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I started using cell-ii's organic series 2 weeks ago and I could see visible improvements in the skin clarity and tone. Fine lines around my eyes as well as laugh lines gradually reduced. The serum, together with the night cream works effectively in retaining moisture in the skin. I have also noticed that my skin has become firmer after 2 weeks. Before using day defence cream, I tried various brands of sunblock, cc cream and perfecting cushion but most of them give very different skin tone (from my neck). The day defence cream with SPF evens my skin tone yet achieves coverage for the blemishes/marks (even the moles) on my face; I actually used lesser concealer since I started using the day cream. This series of product is highly recommended and hopefully cell-ii can introduce a bigger packaging cos 30ml is a tad too little for my daily usage. =)

I have a basically sensitive skin and is always very cautious and selective in choosing my skincare products so as not to irritate my skin. Naturally, I was a little hesitant at first when I was first introduced to the skincare products from the Organic Series. However, after using the products for a month or so, I was pleasantly surprised that they work so miraculously well and superbly on my skin. They were just what I've been looking for all this while. I love the Hyaluronic Serum best of all because it hydrates my skin so well and gives me that supple and youthful feel. My skin seems so refreshingly clear, lifted and firm when I wake up in the morning after applying the Whitening Night Cream every night. It is as if an invisible eraser has rid my skin from all the visible flaws while I am sleeping. The non-sticky feeling of the Day Defence Cream is another 'thumbs up'. I think these skincare products are real gems that are awaiting to be discovered. 

Simply love the organic range of products. Made my skin feel younger than before. Great products to use and highly recommended for everyone! 

Good quality skincare that offers value for money! Loving the face mist and the hyaluronic serum that absorbs easily into the skin, the great scent of the night cream and of course my fav concentrated day cream with UV protection and medium coverage to last me through the day.  

This organic series is a set of skincare that I will definitely repurchase!

Truly impressive products! After using the organic range for a few weeks now, I have literally witnessed my face transform. These products work much better and faster than any other designer brands I used to invest in - and they are organic vegan too! Thanks CELL-II

I’m really really in love with the latest series of skincare products from Cell2 which includes the Hyaluronic Serum, Whitening Night Cream, and the Day Defence Cream. After using the products for almost 2 months, I’ve noticed smoother & fairer skin and my acne scars have lightened already. You know how nasty acne scars can be, but sometimes it’s uncontrollable bcuz of pre & post preggy hormones. Thankful for these products that are working for me! I also swear by the Day Defence Cream which is a tinted day cream with some SPF coverage and I usually wear only this with some concealer and I’m good to go. No need foundation or makeup to look good for a simple day out anymore. Try for yourself if you’d like to have smoother & fairer skin too.

My teen daughter loves the Shower Gel. Uses it from head to toe. No more itchy hair and dry skin!

Been using their organic series for awhile now, loving their day defence cream, its not sticky after applied and its a tinted moisturizer, healthy & even skin tone in 30 sec, Definitely recommended!

最纯天然的原料加上纳米技术,份量十足,CELL-II ,给你最美好的保养,满满的自信扬溢在脸上!