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Cherry Capital Communications

97 Lake Street
Elk Rapids Michigan , 49629
United States

We have had issues with service since day one, going on 5 years here. Communication is always horrible, and when you bring it up, they have excuses or flat out lie. Our net cuts out every day, several times, sometimes for hours. The 4x4 we pay for is lucky to be 2x2. The billing was so bad at the beginning they racked up almost 1000 dollars on us before contacting us about our rears. (this is on us for not being more diligent and letting it slip out minds). Recently we had tech come out, unprompted by us, with not any notice from anyone in the company, install an upgrade, which is not much of one, and put a new panel right in the middle of our yard without permission. Then I receive a bill charging me for the installation I did not ask for. Going in to this as a first time customer, I paid 500 start up for installation to begin with. This should cover me as a customer for any and all mandatory upgrades, especially those I was not made aware of. I asked them to come pick up equipment, in email, and voicemail, and still no reply, FIgures.

I will start with a positive, people are always nice WHEN you did get in touch with them. However, customer service is the worst, phone messages never returned, emails rarely returned. I reported no connection on May 30, 2018 on the Customer Portal and continued to report issue every week on portal, took until June 14th until I finally received response. A technician came out on June 29, still not fixed. I continue to get billed for a service I am not receiving. It is difficult to remain positive or cordial with an organization with extremely poor customer service. I hope Great Lakes Energy has their internet service operational soon! If you are considering Cherry Capital Connection, be warned, customer service is terrible.

This seems to be the only place that people get responses from the company, because their voicemail box is full and they don't seem to return emails. I have sent at least three emails in the past week reporting slow internet service on Marion Center Road in Charlevoix, but have not gotten a response from the company.

I called and reported out internet is down and has been for 4 days. Cherry Capital Connection called me today said it would cost me 65 dollers to sent someone out to fix there equipment that don't work half the time. Not paying no more for something that don't work.vary dissatisfied.



As a customer actually using the service, we find Cherry Capital, responsive, customer oriented, as well as, professional. After switching from a national provider, we have saved a significant amount of money, as we now have unlimited data with cherrycapitalconnection. Mary and Michael Spilis