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CBeeDifference has made a tremendous improvement in my ability to relax and sleep through the night without any drowsiness in the morning. I was completely surprised at how quickly I could tell a difference. Thank you for such a great product!

Full Spectrum WORKS!

The CbeeDifference Full Spectrum CBD Oil has done wonders for my arthritis compromised shoulders. Service, value and results are outstanding. Thank you. It WORKS!!!

No Tylenol, Advil, aspirina

Con aceite CBD, no tengo ningun dolor. Ya no tengo aspirina o Advil o Tylenol en mi casa. Cuando voy donde el doctor me preguntan si tengo dolor y mi respuesta es, “no, porque tomo CBD”. Cada doctor me ha dicho que estan de acuerdo con mi decision.

Anxiety Relief

I have been using Full Spectrum oil and have had such relief from the anxiety I had. I am sleeping better, I am less anxious and overall I just feel better.

Makes a substantial difference for my sciatic nerve and back pain!

 I have been using CBD oil for 3 years now, way before it made it on anyone’s radar. A friend turned me on to it because I have a pretty severe case of “degenerative spinal disease”, or so my multiple mri’s show…fml It causes all kinds of fun pain like my sciatic nerve on my leg feeling like fire, not being able to walk at times, or not being able to sit for more than 20 minutes at a clip.


This brand is potent. For years I was using a Colorado grown brand (2000mg bottle). My usual routine was roughly 60mg, I say roughly because it was a best guess, as there was no way to measure. This Cbeedifference dropper comes with clear measurements right on the dropper so I know exactly how much I’m taking now. This stuff is so potent that using 20mg a night, now provides the same amount of pain relief as the other brands 60mg! The money I’m saving is a big difference too.


Also did some research because they claimed something about full spectrum with terpenes on a chart they provide – the benefits, omg the benefits. I am finding around 85-90% pain reduction on this particular brand and have a normal life again.


Any CBD oil, including this one, that contain THC, freak me out because of drug tests at my job. This product put my mind at ease because they have their product lab tested with the actual lab results on their web site, and the values are within legal federal limits. A recent trip to the ER for me proved this. I had a full toxicology run on me (lol thanks Baptist Hospital, I didn’t even ask for this) anyway, they ran every drug test under the sun including a THC / Cannabinoids test. Even after being on cbeedifference for 3 months, it turned up negative!


On a different note you should know that any brand of CBD oil that I have used took about 5 days to get into my body before I felt it, and it also takes 5 days to wear off. I discovered this, as I let doses lapse when I ran out of the stuff in the past, so give it a good week to kick in.

CBeeDifference has made a big difference in my life

Taking CBD oil, & CBeeDifference in particular, has made a big difference in my life.

Ten years ago I was misdiagnosed with high blood pressure & prescribed BP meds. Recently I was re-diagnosed & it was determined I do not have high BP. I have NeuroCardioGenicSyncope, the most common dysautonomia condition that occurs, where your central nervous system, brain, & heart do not communicate with each other.

Stress, fear & anxiety lead to fainting spells & drives your BP up & out of control.

My anxiety & stress is now gone & my BP, which fluctuates with NCGS, is within the normal range. Best of all, no more BP meds!

I feel more relaxed and less stressed during the day too. Taking 1/2 dropper of 600mg CBeeDifference under my tongue before bed relaxes me, takes away those minor aches & pains that keeps me awake & helps me get 7 to 8 hours sleep every night.

I've recently started putting a few drops in my belly button & using the Pechoti delivery method of CBD oil going directly to 72,000 umbilical nerve endings. My relaxation & sleep has gotten even better since trying this method!

CBeeDifference also has CBC & CBG, in addition to CBD, for bone growth stimulation. I have osteoporosis & am very grateful for this important benefit.

Finally sleeping after 10 years of insomnia

After trying several different brands of CBD I finally found one that can really help me. CBeeDifference brings me peaceful slumber about an hour after I take a half a dropper full (20mg.) I have finally been successful at slipping into peaceful slumber after almost 10 years of insomnia. I no longer have to take the dreaded nightcap to fall asleep. I get good restful sleep with an alert morning without the harmful side effects that less desirable self medication inflicted upon me. Thank you so much for providing a safe CBD strain that actually produces significant results.

Great Product!

Great product sold by a very conscientious person who obviously wants only the purest ingredients in her products.