temperament, musculature, obedience, drive and of course without health issues. I came across Vicky in 2014 in my search for the best corso I could get. I wasn't disappointed. Rex was amazing around my daughter of 2 (they were best friends), he was a protector of my house, he was always watchful of where I wasn't looking, never aggressive unless me or my pack were threatened, he was everything I could have asked for. He as a best friend. Vicky is dedicated and passionate about making sure her pups are all of these things and more. I lost Rex in a tragic accident before his 3rd birthday. I could never consider another breed of dog ,nor could I consider a different breeder, the dog I got was more then I could have ever hoped for. Thank you Vicky.

Testimonial #3

We got Echo in 2017 from Cape Fear. I was impressed at their dedication to the breed. Vicky knows how to match you up with the perfect fit. Ethics, morals, beautifully healthy dogs is what to expect from this breeder! we are hooked. Thanks Cape Fear!!!