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Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz PLLC

Southfield Michigan , 48075
United States

True Value

There are many people who come and go in our lives. A few touch is in ways that change us forever, making us better from knowing them. You have made a difference in my life, and for this i am grateful. Thank you for being you. Attorney Maria and Mr.Schroder, I appreciate all that you both are doing for me and to have giving me a change as you've taken my case. I value you both and the law firm of Joumana Kayrouz.

Mr.Ajrouch was the best attorney! I was pleased with the services provided.

Jeremy is an excellent attorney

Jeremy is an excellent attorney! Always keeping me well informed, taking my calls, and always very helpful. Bill found more money in my case, which was very nice. Cathy always listened, helping me understand. You are perfect!


I love you guys ! thank you all so much Jeremy, Cathy and Bill!

Help us understand!

Everyone at the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz have been helpful to us throughout the whole case. we were always provided with beneficial information to understand where we were with the process. Thank you for all the help and support!

thank you!

All i am able to say at this time thank you much to attorney Kristi

nice personality

Very nice personality and explained everything i needed to know very clearly. She was all very helpful to us . Thank you

I was in very great hands

I was in very great hands here. the staff and my attorney ali did a great job responding to all my questions and providing feedback . i would recommend the law offices of joumana kayrouz.


Attorney Kristi Trigg-Johnson was excellent! I have nothing but good things to say.

Cheers to Bill and Jeremy

Thank you to the team at the Kayrouz Offices. Bill and Jeremy did a great job of representing me.

Quick and Friendly

Office Staff very friendly, response time is quick and would use if needed again in the future.

Yes yes yes!

Kristi and the team have been very thorough, nice, and helpful with the entire ordeal. Things were broken down and explained to me and I will definitely be recommending the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz to anyone I know! Thank you!

Attorney Ali is very good

Attorney Ali Ajrouch is very nice, and I liked dealing with him. Everything was good. Attorney Ali is very good!

Thanks Bill & Jeremy

They're doing a great job & I am always informed on what's going on and I'm truly satisfied with my representation. Thanks Bill & Jeremy

Thank you so much

John done a great job ! Thank you so much


Joumana Kayrouz and her whole team are the best! I give them 5 stars. They are so caring, understanding, and thorough with each and every piece of paperwork. They keep in contact and on top of things. And if I ever have a problem, in which i never had a single issue, they will get to the bottom of it. Yes, I would definitely recommend the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz! Thank you, guys!

best care

I greatly appreciate the time my attorney Ali Ajrouch and his team took to invest in my case and accident. They treated me fairly and made sure i received the best care.


this has been a long and hard experience for me. The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz and my attorney Kristi Trigg-Johnson was excellent in helping me understand all the language of the case and how it works. She has been an excellent advocate in my legal experience